Lawmakers In 34 States Have Introduced More Than 80 Anti-Protest Bills | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Lawmakers In 34 States Have Introduced More Than 80 Anti-Protest Bills | The ReidOut | MSNBC


In 2021, lawmakers in 34 states have introduced more than 80 anti-protest bills, the vast majority of them drafted by Republicans. And so far, four Republican governors have signed the measures into law, including in the state of Florida. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Lawmakers In 34 States Have Introduced More Than 80 Anti-Protest Bills | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. They claim to be First Amendment advocates and I do believe in our first a minute right that should mean freedom of assembly

    1. Also says seperation of church and state yet they do nothing but invoke their imaginary sky daddy in law making and politics. True fascism.

    2. They are not taking away rights to protest…they taking away the riots, which is against the law to begin with…people are tired if the destruction of their homes, businesses, communities and lives. The Constitution gives us the right to peaceful assembly and protest, not rioting…BIG DIFFERENCE WITH THE TWO!

    3. @vicki lynn Not really man. I mean, stopping the riots with bills is all nice and dandy but making it legal to run over protesters with your car if they are blocking the road? That won’t stop protesters, that’ll just make the protesters want more justice and give them more incentive to protest

    4. @Jacob Wilkie so if your driving down a street that has protestors on either side and you have to stop for a light and they rush your vehicle and try to take you out of it are you going to let them? They are not telling people to just blaze down the road and run people over. They are saying you have a right to defend yourself by keep moving in the vehicle and if someone gets hurt because they wouldn’t get off your vehicle or move from in front of you, you would be held liable…stop making this stuff out to be what it’s not. Geeze!

  2. Florida’s governor is doing everything to keep power.
    It’s unbelievable that people still vote for those abusers of power

    1. Proud boys, make sure you are not on the road protesting. People are spicing their trucks up to break your legs. Your beloved governor set the “mad max” rules

    1. Exactly, and if you are in a vehicle that is being attacked, you have every right to use it to defend yourself.

  3. Good! This will come in handy when they continue to lose. “They‘ll” be the ones protesting. We now have laws on the books to prosecute them and run”thier” arses over!..

    1. It will go to the Supreme Court and the law will be declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Trust me people are going allow themselves to be arrested.

    2. Congratulations, in your crusade for change, you played yourself. No that many advocate for gun control, you stripped yourselves of your rights to bear arms.

  4. Sheriff Grady Judd. The guy that wears his uniform to church just so everybody knows who’s in charge.

  5. What’s more when this madness is challenged in the supreme court..its now stacked in rethugs favor…scotus. just ruled 3 to 6 that minors can be given life jail sentences w/o parole.

    1. Biden is now looking to expand the Supreme Court, thank god…..Also, the problem with a lot of these asinine laws is that the right to protest is thankfully in the US Constitution. I mean, there isn’t much these Republicans can do about that.

  6. God..I miss brother Malcom X…we would use any means necessary to free ourselves from the shekels

  7. Now is the time to start creating friendships with those behind bars we need to make a network. Give them nothing,Take everything

  8. Can’t miss that total joy on the sheriff’s face and absolutely can’t wait to try out his new toys !

  9. This is the start, vote them out. Change the laws. Rise and vote. Wake up at the right time on voting day. VOTE!

    1. Right-wingers: “We want the right to have any kinds of guns we want at any amounts we want. We want the right to form a militia to overthrow the government and the right for those Whites who commit hate crimes to be set free! But don’t you dare asking for the right to vote if you’re not white or aren’t a registered Republican! Don’t ask for the right to protest if our right-wing government did you wrong! And definitely don’t ask for a fair trial if you’re accused of a crime by a white right-winger!”

  10. When you are accustom to getting your way for centuries, you will do whatever it takes to maintain your status quo, and lying, cheating, stealing and committing acts of violence is obviously not out of the question.

  11. I Remember Learning In American History Class, Somewhere, That This Country Was Started On A Protest , And There Was Some Fighting, And Destroying, And Ended By Throwing Someone’ Elses Property Into A Body Of Water., Im Pretty Sure There Were Alot Of People Assembled There, Could Probably Even Been Called A Riot., Ring Any Bells?

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