Lawyer blames ‘Foxitis’ for client’s role in Capitol riot

Alleged US Capitol rioter Anthony Antonio was hooked on Fox News and developed "Foxitis," his lawyer said Thursday in a virtual hearing interrupted multiple times by another defendant's profane outbursts.
Antonio, his lawyer Joseph Hurley said, had lost his job at the beginning of the pandemic and for the next six months watched Fox News constantly. Antonio developed what his lawyer called "Foxitis" and "Foxmania," and believed the lies about the 2020 election from Fox News and then-President Donald Trump.
"He believed what was being fed to him," Hurley said.
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  1. So he’s trying to project the blame onto Fox so he could avoid the consequences ? So he’s saying he have no free will. “Fox made me do it, and I was dumb enough to believe in the big lie.”

    1. @unintentional provocateur ok, you’re right. all of the 400+ charged should absolutely claim “fox said it” … bc “as good as other defenses I’ve heard work.” you’re totally right.

    2. @efs 1066 why are you being so hostile? You are not understanding me. There is no defense. Lawyers come up with rediculous defenses all the time and more often than I think it should, it works. I’m not saying he isn’t at fault, lying, or should be set free. Someone else in this thread even mentioned one about the teenage rich kid who killed people drunk driving and got off with probation. His defense was he never suffered consequences so he could not possibly know the ramifications of his actions. I’m not saying it is a just defense. I’m saying it is a good defense as in it might work. Or did you understand what I meant and still disagree? If so, what do you think is a better defense argument? Or do you think the system is always fair and reasonable and the guilty are always punished and the innocent always go free?

    3. @Tyeler Nowell I’m Baha’i. I have my religion. You have yours. I’m willing to share quotes from my religion regarding free will if you’d like, but I have an impression your comments aren’t intended towards a meaningful exchange of ideas.

    4. @Marci LK oh! Neat! I’m an aithiest. But I do like learning about other religions and lore. I just really find the Christian free will from god to be kinda dickish.

  2. So that makes the claim Fox News was an accomplice in Cadet Bonespur’s attempted insurrection.

    1. A political justice rally that some people took too far. Small time compared to 12 months of liberal insurrection.

    2. @A T a political rally flying the flag of traitors, beating cops, and crapping on floors

  3. I have Foxitis when it’s on. I get a headache and feel nauseous from the bile they spew.

    1. @Rose Jensen Imagine being such a brainwashed totalitarian you only manage to feed yourself with blatant totalitarian propoganda funded and orchestrated by your party. People like you would’ve loved to live under Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc.

    2. *@arlingtonguy54:* I have a cure for you:

      Answer: *”Turn off the fcken TV mate.”* There ya go, feeling better now? 😁

      Jokes aside, they ARE insidiously dangerous for one’s mental health if people are already dumb enough to follow that lemming over the cliff.

    3. @Apep, oh please, if this is such a waste of anyone’s time, why the hell are you here? I think that says more about you. You must not have much of a life if this is entertainment for you. You don’t like it, don’t watch.

  4. If every criminal made the defense they went crazy bc of Fox News, there would be no more convictions!

    1. But Fox News lawyers claim that no reasonable person would believe the BS spewed forth on Fox News and, of course, conservative (Republican) judges have upheld that the Fox News lawyers are correct. WTF !

    2. I wonder how you people manage to criticize Fox while watching CNN.. That requires a different kind of mental gymnastics.

    3. @Apep It’s clear that fox news is anti-american and anti-democracy. That’s why you here now. You tired of the lies too

    4. @Apep Aren’t you paying attention? Fox New’s own lawyers claim that no reasonable person would believe the BS spewed forth on Fox News. It doesn’t require any kind of mental gymnastics at all!

    1. @unintentional provocateur do you really think that he is going to look up something that goes against the crap that he wants to believe?

    2. So should we blame most of the left wing media for condoning and sweeping the riots under the rug? A lot more property damage and lives lost during the riots than that one night of “insurrection.” . Only fair. Are you that foolish to not see the hypocrisy? Both incidents should anger every American but it seems the left wing media is only pushing for more riots or just ignoring them altogether.

    3. @Barbara Roberts so should CNN do the same? Because they both lie just as much as each other… they just push different agendas which fulfill the same purpose of creating sheeps like you and division in the US

  5. One is stuck playing the impassioned protagonist in one’s Subjective Narrative of Self🎈

  6. It’s funny – when Fox gets sued, its argument in court is that nobody’s stupid enough to take Fox seriously. When Fox viewers are the defendants, the argument is that they became stupid watching Fox.

    1. Well said. I love that all of this is happening. The slime must eventually sludge off the rock!

    2. Just in case anybody is thinking about it — yes. This _is_ a case of irony.

  7. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”
    Anthony Antonio could have been reading Dr. Suess and dressing up Mr.& Mrs. Potato Head

    1. Hey I Read Dr. Seuss & Played with Mr. Potato Head as a 6 Year Old. I Believe That Donald John Trump LOST THE ELECTION TO JOE BIDEN.

  8. Reminds me of Sydney Powell’s position of “no coherent person could believe it”. We need to crack down on disinfo, it’s getting insane.

    1. @Creek Walker I don’t believe the election was stolen. Trump lost! See here you are making assumptions, which proves and says a lot about you. I watch Fox, CNN, MSNBC because they all lie and the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    2. @The great one Forever “trying to force people to call men with wigs women.”? – – – WTF are you talking about?

    3. @Borvo is a man with a wig and calls himself a woman, a woman? No liberal on this thread has been willing to answer this question. Meanwhile they are quick to limit free speech and call others brainwashed and liars. They don’t see the hypocrisy in their own stance. They know that and that is why they won’t answer the question

    4. Thing is these people, diehard Trump supporters mostly know it is BS. Some of them are completely off the rocker but most know. They don’t care. They love chaos, confusion, and destruction. They are rebels without a cause (other than hate and anger) and that is all they know and care about. Donald Trump personifies this… hatred….anger. They keep us divided just like they did 150 years ago. Over and over again they keep creating division and we let them. Russia loves them because they do their work for them to pit us against each other….that weakens us and takes our attention away from the true enemy. We can defeat them easily with the vote but are never consistent. We always let them come roaring back….Jim Crow……Tea Party…..MAGA….on and on and on. Our Constitution and democracy will always be under threat as long as we keep letting them divide us. Hate and anger is not compatible with freedom and democracy. It leads to places like Russia, NK, China….Germany of 80 years ago.

    1. Remember that the next time you see a Qanon idiot say WWG1WGA.. Like sheep going to slaughter.

    2. A sheep who is following the herd until he saw a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Fox News Channel is that wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    1. You’re literally watching a worse version of FOX right now. But I guess because they’re run by the DNC, it doesn’t bother you. At least fox brands itself as a right wing company. Unlike CNN who claims to be unbiased factual news.

    2. nah. if you play it backwards, the Batman show music starts playing and tuk tuk starts sporting a woody.

    3. Let these who are suffering from foxitis be defoxed in prison. Let them watch FOX backwards continuously.

  9. Probably the same lawyer that thought up the “affluenza” for the kid that wasn’t responsible for his actions because he was rich and thought himself entitled.

    1. It’s a real thing, but it doesn’t excuse letting someone off the hook. Ignorance of law has never been a valid defense.

  10. Foxitis and Foxmania… I have the strange feeling this will become satisfying memes.

  11. There should be warnings on news stations like there are on Cigarettes. “What is broadcast on this program may not be truthful, represents the opinions of the network or host only, is often sponsored, and is to be consumed at your own risk.”

  12. “You Honor, my client was outFoxed by Trumped up propaganda, and is cranky because he’s all Tuckered out.”

    1. “Americans can’t become radicalized extremists the way foreign terrorists do! It’s impossible!”
      “Because we’re white :3”

  13. I thought they were all about personal responsibility but now it’s not my fault I tried to overthrow the government

  14. As soon as Rupert Murdoch and Putin became “friends” it was all over for the rest of the world. The trail of destruction is getting longer and longer.

  15. I have riddle. What do you call fox entertainment if you pull them off the air?
    A good start.

  16. No Matter who someone listens to, you are still responsible for your own actions.

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