Trump walks out of briefing after CNN question

President Donald Trump abruptly ended his coronavirus briefing at the White House following a question about his tweets by CNN's Kaitlin Collins. Trump defended the tweets in support of hydroxychloroquine saying that the drug is still "very positive" and called a doctor who was spreading conspiracy theories on Covid-19 in a now deleted video "very impressive."
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    1. “Mix it with disinfectants. It’ll make you superhuman like you’ve never seen. And immune to coronavirus. It’s great.”
      Next quote out of this clowns mouth.

  1. Why do people like the guy that tells the truth ( Doctor fauci)more then the guy that tells 20,000 lies and counting

    1. @WydeFrame vote for biden because the alternative is 4 more years of Trump hahaha. When you’re already on the ground you can’t go anywhere but up.

    2. @richard ordonez dummy alert. You are living a hundred plus years in the past. Why so few black or Hispanics in your party of liberators? Fast forward to 2020. All the white kkk are Republicans and like you love Trump. I’m guessing the black and Latino who are smarter than you think will vote as I and all kin’s votes will be for Biden.

    1. Lol! The later questions are quite difficult! And then when you’re not expecting it, they ask you the questions against!

  2. He backs people he never knows anything, but cursory information about.
    Why on earth would you trust someone so ignorant and untrustworthy?

  3. Every time tRUMP is called out on his tremendous lies, he runs off to his bunker to wimper on twitter

    1. Just the other day they were claiming that ‘Paw Patrol’ had been taken out by ‘cancel culture’ – Totally untrue, based on who knows what – just another Dead Cat to divert attention from the debacle in the centre ring of this Circus of Horror.

    2. Wouldn’t you run to the bunker if you had all the double cheeseburgers you can get your greedy hands on waiting for you? 😂😂😂

  4. Is Trump trying to show the country he is emotionally unstable? He should not verbalize he is so insecure.

  5. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, going down the back to eat worms. Trumpy is such a whiner.

    1. He’s got his message out, he’s not going to give a shrieking SJW anymore airtime then she’s already got.

    2. Aww…poor Trump. He can’t handle a legitimate question from a female reporter. Great work lovely!! Poor whiny,entitled,racist,traitor man baby…waddle away from the truth you can’t deny any more. Go eat a bucket of KFC and take a hot, gold,yucky shower from a Putin approved ‘soother’. Bloody tosser. 😈👍🇺🇸✌

    3. @Dorian Shades of gray Nah…. He ran away with his tail between his legs. That question was coming from any other reporter. Except OAN and maybe “I’ll suck Trump for $5” Fox News.

    4. @Dorian Shades of gray sayeth the krakheadkeyboardkoward. If asking that moron a question is being a social justice warrior then may she slay the demons. You act social justice is not something worth fighting for or that a SJW is a bad thing. yer fekkked in the head boy

  6. He did not walk out of that press conference. He SLUNK OUT with his tail between his legs!🤮🤬 What an inspirational leader…💩

    1. He’s a strong, Alpha leader… he doesn’t back down.. yes there are alien’s turning into men and impregnating humans with #demonsperm 🤪

  7. Trump: “Fauci has high approval ratings, why don’t I?”

    Because he believes in science rather than what comes on top of his head

    1. “FAUCI” Belives in one thing your stupidity to make him filthy rich off a vaccine he has invested millions in for desperate people like you, but I guess you did not hear that they are moving at warp speed to rush a vaccine with little safety measures. It takes years to develop a safe vaccine. You want to be a lab experiment because that is all you are. The government does not care about your political affiliation. Sooner or later every person on this planet will get COVID, but are you open-minded to listen to other doctors who have the best interest of the people.

    1. LOL…of course…last time I was abducted they put that probe in me where the sun don’t shine and pumped me full of alien dna…didn’t even buy me dinner first…rude

    2. Lmfao better do your RESEARCH look up william cooper and phil schneider. Your going to be mind blown once you find out the truth

    3. @Bob ThompsN Saying alien DNA is misleading to the general public but that doesn’t change the fact he still didn’t vet the credibility and qualifications of his chosen source. When 4 out of 5 doctors are telling people to do the same thing, you shouldn’t decide to push the advice of the dissenters in the minority. That’s like listening to Dr. Dre or Dr. Disrespect give advice about H1N1 or SARS. You may as well listen to Dr. Who since he’s a fucking Timelord.

  8. Donald Trump will explain his actions by coming up with an excuse like “They were rude reporters”!

    1. Answering the question = giving us the sound byte we want

      Do you think it’s ok that you beat your wife? “Yes/no” please. These are the only acceptable answers

      Intentional ignorance is obvious

  9. It’s hard to believe he’s that dumb but he really is. There’s no chess going on here, not even checkers.

    1. @tommy 2tone She has no credentials on viruses and diseases. Pediatrics can’t speak on this like they specialized in it. Sheep

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