Lawrence O’Donnell Praises Judge Robert Katzmann

Lawrence O’Donnell praises federal Judge Robert Katzmann, who helped guide Ruth Bader Ginsburg through her Senate confirmation in 1993, and more recently issued an opinion that allowed the release of Donald Trump’s long awaited tax returns.
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  1. 😔;
    My condolences, to all his wonderful family members and friends.
    May, honourable Judge Robert Katzmann, rest peacefully, within the Cosmos. 🙏🏾

  2. I salute Robert Katzmann may he rest in peace and thank you for services ,I’m sure your family is proud .

    1. @JD I don’t like the man, however, if we want to have a serious justice department, it can’t be political. He’s following the law, he’s not protecting trump exactly. More the office of the president for future events.

    2. I can’t wait to see what goes down over the next couple of months! I can’t wait for Trump to be back in the White House. This is happening you might want to get prepared mentally. Call your shrink, make an appointment, adjust your meds do whatever you need to do now 🤣

  3. I’m fact, if trump would not, “do anything at all,” ever again, America would be deeply grateful. RIP Bob ✌️

  4. I’m going to remind myself that every day there are people working to make our lives better. I am grateful to know that Judge Katzmann was one of those people.

  5. He was the honorable judge, whose opinions were always just and fair, always for the justice. If the lawyers that “represented to defend” Trump had the same “respect” for the justice, Trump couldn’t have stayed in the office to incite the insurrection…

  6. Wow… what an iconic and consequential career‼️Thank you immensely for your service sir.

  7. Let’s go democratic party it’s time to get a replacement quick fast and in a hurry and let’s not take four months or five months

  8. At 68 years old I feel ripped off ! It’ll take at least 3 or four more Democrat appointments to fill his loss …. RIP BOB

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