1. Dr. Mary Trump has expressed what many of us (most?) in the psychology profession have always perceived. Trump is, at minimum, a pathological narcissist with antisocial features (criminality).

    2. @Larry Oberly in her latest interview she did say her uncle is going to let everybody go down with him something like that and all along she’s been saying he’s crazy, no empathy and only thinks about himself!

  1. The less power he has, the more stress he’s under, the more dangerous he becomes. What a scary quote.

    1. @Ggoddkkilleroooh, you are being watched by the Intel community now! You
      should engage your brain
      before your mouth! Now
      you are on public record,

    1. There is a distinction between someone who is aware of right and wrong but who does not care how selfish his acts are and a psychotic whose reality testing is impaired…the former is responsible for his actions the latter could plead insanity….I believe that Trump should be held accountable for his actions.

    2. Psychotic is very different from Psychopathy. A psychotic is not aware of their behavior. They will not know right from wrong. A psychopath is of a sane mind. They understand the consequences and right from wrong. They simply don’t care.

    1. Yeah an you liberals need to face the consequences for the destruction of many of our large cities. You know the ones you burnt, robbed, and basically destroyed.

    1. Psychopathy is a personality disorder, not a mental disease. Trump is fully away pf his actions. As a psychopath, he lacks empathy and craves power. He fully knows that what he does is wrong, he just does not care.

    1. @Alex they get so flustered whenever someone talks badly about Trump sometimes people can’t help themselves

    2. @Dean Smith and yet those pedophiles are still trying their best to get rid of their worst nightmare lol TRUMP2021 DRAIN THE SWAMP

    1. @Wilton Bobble Sort of like you liberals who have burnt, destroyed, and robbed many of our largest cities.

    2. some of them are mentally challenged, some are delusional, some love the cult of belonging, some believe the lies Fox and friends spew….

    1. @Tony Anthony We know difference between good and evil . This is why we rejected evil . FYI .I’m from Europe and we HATE THIS ORANGE ORANGUTAN here ., mate

    2. @TooSlowTube thanks for backing up my comments, and adding a bit. The amount of $400,000,000, is the total equivalent in today’s values I think.

    3. May no True American Patriot underestimate the dangerous moment we are in. The glassy-eyed Trump Cult would wreak havoc, with their zombie army of shirtless, goat horn-wearing delusionals raid the Capitol… BE NOT IGNORANT – This fight has only just begun. The Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler’s failed coup attempt in Nov 1923, scattered his inner circle, Goring, Himmler and others. But they later re-grouped and came back and the Third Reich was born. They eviscerated that nation and the world into WWII in less than a decade. WE CANNOT SIT AROUND WITH OUR RED WINE AND PUMPKIN LATTES AND PUT OUR HEADS IN THE SAND, FOLKS. I know some of us are at the breaking point. That’s ok, you must stand down and support from afar as much as you are able. It is OK for you to rest. But those of us who have our eyes wide open and have strength right now, we MUST FIGHT AGAINST THIS MOB. Not literally, but we must stand up in social media and everywhere to raise the voice of freedom and with true American values.

    1. you made me laugh 🙂 true! i also recall i saw a video of him saying he’s a very intelligent man LOLs i think he did not finish university?

  2. Really don’t understand though why no one listen to his niece she’s been trying to tell everybody

    1. Maybe because no one ever heard about her? I only found out about her yesterday… Has she received any media attention at all?

    2. @nexus solaris She’s given quite a few interviews, and I’ve watched some of them on YouTube.

      The suggestions algorithm is fickle – we don’t all get shown the same suggestions. Put her name into the YouTube search box and you’ll find plenty.

      “Mary Trump”

      – search for that.

    3. I spend a lot of time doing research on psychology. I said this to my friends 4 years ago… He is predictable when you learn the dark triad patterns. I even predicted the coup attempt

  3. Americans knew who he was when they voted for him ! He displayed his character in his private life and business

    1. @alca Hla I’m not even sure it’s 50% at this point. He got a lot of votes but I personally know diehard Trump supporters who were disgusted at what happened at the Capitol. My husbands family voted for him both times and had signs and everything and when that happened they took them down. I don’t understand how they stuck with him that long, but at least they FINALLY see how he really is. I don’t think every Trump supporter is racist, but I think they’ve all excused racism which is the same thing IMO. They voted for the same person as Neo-Nazi’s and the KKK.

    2. A certain demographic was so desperate to hold on to their imaginary majority that they clung to a psychopath as their savior.

    3. @Karoline Walls Are you sure they didn’t vote for Trump? People can say whatever they want. What matters is what happens in that voting booth.

    4. @Deborah Kerr They did vote for him. Proudly. We’ve had many arguments about it, trust me. But even they realized what happens at the Capitol was disgusting and finally jumped ship. Too little, too late…but better late than never I guess.

  4. He has been a monster in the making for years he didn’t just pop out of nowhere. The problem is the breeding ground that cultivates the likes of him is still alive for such monsters to use the loopholes and get inflated more day by day.

  5. Yeah he’s right but the question is why hasn’t he been stopped, he could of been and should of been stopped along time ago.

    1. they are ladies and gentlemen who have never had to make a decision of this magnitude.
      Do you think they can see the danger now?

  6. “He has control of the senate and the courts. He’s too dangerous to be left alive” – Mace Windu

  7. He’s a clear and present danger to himself and others – why can’t someone petition for involuntary commitment to a mental institution?

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