1. @Josef Jerbils And YOU are related to what my pet Goldfish left in the bowl.

      What’s your point ?
      Hint: Top of your head does NOT count this time.

  1. Wish society would realize how valuable these workers are. They work so hard and they’re decent folks. They should get vaccinated and make a decent wage. It’s long overdue. Shameful.

    1. @Eh Thomas Was this sarcastic? Having done it to help pay for school, I know it was the hardest phyical labor I have ever done in 50+ years of work. The crops rotted in Ca. the year the seasonal workers were denied visas, because Americans wouldn’t do the work. They said ‘”Too hard, too little money”

    2. @Eh Thomas do you do it? Nah, didn’t think so. You are great at writing spiteful, childish comments and saddest of all, YOU LIKED YOUR OWN COMMENT!!! Stay in school but come back to comment when you are over 21, junior.

    3. This Eh Thomas
      is a troll. He has had this account since Jan 10, 2021. Tells me he likes to switch on to a troll account and show everyone how old he is. Stay in school, Chuck!

  2. Wow, government really *CAN* work for the people when repugnicants are out of control! _”WHO KNEW”_

  3. Farm workers are human yet treated worse than most people’s pets.
    And Mexican🌮🌯 food is VERY popular amongst others. We all consume similar foods the farm workers harvest.
    Hopefully, they’ll get the wages and assistance they need & deserve. 🙏

    1. Amanda this is modern day SLAVERY I agree with your statements THANKS for your thoughts

  4. Farm workers sending you our gratitude and hoping for you to be welcomed and treated well in this country. You deserve it.

    1. Here in Australia, much of our produce is picked by workers from South Pacific nations – works well. The programmes are run by the government in conjunction with labor organisations of the participating countries. They’re paid like any Australian would be, pay their own way like any Australian would, plus the remittances they send back home are invaluable to their families and their nation. Win-win all around!

    2. I agree – but if that ever happens, we will pay more for produce – OH! The HORROR! But that is the issue – most of these people cannot vote, so what politician wants to be the one to drive produce prices up 20% for the people who CAN vote? This is why decent people like you and I need to BE their voice – since they have none. They need more than gratitude – they need you and me to make it clear that we will NOT hold our reps accountable if prices go up some, but we WILL if these people are not treated better!

    3. @Pat Doyle Good point. People have been paying higher prices for Chinese products since 45’s trade tariffs, so they shouldn’t complain if the cost of farm produce rises slightly, Better to pay more for decent food rather than plastic crap and to increase America’s GDP rather than China’s.

  5. The work that a farm worker does is back breaking and physically demanding. They are part of the backbone of our nation and it’s economy. They deserve a pathway to citizenship and livable wages across the board! I have a great respect for them all.

    1. Eh Thomas What threats are you under? They are under big threats. What is threatening you that you need stopped?
      Those are not incentives by the way, they’re the removal of handicaps and genuine danger.
      You posted your privilege – do you want to have a go at posting your handicaps now? Or do you know that’s not comparable?

  6. So proud to call Dr. Jill Biden our First Lady!
    Let’s get these farm workers *ALL* the help they need and absolutely deserve!!


  8. I get weak with joy listening to well spoken people.
    DORIS is ON IT.
    So many messages succinctly stated.

  9. I didn’t go to Harvard. Princeton. Yale. But I did Master.

    And now I’m in the world. My education has helped my professional career, but being in the world has helped my humanity.

    I am able to relate to others. Work with others.

    No degree gave me that. My humanity did.

  10. Beautiful words my women that’s true hard working people it’s not eazy out there❤️✅yes I agree with you about people working the Fields very hard hard work thank you for being them out

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