Jason Johnson: ‘Every Single Bit Of Pressure Needs To Be Focused On Georgia’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Jason Johnson: ‘Every Single Bit Of Pressure Needs To Be Focused On Georgia’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Contributor to The Grio Jason Johnson and MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle discuss what corporations and athletes can do to advocate against voter suppression efforts. Aired on 04/1/2021.
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Jason Johnson: ‘Every Single Bit Of Pressure Needs To Be Focused On Georgia’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Rod you’re on the wrong profile I know lettering is hard for republican cousin smashers but this is M S N B C not O A N or F O X

  1. Georgia Republicans supported voting buses and drop boxes until 45 and the GOP started losing: Some Georgia Republicans who promoted Fulton County’s mobile voting buses last year voted to restrict them after the party lost the state’s presidential and Senate races.

    1. I hope this SHAMEFUL overreach comes back to bite them. I hope that they have so angered the electorate that we show up and vote like never before, and they pay a steep price for what they’ve done.

    1. I think the SCAB TRUMP pulled back has infected all of us in some FORM or some WAY…..I haven’t HATED RACIST or RACISM so much in my LIFE and im 53…..smmfh

    2. @Falcon Adam I was going to buy a 24-pack of coke tomorrow, but not anymore. I think I’ll good off for a while… (which is hard. Man, I love coke )

    1. @Ral Deform so being a freedom hating fascist means not agreeing with your side of politics and therefore deserving of suffering? Um yeah that’s not pro-freedom, that’s the ravings of the deluded.

    2. @The CynicalAussie Why do you people fail so hard at e-comments? It’s like you don’t even know words. Did you think you put an argument in that sad pathetic little comment of yours? Did you even think it through? Did you even think? Can you think?

    3. @Ral Deform Lol. Facist, nice word. Did u think of it on your own ? Of course not. You are another puppet. Lol
      I’m not a republican , but a centrist. And yes showing my true colors of red whit blue. nancy is leading all of you brainless wonders off a cliff with no regard for her people. Just look at San Francisco… I prefer to be free and not under a communist rule. The cartoon Pepe lepew trying to kiss a female skunk , mr potato head, Censored ? Cmon man ! Oregon destroyed for a year ? And people were told to keep going ? Wake up dude.
      Or is dude an unacceptable word also ? Lol. And ty for the blessing you gave me. Very mature. Lol
      God bless you and your kind. AOC will lead you to the promised land ! From her office in a different building from the rioters that she swore were outside her door trying to get her and wanted Cruz put on a terrorist list
      LOL. Ha ha,,, Cmon man, or woman, or preferred gender or none of the above ! Lol. Be well


  3. Like I,ve been saying for years it’s the human EGO. IT’S THE “OTHERS” FAULT” I “can’t handle the truth”.

  4. Georgia just passed election law changes that allow them to do exactly what Trump couldn’t force Raffensberg to do, throw out people’s votes because they don’t like the way you voted.

    1. Yes well, it’s almsot 2 years until the next major election. Plenty of time to overturn those sick laws in the courts.

    2. It’s more like throwing out votes that arent legal but who reads the bill anyway right?

  5. I agree. The commitment Is officially demonstrated with more to come imminently. It is too late and there really can not be any going back NO MATTER WHAT. Compromise has sailed by for sure.

  6. With these actions…republicans are admitting once again that they CAN’T win elections anymore with their policies.

    1. What actions? Making people show ID to vote? Democrats call election integrity “voter suppression.”

  7. Black leaders in Georgia announced today that they will begin a boycott against Georgia corporations on April 7 unless they see action from them.

    1. Who cares? That’s peanuts. The state legislature just stripped Delta of it’s tax exempt status for attempting to interfer in our elections. That’s going to cost Delta a hundred million dollars.

  8. What concerns me about Georgia’s voting bill is that they can over turn the results of an election if they don’t like the person that was elected. That can’t be constitutional.

    1. Forcing people to buy federal healthcare or be fined wasn’t constitutional either. I hope you’re consistent in your argument.

    2. Apples and oranges. If someone gets the majority of the votes, no one should be able to over turn that election because they don’t like the results.

    3. Isn’t that what the dems tried for 4 years. Overturn the election because they didn’t like the one who was elected (Trump).

    4. @Polar Opposite and rightfully so, he is the epitome of white privilege and white mediocrity. For the life if me I can’t see what any non-racist, non-sexist, non-xenophobic person would try to defend that immoral piece of excrement. Defending him speaks volumes about you… He’ll be doing time soon so the universe will balance things out.

  9. People, we need to boycott Big Corporate Wall Street as much as possible, Time to start keeping our dollars and Stop composive shopping, we can do it

  10. Rock the Vote baby! We all remember the Motor Voter bill. Keep going my grass roots brothers and sisters

  11. These Red State legislators who are slipping voter suppression bills through into law really NEED to understand the power of the BOYCOTT. I don’t think they know how powerful ‘we the people’ ARE when we decide to BOYCOTT. We can be STUBBORN, we are tougher than they know

  12. It’s amazing how fast the Republicans can get things moving when it’s in their favor, yet when the American people needed them last year they drug their feet on everything.

  13. Love it! Say more was the best response she could of made. With someone of this much knowledge you just let them speak.

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