Laurence Tribe: Senate Could Hold Short Impeachment Trial “If Halfway Responsible“ | The Last Word 1

Laurence Tribe: Senate Could Hold Short Impeachment Trial “If Halfway Responsible“ | The Last Word


Constitutional Law Professor Laurence Tribe joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the path forward in a potential new impeachment trial of President Trump. Aired on 1/9/2021.
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Laurence Tribe: Senate Could Hold Short Impeachment Trial “If Halfway Responsible“ | The Last Word


    1. @brent you also got to ask why voter ID is racist? I’m pretty sure minorities have IDs. You you can’t buy alcohol or cigarettes without a ID.

    2. “Joe will do what he says” like i said ignorance. Your so delusional and ignorant you won’t even try and research anything before you type it.

    3. @Gavin Powell i think you don’t understand science and logic my friend. Biden never called for a violent insurrection. Nor has he done anything but speak about bringing people together and helping people. Where trump has consistently said nothing but hateful words to everyone who even suggests his tie is wrong

    1. Put him at the front of the mob with Trump. Let’s see their taste for violence first hand. Bet neither one shows up. Oh wait, they didn’t.

    2. @Nico Crestmere he litterally said combat outoud, that means his finger would have had to skip 6 times to spell the word when writing the speech. Statisticaly unlikely

    1. If they were responsible at all, they could fast track it and he’d be out by noon Monday. But there are asshats like Cruz and Hawley that will put up roadblocks and drag it out. Not to mention McConnell probably won’t even let it come to a vote.

  1. Sanction him ban him from every getting federal jobs again, and let the state pick up RICO charges. When someone acts in a group and someone is murdered the whole group is charge / convicted of murder.

    1. @Beavisaur 13 ah yes….. ol reliable. The go to for the tramp cultists. Stop using the bad actions of one group of people to dismiss/justify the bad actions of another!

    1. @It’s All So Tiresome You want to put Trump back in power when he was recorded trying to intimidate a Georgian Secretary of State into finding him more votes? Are you really American if you are ok with throwing democracy out the window? You don’t storm a building because you don’t like the next president coming in. Trump has been getting peopled killed since taking office. Your Youtube name at least suggests you are tired of Trump and his lies, good for you.

    2. Man you are correct. We are weak and VERY vulnerable. Not to mention the laughing stock of the world.

    1. You nits live in an echo chamber and only listen to MSM. Nobody will vote again after this because it WAS rigged.

    2. @It’s All So Tiresome If one is gullible enough to believe that lie it’s probably for the best one doesn’t try participate in an election. Clearly unable to make an informed decision

  2. To not hold an impeachment would be giving all of his supporters a “go ahead and get back to business” pass. Everyone of those traitors needs to live in absolute FEAR of what could happen to them if they ever even consider doing something like this again.

    1. You want people in America to live in fear. Did you really just type that and press enter?
      I’m very glad YOU are no-one of any importance.

    2. ​@Gavin Powell: More MAGA Tears.
      Just admit it, you know you voted for the world’s most well known con artist (even back in the 80’s everyone knew it) because of whatever bigotry allowed you to be so easily duped.
      Now be a man and rake responsibility for your obvious mistake and deal with *your bigotry.*

    3. @raine ravenwood : Yes, it should. We need to prosecute dejoy, cruz, hawley etc for cheating the election, as well as charging them all with sedition.. 18 USCode Ch. 115: TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES From Title 18—CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDUREPART I—CRIMES
      Section 2383,
      _”Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States._

      _(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)”_

    4. We already live in fear. We are censored and terrorized by this lunatic leftist government who wants us dead. You people are not American and trample on it daily.

  3. 5 minutes ought to be enough. Everyone knows what happened and why and that 45 is responsible for insurrection and sedition.

  4. There’s no doubt by now Trump is very unstable and dangerous.. As long as he stays in power, any tragedy may happen as a form of revenge

  5. This is ten times worse than Nixon’s case, Don the con needs to remove immediately, he is the reason for so many deaths of pandemic, incite violence to storm Michigan Capitol and planning kidnap government official, now the attack to our nation Capitol, the damages he caused to our nation will take years to recover. He needs to be punished to the fullest accordingly to our law.

    1. @Mary Tidmore : I even go so far as to often call him: _He who shall henceforth forever remain nameless._

      But _Bunker Baby_ is often what I settle on for the sake of expediency.

  6. The House should impeach him on Monday morning and send it over to the senate in the afternoon. Then it is up to McConnell and whatever happens thereafter is on him

  7. If he is “mentally ill” he can still be locked up. Guliani – trial by combat – pardons are subject to the mental illness concerns, he is not rendering them with good mental health – they are null and void.

  8. This was a political coup. _Everyone knows it._ And no psy ops, no threats, no censoring will _ever_ change that.

  9. I think Mitch McConnell said earlier today in a “impeachment” scenario sent to his colleagues that the Senate wouldn’t reconvene until January 19.

  10. They say blue lives matter yet they killed a police officer. They say they’re patriots yet they raid the heart of democracy. Trump and his cult of supporters are a threat to this country and must be dealt with accordingly

    1. @I F the second amendment exists specifically for overthrowing a corrupt government and always having soldiers ready to fight as a last resort in war. Not to storm the capitol when the government is following the law and doing what their supposed to do. Trump has had over 80 court cases to prove a level of fraud that would be sufficient to overturn the election and he has brought forth 0 evidence. We have a rule in law and the constitution called innocent until proven guilty. There has been no evidence of guilt brought forth to these judges (many of which were appointed by trump.) Therefore since no guilt or fraud the accused (Dems and Biden) must be innocent

  11. Letting him get away for everything he does is how he was able to attack the Capitol via his supporters

  12. There’s the rub, “If the Senate were half way responsible.”

    McConnell will prevent Republican senators from voting. That will prevent the necessary 2/3 majority form happening.

    1. If republicans don’t show up then the Senate can still vote to convict. It’s not about how many of the total Senate vote it’s about how many people that showed up to the hearing voted. So if 0 rep senators show up then it’s 2/3rds majority of those that are there. That means 100% will vote since only Dems would be there.

      It would be politically foolish if Mitch ordered no vote from reps

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