1. @Belly Dancer Em

      Both of these respiratory outbreak(covid ) happened in summer of 2019 in Virginia 40 mile from FORT-DETRICK ,Fort-Detrick is a facility where the U S government test bio-chemical warfare weapons .

    1. @Gozeraye I just hope when those 8ch bots comes around someone’s post, it means they actually feel like they NEED to drown out decent sane opinions before it actually converts some of their base that are actually questioning things. So like when they see the bot along in the comments, they can just assume the entire thread is compromised and not even take the time to think for themselves.

    1. @Judy Ives There is a part in the Bible that says one of the joys of being in heaven is that you can watch people suffering in hell for their sins. Sounds very un-Christian to me but that’s what they want…

    2. @Rick Ton right ✅️ And Ben and Jerry’s, so out of more than 5000,000 companies in America- that’s 2- very sad, dude- we all lose

  1. If Jones ends up in jail for some reason, and gets killed there somehow, we’ll just all say it’s an event that never happened. 😉

  2. he should have to give the families his entire fortune given that he earned it at their expense. In a sick way that’s money that the family made when you think about it.

  3. He is the perfect example of how selfish people can really be. And sometimes at ANY cost. Or anyone’s pain. Not even for a SECOND putting himself in their shoes or showing an ounce of compassion. What a terrible human he is.

    1. @Follower of Jesus Christ all that lip service is complete BS . Gfy trying to influence people with that garbage .

  4. Honestly, i can’t think of anything more despicable than making money off massacred children. There should be a special place in hell for this guy, along with everyone who enabled him.

    1. @Mark Bouldin None of your claims are true. The “odds” that a police officer would have kids at the same school in a small town in Connecticut are actually pretty good. Higher than three, which explains why you couldn’t figure that out.

    2. @icemachine79 Yea your right, I guess knowing he had some acting experience and the careless way he handled his rifle tripped me up.
      …. Too many anomalies to list here….. Wonder why the victim’s didn’t file cease and decsist order against AJ? My understanding is that would be normal protocol in similar case’s…..

  5. Alex Jones is a societal monster, but what worries me the most is those people who send him money; there are a whole lot of them and they are mindless and malleable. They are our problem; Alex Jones just managed to make money off them.

    1. @Brenda Lester “Was it P.T. Barnum who said there’s a sucker born every minute?” Yes. But that was obviously an underestimate.

  6. Finally…. Someone with Integrity. I’m inclined to believe his Lawyers sent those phone records on Purpose. Good on them 🤗

    1. Well, I guess she was just hired recently and someone on Jones’ team forgot to tell her that she was expected to perjure herself on the witness stand.

    2. Problem is, if they did, or even an intern, Jones can sue that law firm and possibly never have to pay a cent for whatever his damages are.

  7. I live in the next Town of Sandy Hook. You have no idea of what happened at Sandy Hook has scared the families of those children, people of Sandy Hook, the people of the surrounding towns, the first responders, and the children who attended this school.. The sadness was and still is unfathomable and every December we know the day. This creep who made money from this tragedy should go to jail. There will be a special place in hell for him.

    1. papa pepe just tell us here what is Here Finally… Your response looks like spam and I’m NOT chancing clicking on it.

    1. @flip phone wizard Actually,,,, I simply LOVE getting into argument,,,, Bring it,,,,,I’m not afraid,,,not even a little bit,,,,

  8. Jones deserves to lose everything for his lies and the judge has to put an order in place to make sure it’s paid within a certain amount of time or have his assets seized and distributed between the plaintiffs. So sick of him and his disgusting lack of respect for the families and the law.

    1. Please educate yourself. A money judgement can be enforced 10 days after it is entered (some states 30 days). Unless a bond is posted pending appeal (appellate bonds are ridiculous – 125% +- of the judgement amount, so they rarely happen).
      Rest assured people…most every “new” thought of yours has already been considered by lawyers (people trained and paid to think). Nothing new under the sun.

    2. Everyone who actually has decency is sick of people who know they’re doing something wrong and profiting anyway. If guilty of defamation people need to forfeit everything that’s been generated financially, it’s that simple. And he should be thankful there’s no criminal penalty on top of that.

    1. @Your Name Here Another one. Even though he constantly talked braindeas bs you’re telling us it was Christianity that..
      Wow. Sick.

    1. I’m not going to get political on the 2nd amendment, but these type of people don’t understand there ARE limits on all of our rights. You can’t expect to not have consequences, legal or societal, when you say stupid stuff or outrageous, dangerous lies. You can’t yell fire or bomb in a crowded theatre or similar places, and you also can face consequences for libel or sedition.

  9. Didn’t Majorie green did the same thing to those victims , taunting them
    And calling them fake actors .. if so , she should be sue next

    1. Different shooting. Different state. But, yes she did verbally assault a survivor. Margery Stoneman Douglas High School, I think.

  10. There’s no amount of money that could ever repair Jones’ lies, sadism, cruelty and damage toward these families. And all so he could make money off it.

    1. Unfortunately now that audience has Lord Rogan, Tate, Schultz, and their Canadian cousin Ezra Levant leading the charge and spreading the awful rhetoric to millions every week.

  11. Living in Connecticut in just a few miles away from Sandy Hook, and knowing one family that lost their child, anything that has been said about this monster is understated.

  12. Alex Jones still rants every day about being victimized over this. Not a shred of regret from that man. He tormented the parents of murdered children, for profit, and because he’s an incredible lowlife. Let’s not forget that he was close to Roger Stone, and Trump called into his shows expressing support. That’s who they are. Sick people who cannot care less about the trauma and devastation they cause.

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