Lawrence: Joe Biden Said He Wants To Change The Senate's ‘Filibuster’ Rules 1

Lawrence: Joe Biden Said He Wants To Change The Senate’s ‘Filibuster’ Rules

Lawrence O’Donnell, Norm Ornstein and Jonathan Alter discuss Pres. Biden’s recent answer about whether he would support getting rid of the filibuster to pass a voting rights bill—and what Biden must do to get all Democrats behind it. As Ornstein says, “We’re gonna need the President to step in – not just quietly, privately – persuasively to get a change in the rule… to put all of his efforts into crafting a kind of voting bill that will get 50 votes.”
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  1. So now the Dems are giving in to blackmail because they’re afraid of an ‘unrestrained’ McConnell? Was he ever restrained?? This guy single handedly broke the friggin’ Senate, for cryin’ out loud!

  2. Transparency : a reporter was asking about ,Brett and the FBI inquiry ,they were limited , it was (R)ogues rushing him thru ,showing no respect RBG ,rushing to put Bret in place ,talking about “i love beer” and that’s what lead to what happened to doctor ford ,he changed the coarse of her life ,doing what he did ,but yes ladies they want to overturn Roe verse wade ,planned parenthood , but it was not the FBI ,it is them rogues ,hiding in the GOP ,people of color and women ,are rogues main targets , and RBG and all those long nights up working hard ,you ain’t gonna taint that either (R)ogues

  3. Thank God it’s about time they took that timing down and all the rest of those tyrants |

  4. really like what is said in the second half of the video, some very good subtle important ideas floated there

    1. He was more than happy to change the rules when it meant getting more judges rammed through. The only reason they didn’t get rid of it is because they have no interest in actually passing anything except tax cuts for the rich, and they could do that through reconciliation. This concern about Mitch returning as majority leader if the filibuster is abolished and all the havoc he could wreak is so idiotic it makes my head hurt. If they DON’T get rid of it, they will never win another election, effectively handing leadership back to McConnell and his cronies on a silver platter and kissing democracy, for what it’s worth, goodbye. They will not reform immigration, health care, voting rights, SCOTUS, nor do I believe they’ll pass any infrastructure bills as long as they leave power with the minority.

    1. Wrong, the GOP will block those rules and so will the supreme court, hr 1 is unconstitutional period

  5. If I voted for Joe – “ I’ll get in trouble if I go of script” – Biden I’d be ashamed to let anyone know.

  6. (Lawrence caught the summer cold, as I did, because of taking off face mask indoor. First cold in a year. Lesson learn is I will keep wearing face mask in indoor public/ restaurant / grocery etc to keep from catching any cold from now on.)

  7. What happens if Republicans regain power. They would not hesitate for one moment to get rid of the filibuster – WAKE UP!

  8. Mitch McConnell has made it clear that he never feels restrained. That should never be a prerequisite for making a decision.

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