LaTosha Brown sings freedom song for Juneteenth | USA TODAY

Juneteenth: Political strategist LaTosha Brown sings freedom song.
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Political strategist and jazz singer LaTosha Brown shares what Juneteeth means to her.

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    1. dollasignash It’s now the sign of mass hysteria over law enforcement, riots, looting and arson.

    2. @dollasignash No it’s the sign of black racism. If white people were wearing white pride or white power shirts black people would be loosing their minds. It’s only racist if white people have pride in their race.

    1. @Angry Marine They haven’t always mattered, but now all lives do matter as they should. And we will work every day toale sure that happens, and I’m an Independent. I want stupid enough to be a side chooser like you.

    2. Angry Marine It’s not a new holiday. It’s been an official state Holiday in Texas since 1980 and dates back to 1867….smh Your ignorance is showing…🤦🏾‍♂️

    3. Needing an education…no shame in that. All these hate-filled, unabashedly racist remarks….there’s a ton of shame in those! You refusing to learn from the past, it will be your undoing!🖤☮️🕉🖤

    1. And don’t use social media, you’ll think the whole world thinks like you because you’ll be in an echo chamber

  1. I’m born, raised and work in Detroit…50 years old never heard Juneteenth…

    1. @Mister Washington It is not a Texas Holiday. Im from New Jersey and we’ve been celebrating JUNETEENTH for decades. It’s about slaves in Texas but it’s celebrated nationwide among the African American Community

    2. It wasn’t celebrated the last 2 year I lived in Texas

      I doubt it will be remembered next year

    1. @Amygdala Hmmm weird because welfare fraud for Caucasians is significantly higher than any race… is food stamp fraud. Want to look it up and tell me I’m wrong? I’ll wait.

    2. @Ethan Rhodes context matters. How many white people are on welfare vs how many white people commit said fraud. What’s that percentage?

      Then show me the same comparison using other races.

      You sure seem to show a lot of hatred for white people. Don’t you know that’s racist?

    3. Ethan Rhodes dude just stop commenting you’re just making things worse and I guarantee you are on a fake account because I know adults can’t be that stupid ….. oh wait they can please for give me

    4. I think it’s a PayPal I served my country you know what and you know what I see is my country going down and I’m going to speak up and do whatever it takes pulling

  2. My relatives were massacred in Eastern Europe in the 1930’s and 40’s. Get over it. Work hard, move on with your life. Don’t expect the government to fix your problems.

    1. All is defined as everyone. All lives will never until Black lives matter is included. Then we will be complete. Don’t be confused or act like you are confused.

    2. @Atomic_fish Cool, since you know so much. How much money did these guys get for selling slaves? I want an exact amount

    3. Robert Blackford Do away with the 4th of July, Memorial Day, demolish the Vietnam War Memorial, Arlington Cemetery and dismantle and sale the USS Arizona for scrap! Lead by example, and YOU get over it before demanding others to. Okay? 👌🏾 😉💪🏾👍🏾💯

  3. I was into Juneteenth so long ago. The family and I always have a barbecue every year and watch Roots

    1. Odd considering most folks can’t even agree what the fake holiday is for that’s sooo well known and not a modern invention of the media and BLM. Post a link to any article showing Obama, Bush (from TX even) or any other President celebrating it for a thumbs up.

  4. Imagine being a slave, but you get a wage. Work to the bone, but after all the expenses, pay for housing, education, medical care, you end up still owing your slave masters. And can never get out of debt.

    Sound familiar?

  5. The majority of people black or white never even heard of juneteenth til now. Now they wanna make it a paid holiday. Lol. Maybe all the liberals can take this day to wear their african scarves,kneel before the flag ,and hail satan

    1. Not in Texas. We have been celebrating it all my life and I am knocking on seventy. Time to spend time reading rather than watching tv. The holiday was named after the day that Granger gave the news about the Emancipation Proclamation was adopted. The need arrived over 2 years later.

    2. That is just one more voice of pure unintelligent racism! The fact you equate African scarves with Satan clearly shows how completely full of stupidity you are. Go get an accredited education…then read a book or two. Maybe then you would have an opinion with a bit of substance to bring to a conversation.

  6. Can you imagine the look on some faces when realizing who captured, chained, and made the initial profits sending them over on the boats?
    History doesn’t start a mere 400 years ago either but apparently it does to a majority now. The study of human slavery should be a requirement by all, society is losing that knowledge.

    1. Kristopher Roth Actually, it wasn’t a Democrat problem. It was a white American problem. Abraham Lincoln was indifferent to slavery. If he could keep the union in tact by keeping slavery legal he was for it. If it could only remain intact by outlawing the practice then he was okay with that too. One the thing he wasn’t okay with was equality for black people.

    2. Clarity is key. I’m not asking what we could call the subject of the matter. I’m saying if you are going to have an opinion be direct and clarify who you are referencing to. And you should not fixate on my example of Jim Crow laws. The issue at hand does not stem from victim-hood. Yes, there are African Americans who play victim but everyone from every ethnic background does this. So, when you see it point it out but do not let a few people blur your vision of the bigger picture. When taking a step back, staying out of prison is easy. Focusing on school is your “ticket out” and all the other cliché sayings I know of are achievable under certain circumstances. You can have black friends but your friendship with them and their opinions DO NOT SPEAK for the issues African-Americans face as a whole. They can give insight which I encourage because it brings about empathy and education. However, my issue is this, when you are simply discrimated against for the color of your skin, what is the next step to take? I believe that when issues like this hinder those from achieving their goals or becoming successful in their life, puts them in a life or death situation or interrupts their way of living (which harms no one), we should not be afraid to bring the subject of matter about. I say this for any one who is discriminated against. We can all read history books but what goes on today; what has been going on for the last century still affects people today. There are plentiful examples, where African Americans are discriminated against for their color. With google, Instagram Facebook, criminal records, recording from government building, and so much more. Please do not excuse the evidence. Yes, I’m taking about discrimination against African-Americans. So protesting, speaking on the issue and creating a movement should not be problematic. Unless of course, you are apart of the problem. Your opinion is insightful. I would love to further the conversation but not through YouTube comments.

    3. @New Wave
      I’m sorry son, cant let you revise history to try and fit your present day ideology, as an expert on American history and in particular the Presidents I can categorically disagree with your revisionism, my favorite quote of mine should end the matter lol
      ” I can not but hate ( the declared indifference for slavery’s spread) I hate it because of the monstrous injustice of slavery itself. I hate it because it deprives our Republican example of it’s just influence in the world-enables the enemies of free institutions,with plausibility, to taunt us by hypocrites-causes the real freind of freedom to doubt our sincerity( march 3 1837)
      Have an awesome day

  7. The Best Slave is the one that does not know is enslaved. (William Rockefeller) Federal Reserve System & Tax.

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