Trump DOJ Seized Data Of House Dems In Search For Leaks: NYT | MSNBC

The Justice Department under President Trump seized records from Apple for metadata of House Intelligence Committee members, according to New York Times reporting. Michael Schmidt joins Morning Joe to discuss the new report.

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Trump DOJ Seized Data Of House Dems In Search For Leaks: NYT | MSNBC


    1. @Brandy Courvoisier “if you don’t know whether you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black” -Joe Biden
      “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” -Joe Biden
      Between bidens 94 crime bill and Kamalas time in law they’ve harmed more black families than the kkk in the past 30 years lol

    2. @Studenheim Edwards cool now start doing quotes for the egregiously stupid and unhinged rants Trump made during his presidency and even before. We’ve all seen those as well kiddo.

    3. @Studenheim Edwards “Oh he likes them young. Oh yes he does” -DJT about his friend Jeffry Epstein.

  1. ” Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”~ Sir John Dalberg-Acton

    1. @Collis Williams i really think you are deranged capital police held the barricades show that link i bet you can’t because your a troll

    2. @Collis Williams an insurrection is defined as an attempt to overthrow or undermine the government through physical force. The people on Jan 6th attempted to prevent the certification of the election which is a constitutionally mandated democratic process and they so through physical force. That is undeniable and that is why Jan 6th is defined as an insurrection not a riot. To suggest otherwise is short sided and foolish. There is no excuse to justify Trump and Republican led efforts to reduce our nation into a banana republic.

    3. @Collis Williams It’s become clear that you have no understanding of what the term “absolute power” or the word “insurrection” mean.

    1. @Dolores Reynolds Ah yes all those democrat run cities that are well educated and housed like Chicago and Detroit.

    2. @Matt O Prove it. Post the “backed up data”. You’re the one spewing out nonsensical talking points and using false facts without any sort of data backing them.

      Post the data. It should be easy, right?

    3. @Knightmarecity K How is it “propaganda” to point out that the top 10 cities with the highest crime are all democrat run?

    4. @Derrek Larson what talking point did I state? All I said is that crime rates are essentially the same in all metropolitan areas regardless of what party is in charge. Thats not a talking point that’s a fact. How dumb are you?

    5. @Snausages Mcgee of course I refute your post that didn’t cite evidence and you want me to produce evidence that you yourself failed to produce when making your claims lmao. Well let’s see yours first since you made the claim that republican states and cities are safer before I refuted it. I’ll tell you this out of the top 10 states with the highest rate of violent crimes 7 are red states 😂. So cite your sources and I’ll be happy to do the same.

    1. Oohh, great reference. Schmidt’s jacket reminds me of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) jackets that were an abundance visual of my childhood.

    1. Getting caught is one thing, holding them to account and prosecute is another. Keep in mind Barr placed approx 20 judges to do their bidding now and yrs to come. This is concerning.

    1. @Mark Evans all evidence to the contrary. I see you let your feelings rule over rational thought, not too surprising .

    2. @Lindee Lou Heh, Heh. I’ll take that as sarcasm but thanks for some recognition. I had quite the chuckle over that crude joke.

  2. Barr is as rotten as the day is long and always has been that’s why he found a solid position in the US government.

    1. But Garland doesn’t seem to have any interest in cleaning house. The DOJ still wants to keep the memo on the Russia investigation secret, and they still want to represent Trump in the lawsuit filed against him.

  3. There were major leaks during the Trump years.
    We never found out much about them because he had his diaper on.

  4. Merrick Garland needs to be called before House Judiciary committee to explain this and what he is going to do about it. He can also explain his recent decisions protecting the Trump regime.

    1. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

      Lmao you will never get a conviction. Cope.

    2. @Snausages Mcgee
      Asked whether the FBI was investigating Trump or his associate Roger Stone, Wray said he could neither confirm nor deny any FBI investigation.

      “I’m talking about Mr. Big, Number One,” said Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen, referring to Trump. “Have you gone after the people who incited the riot?”

      Wray responded: “I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to be discussing whether or not we are or aren’t investigating specific individuals.”

    3. Trump protected himself from America’s enemies. They’re done messing with Trump now. They don’t want Americans to ever see the evidence he has on America’s democrat traitors. I frickin love it

    4. @Liz Pedano Totally agree! People are smarter and more aware of their politics now, both nationally and internationally, and this is a good thing – so a little bit of clarification goes a long way in keeping the people happy. This is huge and I’m feeling July will be a big month. Be careful and alert when out in public – stay safe and look after each other – please!!!!

    1. All Presidents lie and hide some of their actions, sometimes for legitimate reasons. I read Mr. Comey’s book when it was published; his instincts were 100% correct. Nothing happens in a vacuum: people knew and some spoke up. People in the DOJ knew and chose to do Trump’s bidding. The GOP is making a mockery of democracy.

    2. It was trump doing the leaking. DoJ needs to subpoena trump’s, barr’s and all of the ‘people’ in the trump inner circle, phone and comms records.
      No doubt more and even more egregious trump corruption will be uncovered in the next few years.

    3. @Mike Cooper lol Sure it will. It will be the year 2079 and you libs will still be screaming “the walls are closing in on Trump”! 😂

    4. @Rod GUESS WHO’S COWERING AT MAR A LAGO? Waiting for NY’s DA to come kicking down his door 😂 That’s right! The guy who lost the election FAIR AND SQUARE 😆 So this is what it feels like to “own the repubs” 🤔

  5. If the former administration had won a second term, those people would have ended up in a gulag by now.

    1. @Kyle Kyle Trumps friend Putin is the leader of communist Russia, believe it or not, there aren’t too many communists in the USofA there definitely are a few, but we have a lot of socialists. Don’t confuse the two. Communism, as in Russia and China allows for Fascism, with a great unquestionable authority over your life, as well as no privacy or free press, you get travel restrictions but the state covers your health insurance. Hero worship of said “dictator” is very common as about 50 percent of people lack the intelligence to think freely after having the same messages fed to them over and over and over again from every imaginable source both subliminal and blatant in your face posters and banners parades and extreme national pride, intolerant and willing to turn family, friends and neighbors in and even attack people who think differently. That’s communism.

    2. ​@Kyle Kyle the only thing trumps supporters do is hang around channels they hate waiting to be the first person to comment and write 1 line what they think are witty comments all day.

  6. The leaks came from his administration he just wanted to see who went to IG on him. I can not wait to see this guy in handcuffs.

    1. @Rod MAGATS are going down one by one….500 down, 500 to go…whether it’s your average knuckle dragging MAGAT on the street (you) or elected MAGAT official

    2. @Rod I know you consume your mind with Fox news and Newsmax so you wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face. Stop looking to Qanon and research you will find out that there were several people in his administration that leaked numerous things. Why do you think he became so paranoid.

  7. I’d say some serious jail time is in order here. Also, after the whole Trump train wreck of a presidency, it will be a real long time before I can pull the R lever in the voting booth again!

    1. Terrible abuse of power, and extraordinary damage … not only to our democracy; but also our DOJ. In addition trumpery attack on our Cathedral of Democracy; on Jan. 6, 2021. That desecration ; we saw with our own eyes & we heard “hang Mike Pence.”

  8. looking for “leaks” was their cover excuse for just blatantly abusing the powers of the DOJ.

  9. Evil always projects it’s evil on anyone seen as an enemy, or “they like to put their dirt in your face.”

  10. I feel like I’m in the wizard of Oz and they’re telling me not to look behind the curtain.

    1. I called him the Wizard of Oz. In 2016 😅 he never wanted us to see behind the curtain, but he mistakenly turn on the transparency button on the curtain!
      We Can See you little man

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