1. @Cat Godkin haha u think I care I may not be good spelling an prenoucations but I know.my facts that’s all that matters maybe you should pay more.attention to facts an stop being the Grammer police FJB

    1. @gacj2010 that is not addressing the problem. Thats just handing it off to someone else and hoping it goes away. The problem is that coming to America illegally is still a better option than remaining in their own county. That’s the problem that needs to be addressed. And it should be addressed by taking positive action. Negative action, like shooting them, just creates another problem.

  1. As a former rich person I love the idea of my rich a$$hole neighbours having to deal with these real world issues which they are happy to ignore from the protection of their islands haha But this is just wrong. BUT more rich people need to deal with these very American issues. Once they do , as I have, you realise that being a rich a$$hole isnt the only goal in life and helping the least fortunate actually has benefits and can be far more rewarding. Good to see these rich areas stepping up and doing their bit!

    1. @James Barneswas it criminal? One of the immigrants even said they were illegal that everyone else was doing it. So what’s really a crime here. Explain this in plain English so I can understand it.

    1. @Doogie Bear living in Mexico, at least i could afford my Healthcare and prescription. At least the Mexican government admits there is corruption, our country doesn’t tax the richest,

    2. @Mary You are totally right. It’s sad what this country has become and that there are so many crazy people out there that want this for our children.

  2. It’s a great idea to spread out these people rather than concentrate them in one state and overwhelm services and charities, obviously the likes of Obama and Winfrey will be opening their homes to help out along with their friends which is great news, it’s a win for everyone as far as I can see.

    1. Yeah, great to trick and lie to 50 vulnerable people and traffic them to an island with deliberately misleading information. And then sending a videographer to document your despicable actions. Using human beings to score political points is insanely unethical and cruel.

    1. *Paragraph 1 of 5.* _‘Reverse Freedom Rides’: An echo of Martha’s Vineyard migrant flights 60 years ago_ *Tricked by segregationists with promises of work and housing, Black families were dropped in Cape Cod with nothing. Sound familiar?* September 16, 2022 This news article is from _The Washington Post._ Eliza Davis was bewildered the day she arrived in a wealthy tourist town on Cape Cod. An agricultural worker, she had been promised work and housing if she took a free trip to another state. Days later, disembarking with her eight children, she had little idea where she was, that a president had a family compound down the road, *or that she was a “pawn,” as locals told the New York Times, in a political stunt.*

    2. *Section 9 of 66.* _Trump chief of staff says US ‘desperately’ needs more immigrants_ Efforts within the White House to push forward and develop such a system have been met with *resistance from hardline immigration restrictionists, such as senior policy adviser Stephen Miller,* who are eager to protect US workers from foreign competition. Despite the ongoing debate on whether to promote or curb legal immigration, the US has been subject to a fierce crackdown on foreign workers and asylum seekers under Mr Trump.

    3. *Section 8 of 66.* _Trump chief of staff says US ‘desperately’ needs more immigrants_ The number of immigrant and non-immigrant visas issued since 2016 has notably decreased by more than 15 per cent, according to state figures, while efforts remain underway to construct a border wall between the US and Mexico. Heeding calls from 31 states to end refugee admissions from Syria, Mr Trump has also slashed the total number of refugees the US accepts annually to just 18,000 this year, the fewest in history and down from a cap of 110,000 just two years ago. A travel ban on citizens from a number of many Musl!m-majority and African countries has been enforced too.

    4. *Section 7 of 66.* _Trump chief of staff says US ‘desperately’ needs more immigrants_ Mr Mulvaney’s words mark a contrast to the hardline stance adopted by a number of top White House officials and, on occasion, the president himself, who warned that “our country is full” during a visit to the US-Mexican border in California last year. However, Mr Trump has been inconsistent with his views on legal immigration. In his more recent State of the Union address, he called for a system that rewards immigrants who “contribute to our economy, support themselves financially, and uphold our values”. Such an approach echoes the policies adopted in Australia and Canada, with Mr Mulvaney admitting on Thursday that the Trump administration is eager to embrace a model closer to those nations. “We are very interested in expanding that,” he reportedly said.

    5. *Section 6 of 66.* _Trump chief of staff says US ‘desperately’ needs more immigrants_ February 21, 2020 This news article is from _INDEPENDENT._ *Donald Trump’s acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, reportedly admitted that the US “needs more immigrants”* during a private talk delivered to a group of university students. Mr Mulvaney, who was speaking at the Oxford Union on Thursday night, said America was “desperate for more people” in order to fuel the country’s economic growth, according to the Washington Post. “We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last four years,” he said. “We need more immigrants.” He added that the Trump administration wants these immigrants to enter the US in a “legal fashion”.

    1. That is our government…some parties would like the poor get poorer…republican from Florida wants the poor and just making it pay more taxes. It is all about greed and power.

  3. Give the man some help then, how you expecting one state to care for millions of people that shouldn’t even be here?

    1. @Savlo Savage Because Cubans actually qualified as refugees, and the US is one of the closest safe countries to Cuba.

    1. Martha’s Vineyard isn’t a Sanctuary City.
      The timing was great though, some residents had already moved south for the winter, so there are places for these people to stay.
      They are people. They are human. They are just as human as you and your children are.

    2. So called sanctuary cities were first designated because of high crime rates. Illegal immigrants were afraid to call the police to report a crime in progress because the police were required to ascertain their immigration status and turn that information over to ICE. This had nothing to do with the crime being reported. It was a side issue. So these city governments basically said that their police forces do not have to report illegal immigrants to ICE in these scenarios. Came to be known as sanctuary cities widely interpreted by radical right wing extremists as “open the borders and let everyone in”.

    1. *Paragraph 3 of 4.* _Mulvaney says US ‘desperate’ for immigrants to boost economy: report_ Mulvaney’s comments on immigration appear to put him at odds with other administration officials, such as White House adviser Stephen Miller, who have taken steps to cut both legal and illegal immigration. But according to the Post’s review of the recording, which was not made publicly available, Mulvaney highlighted the points-based immigration systems of countries like Canada and Australia, which Trump has praised in the past.

    2. *Paragraph 1 of 4.* _Mulvaney says US ‘desperate’ for immigrants to boost economy: report_ By Rafael Bernal – February 21, 2020 This news article is from _THE HILL._ Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told a private audience Wednesday that the U.S. needs more immigrants to keep the economy growing, according to an audio recording of his remarks obtained by The Washington Post. “We are desperate — desperate — for more people,” Mulvaney said at the gathering in England. “We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last four years.

    3. It will see a 500% increase in the cost of its Starbucks coffee; Republicabortion! Because this year’s coffee crop from South America, due to the runaway-AGW that -America- AmurderKKKAR15 is creating; *is only 50% of what it was last year!!!* This means it has created more climate-refugees, economic-refugees, and political-refugees; *who will now appear at the southern border.* Were the minimum wage in Pennsylvania is only $7.25 an hour!!! *Which creates more homeless people only in RepubliKKKlan states.*

  4. The farmers, ranchers, border patrol agents, victims and citizens at the border are all playing 🎻 right now

    1. @Lethgar Smith you say that these people are not a threat to you. I don’t know where you work but how would you feel if the boss laid you off and hired them to take your place for a lot less money

  5. One question: I must have missed it: how did these migrants from Venezuela get to Florida? Did they travel via Texas. Louisiana, and Missippi? Or were they flown in? By whom? The guy talks about having everybody getting together to help out. That’s cool! Now multiply that number by 50 or 500. Now what?

    1. @Poor Finian 12 million must’ve been an expensive flight 😂 bidens border crisis is costing taxpayers BILLIONS every single year.

    2. @K p You are spouting GOP talking points. Now show me the credible article that says this. Migrant workers (which most Americans are too lazy to do) carry their own weight and pay taxes. They Do NOT, like the GOP love to say, sit around and get a welware check.

  6. Love how they are going to take care of these immigrants, more states should take care to take in immigrants in their cities. These people can become assets to our country not a burden.

    1. 8,000 illegals are crossing our borders everyday …the cost of illegal immigration is an unconscionable burden on the taxpayers . If we use the minimum estimated costs for services Texas provides to unlawfully present and illegal aliens, taxpayers are shelling out an estimated $855 million every year,” said Attorney General Paxton.

  7. “I approve of the people of Martha’s Vineyard actions not to let these people stay in their community.”
    —- Senator Robert Byrd, the leader of the democrat party and the KKK ten years ago.

    1. That is real humanity. That is what it means to be human. Something Desantis knows very little about. Something g he can’t show cause it doesn’t fit is heart. Just like what happened to trump, it’s time to VOT HIM OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!

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