1. Larry Summers conveniently forgets to point out that excessive Corporate profits are 30% of the cost of inflation. Corporate GREED is driving inflation not economic conditions

    1. The reserve printing money out of thin air is what drives inflation. The top 5% of earners pay over 60% of the nations taxes. Corporate profits are a must when you have shareholders retirements at stake. There’s no such thing as excessive profits. Just profit, the more the better.

  2. Two possible outcomes….one is bad and one is ok….wow….who would have thought of this incredible insight?!! Thank you genius!

    1. @Comeback CODPlayer  almost all workers are benefiting from the economy. Look at the wage increases for maintenance workers and production workers. It’s a great time to find a good paying job, and they hate it.

    2. They hate wages going up. When was the last time the Fed. Gov. raised the Fed min. wage ? It’s all about the rich. Interest rates go up on loans but not savings.

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  5. I bet Larry Summers won’t slam corporate greed. It’s hard not to be a sucker in a world full of lollipops.

  6. They really need to raise interest rates. Biden needs to make it harder for working and middle class families. Make them feel the pain and stop their spending on things like clothes and shoes for their children.
    We need to stop producing oil and for everyone to buy an electric car this year and if they don’t then we must tax them heavily.

    1. @Worldbreaker 96 In 50-100 years the few survivors of the climate collaps would not be interested in cars, but in how to hunt for food with bow and arrow.

    1. Vote blue and you’ll be homeless by 2026, but at least you would have already proven to the people who care that you can be a nice person

  7. The call was expected but Powell is failing to see things coming and act on them. He is not going to see a recession coming and will put us in a spin. We can keep funding banks.

  8. For a more, shall we say, rigorous interview with Larry Summers, people should check out Jon Stewart’s contribution from five days ago.

    1. SO I just saw it and it is not as you say. He did point out Stewart’s hypocrisy who then wore it as though it were a badge of pride, and then proceeded to hinder Summers’ response to Stewart’s equivocation, inverting corporate earnings growth and equating it to workers’ wage growth. It’s not the same, does not obey the same dynamics, and it was not conducive to a meaningful answer in turn. This interview here, Summers clarifies the chain of how issues compiled to create SVB and has useful nuance. That’s why it’s informative. The Stewart comes off as a provocative gotcha scene that is more for entertainment and not very informative since it is all narrative-driven within Stewart’s world.

    2. @Lim Ricks Work for a non tax-paying corporation, do you? The word I used was “rigorous”. In case you didn’t notice, Wolf was pretty much comatose here, and accepted everything “hook, line and sinker”, as apparently you do, as well. Most people do not, simply because most people can’t afford to. And the hypocrisy you are referring to, I believe you have it backwards, and that goes for the entire institution that Larry Summers represents.

    3. @James Smith Stewart was consistently cornering him into making a statement he was soliciting from him. It’s not what I would call being nailed. It’s not even reporting.

    4. @Sharon Massey the hypocrisy was Summers calling out Stewart working for an excessively wealthy company, and Stewart even described himself as being exploitative in the interview, is though proud of it. That’s the hypocrisy and it was laid bare. But then Stewart turned it around and tried to catch Summers in an argument trap and it just didn’t come off as well-intended, if you are an interviewer trying to get at the truth. But from what I am gathering a lot of people don’t like Summers? It’s my first time hearing him speak and he makes sense on this topic, I can’t say what else he’s for. So no it was not rigorous, it was a rigamarole within i tightly controlled setting that is Stewart’s world. I don’t even know what Summers is for but it was obvious that was not an interview, it was a gotcha trap.

  9. 5:40 the stress tests were submitted by the bank themselves, kind of like criminals policing themselves.

  10. $0.56 cents of every dollar of inflation in 2022 was price gouging. 56% of inflation is price gouging. So please, tell us again that the fed raising rates is dealing with inflation

  11. The world is heading into a depression due to the economic destruction of the pandemic, I’m so happy that even with the current situation I’m still earning €17,400 with my original €3,000 stock. Venturing into equities would be best to recover from this global inflation and stay afloat.

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