LAPD Use-Of-Force Expert In Chauvin Trial Says He Did Not Perceive Onlookers To Be A Threat

LAPD Use-Of-Force Expert In Chauvin Trial Says He Did Not Perceive Onlookers To Be A Threat 1


  1. The defense attorney is just doing his job to the best of his ability to defend his client, I realize this, but it don’t keep me from thinking what a terrible job it would be to defend people like this abusive officer!!!

    1. They must believe the system only works when even the worst guilty person gets the best defense, or they’re just okay with the paycheck…

    2. The other mainstream media channels have acknowledged that the prosecution made several disastrous mistakes; most people now think the defense has reached reasonable doubt. The defense has yet to present their case.

    3. @Mary Sheckells people who “lol” their own comments are like people who laugh at what they think are their own jokes.


  3. All of that so called “mob” was unarmed, and half of it consisted of impressionable young people who the officers had the duty to set a positive example for. Instead, the children were left with the message that “might makes right”. That’s certainly not what any civilized society wants to teach it’s children.

  4. Defense: “Chauvin was threatened by an angry mob ready to attack!”
    Everyone: “Is that why this ‘mob’ called 911 asking for more police to show up?”
    Defense: “Aww, dang it! We didn’t think about that. I’d like to use a Do-Over. What? That’s not a real thing? There goes our strategy!”
    Everyone: 😂🤣

  5. Have you heard of Tony Timpa?
    Tony Timpa is George Floyd with white skin.
    High on drugs, unarmed, restrained for 14 MINUTES on the ground while handcuffed, can’t breathe, dies under restraint.
    Compensation? $0.00. Police officers charged with crimes? 0. Convictions? 0. Justice? 0.

    1. unbelievable. Being on drugs is not a crime. Drug addicts should have their day in court as well. They are not disposable. WOW.. 14 Minutes!

    2. One thing I think is an unfortunate byproduct of the BLM movement is that it removes focus on police brutality as a whole. And it extends way past brutality against people of color.

    3. This happens disproportionately to African American people, but happens to all kinds of people. Massive reforms are needed. Accountability is supposed to be for everyone, including police officers. Some officers have murdered autistic young people, shot at their care providers, shot an autistic boy multiple times, smothered a mentally ill man, etc, etc.

  6. One of the many, many faults of the adversarial system is that it is a contest. Defence counsel is obliged to do anything within the rules that will assist their client. The prosecution’s role is to get the conviction. The truth is often a casualty of this ‘battle’. The continental system is one of inquiry. It is much better suited to proper conviction. Change is needed.

  7. Guilty‼️
    I watched the entire event. Words cannot describe how helpless the onlookers must have felt. I felt unbearable anxiety watching Chauvin SMIRKING, hands in his pockets & looking around without a f’n care in the world AS HE WAS
    KILLING MR FLOYD ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
    Chauvin deserves to get life in prison without parole, & much of his time sb in solitary confinement.

  8. How can you put a dead man on trial? Yes there was video and audio of what George said but that was used by the defense to ask a question to put him at fault and when really you shouldn’t put a dead man at fault. The dead have no way to defend themselves so to criminalize a dead person should be a sin unless our justice system was right in executing them. I’m not saying George was innocent but still he died wrongfully in police custody.

  9. Thank you African Americans!! .. You truly are the best among us. Your achievements in science, medicine and especially information technology speak for themselves… Thank you!

    1. Lol…my god, are you a real person?

      I’m hoping you’re a bot MSNBC uses to get brownie points.

    2. @Eric Ruby Im as real as the guilt and shame you inherited from your wretched European ancestors. Repent my son, before its too late. Take George Floyd into you heart.

  10. “I feared for my life.” Cops hand those words out like candy to justify almost any wrongdoing. Hopefully it doesn’t work this time.

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  12. Why no one talking about they had him in the car with handcuff but why did they take him out of the car

    1. The video showed clearly that George begged to be let out of the car and placed on the ground, but I think they altered the audio….. just like they did the toxicology report. Convict him or burn it down!!!!

    2. Exactly I have been arguing this fact forever all they had to do was closed the door. But Chauvin who knew him thought he was going to get off.

  13. Until he was cross examined by the defense and they used the exact same picture which showed the crowd holding mma guy back. To which he said yes that would be perceived as a threat.

    This short clip really shows how the media tries to divide us rather than be truthful.

    1. Cross killed the Prosecution case… and Defense is not even up yet….. At this point …it seems like he is getting acquitted..

    2. @Regin I agree the defense only needs one jury member to hold their guns. It’s sad to say it’s possible

  14. Ok so if they don’t support reparations then how about a tax rebate?
    I mean 100 years of paying a government that is working against U is due.
    This can be proved easily

    1. @Gabrielle Stewart too late.
      They gave our 40 achers and mule to the European settlers in the
      homestead act

    2. @Christopher John I think if “all the land is gone” they should give us current market value for the cost of the land and the mule including the funds to take proper care of the mule…

    3. @Gabrielle Stewart I agree.
      But they’re no longer doing mules.
      I think it’s been replaced by the
      John Deer

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