Laurie Garrett: Even With A Vaccine, Wear A Mask And Keep Social Distance | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Laurie Garrett: Even With A Vaccine, Wear A Mask And Keep Social Distance | The Last Word | MSNBC


Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter covering global pandemics, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that if people stop following Covid-19 health guidelines, “We are going to see a horrible explosion in cases and deaths long before the vaccine reaches mass distribution.” Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Laurie Garrett: Even With A Vaccine, Wear A Mask And Keep Social Distance | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. It should alarm you that we are heading toward a society where you will need to offer up unlimited access to your veins in exchange for the ability to live a normal life.

    1. unfortunately with the moron Donald Trump we have an impossible situation. this will take a lot longer to FIX than a usual scenario where people actually listen to science.

  2. Laurie Garrett: “It’s not necessarily protecting you from getting infected. It’s not necessarily preventing you from being able to infect others.”

    1. Or, it’s causing low-grade damage to your liver and potentially your hepatic system and renal system … Two years from now, we’ll see liver, heart and lung disorders on the rise. High-blood pressure cases will increase. Babies will be born with immune-system deficiencies and neurological disorders… not just because a recipient of the vaccine might be currently be pregnant, but because there will be viral compromise to the reproductive system. The two-to-three-year extended testing to those physiological systems have NOT been done. FDA did NOT require them. The FDA and Pfizer both know… for fact… that the hepatic system will absolutely be compromised. The allergic reactions … a high number in terms of percentages … has already been recorded. The idea of a “two-hit” inoculation is a farce… the second hit is ONLY to compensate for the inadequacies of the initial injection. I’m a practicing physician with a strong background in this type of research; I develop and formulate products and remedies for pharm companies internationally. This vaccine by Pfizer is known to NOT be safe … which is why the republican leaders are pushing so hard for legal liabilities to be blocked for any problems associated with this virus.
      I will NOT be recommending this particular vaccine to anyone in my patient base.

    2. @K. McKee yes you’re right! The only cure is for us all to cover all our belongings in tinfoil to keep the microwaves from the 5g out! Genius!

    3. So you believe masks and social distancing does NOT work? I am sick of that stupidity. Wear your mask and social distance until COVID is GONE!

    1. until we reach herd immunity which will be 70% of them population taking the vaccine we will have to be safe with mask, wash hands and distance. Please be one of the smart ones and vaccinate!!!

  3. Now that they think that Biden won, they will finally say that nothing can stop a flu to spread. Flu vaccine are not really efficient.

    1. @Ted Black flu vaccines are not sufficient. and stop insulting people because I’ve never taken a flu vaccine and I’ve never gotten the flu I’m 35 years old I have been to six countries four of them which are South American. And I’ve never gotten an illness! So either it’s you who’s got a immune problem because everyone’s body doesn’t work that way so I think you need to take your moronic attitude and shove it

  4. You also have to remember there are two doses to this vaccine. Even after the vaccine we still have to wear masks, social distance, and wash and cleanse. We as a people can do this. We have to for the future of our children. As a front line worker in a nursing home I will take the chance with the vaccine and pray it helps my family and the people I care for each day over this last year. People complain and fight about wearing masks to go out into public. I wear a mask and social distance at work and at home to preserve and protect those I care for.

    1. I deal with the emotional distress my residents deal with everyday…as well as my own. We each do what is necessary and encourage each other. Each of us should do our best and make this turn out right and good for all.

    2. For what purpose? When you get the flu vaccine you don’t have to wear a mask so there’s something wrong with this vaccine because you shouldn’t have to suffocate your face for someone else’s safety

    3. @God Himself Cuomo is a murderer he’s already murdered more than 7,000 elderly I’m done I hate him being the governor of my state and I cannot wait to vote him out

  5. Still wear a mask after vaccine, still get COVID after vaccine, still spread COVID after vaccine, sounds like a sham vaccine …
    Side effects to follow..

    1. @Ted Black what did he say that was wrong he’s making a basic observation that on the surface actually doesn’t make any sense.. the general point of a vaccine is to protect against a virus or illness yes you may still get it but it doesn’t affect you as badly so yes I can see why the man is confused on the surface it doesn’t make sense but you don’t need to insult his intelligence

    2. @Ted Black no something doesn’t make sense if we all are supposedly susceptible to this virus it stands to reason that once you get the vaccine you don’t need to put the mask on your face. secondly I think you need to be educated on the fact that the mask that we’re wearing on incorrect in the first place. And finally we shouldn’t even walking around with regular clothes on you’re sitting here talking about wearing face masks but people are wearing Gators and bandanas and that spreads it worse so why are you not chastising them and why we not wearing hazmat suits if this virus is so contagious

  6. *Laurie, you are the one and only person with a sound and sane opinion about the vaccine in the news media* . Thanks for being so blunt. Most people don’t know that
    1) this is the first time in the history of human race that an mRNA vaccine is being used
    2) Vaccines are NOT MEDICINES, they do not cure
    3) This vaccine ONLY PREVENTS SYMPTOMS from debilitating a person. It is NOT A CURE, or a remedy.
    4) You can MOST CERTAINLY catch Covid virus even after vaccination and even transmit it to others, but what vaccination does (hopefully), is prevent severe illness resulting from Covid 19, as it is doing now. The body will fight the virus naturally, the vaccine provided symptomatic relief (mild fever, mild cold like symptoms) while the body is fighting the virus.

  7. The forgetful grill conceivably trust because copyright specifically invent circa a shocking bulb. plastic, aggressive couch

  8. If we can all behave like the character of Jack Nicholson in the movie “As good as it gets” (Helen Hunt) we can keep this Covid stuff in tight control. Wash hand, avoiding touching, wear mask, don’t go out too much……avoid people….haha

  9. Wow, someone come and control all the unleashed trolls in this thread….y’all need to have sympathy for the people irl who have to deal with these trolls and their dangerous level of ignorance and disinformation…

    1. I do feel sorry for anyone who actually watches MSNBC and thinks it’s a reliable source of real news. It’s nothing but communist propaganda.

  10. In Australia I have been following the ( roylab ) world virus numbers. I have noticed that there numbers are about 3 or 4 days ahead of your numbers. As of today the number of deaths is. 307992 deaths, which you will see in a few days. roylab has been so far accurate.

  11. Is she a doctor?
    So why is she spreading fear and misinformation among the sheep?
    Why do YouTube and big tech allow this to flow freely with none of the “fact check” bs…lmao

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