1. David Brown we’re taking it back now from the last 8 years of the most crooked administration ever Obama-Biden, illegal spying, fast and furious guns in Mexico and hunter Ukraine gig? Corrupt corrupt corrupt

    2. @David Brown But, you cannot name one crime. Your side tried this route for over three years and came up with NOTHING.

    1. @Markus Stewart because it wasnt a federal building they stormed. it was a state building. state’s have jurisdiction over that.

    2. Joe Biden picked kalama Harris for VP that’s right the lady that called joe a RACIST for 5 months the lady that locked thousands of black men under joe Bidens 1994 crime bill—> dont take my word for it replay the Democrat debates where they all called joe a RACIST

    3. @AnotherLover They are repeating it because you and your idiot brethren can’t get any facts through your thick skulls.

    4. @AnotherLover the best you can do is word semantics? What would you called entering a building with a mob caring automatic weapons and calling for the head of the governor ? I don’t need the media or any other source to tell me this is a storming ! If it were a black group or Muslim group you bet your lucky stars things would had been different!

  1. “I’m so sick and tired of all these people going somewhere and enjoy you all rich lives….”please damn!!!

  2. Peter Griffin look really dumbfounded up there today. I bet Lois changed her name to Ms. Homer Simpson.

  3. The look on Bill Barr’s face & body language says it all- he’s bored & unconcerned with what this panel is doing.

    1. Georgina McAuley it really does baffles me that trump supporters still defend someone like that and are able to go to sleep at night and rest easy, while another Epstein runs the White House, both had ties to Deutsch bank and were flagged for possibly ruining the banks reputation, and just like Epstein trump is lying about his wealth which is why he won’t release those tax returns, it is obvious and right in front of our faces but people won’t even acknowledge it because they are die hards for their parties but forget we all want the betterment of America and trump hasn’t and will not better America this country is in shambles due to him

    2. Because the Democrats are acting like little children. He is smarter than the lot of them. None of them made any sense.

  4. ABSOLUTELY !!! THEY ALL NEEDS TO GO !!! POINT BLANK !!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Rep !!!

  5. When looking at the political spectrum people like to describe Dems as left and Reps as right. Left and right of what? The Truth is somewhere muddied in the middle

    1. Too bad my point went over your head. @B dub when people talk about polar opposites, then they themselves are a binary system just like a machine. Things are a lot more than black and white, up and down, left and right. Left is a label. right is a label.it is no different than having a gang. The only thing is there are political assassinations of character.

    2. B dub and also Barr’s dad hired Epstein as a school teacher with no degree or experience but people won’t even acknowledge that because of their ignorance to stick to political parties when they know their candidate is wrong and that the people around him and associated with him are just as corrupt, I don’t know if you know but most republicans even said trump is ruining the political party and it’s their job to be political and they are competent enough to know what kind of person he is and recognize that

    3. B dub people like you forget yeah republicans and democrats are going to disagree but when it comes certain things but trump being racist and a pedophile also a rapist those ARE NOT political issues they are moral issues, you have to look last parties and judge that person individually,

    1. She came to spit outright lies, like there’s “Persistent killing of black bodies by law enforcement.” I’m sure you believe that, you low IQ idiot. The data is right on the FBI website for you to see.

    2. Persistent killing of unarmed black bodies is a lie? Geeze… I wonder what this whole nation is angry about? 🤔

  6. When you start with the semantic schtick, you know you’re guilty. Your Honor, it wasn’t a .38, it was a .45!

    1. “Protesters” versus “rioters” would be a semantic discussion. Barr was pointing out that she was using the term “semantics “ incorrectly. I guess the library of congress doesn’t have a dictionary.

    2. russel, the squad members like to use words like “semantic’ so they can come across as intelligent, aoc does it all the time.

    3. sematics my arse
      The people they cleared away for the orange buffoons photo op were not rioters
      The usual load of BS and whataboutisms from trumps mimions

  7. The silence from “limited government Republican” on all these government overreach is deafening.

    1. Except for the 61 days of straight rioting and burning in Portland, among all the other destruction across this country. Do you live under a rock and consume CNN all day? We know the answer to that.

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