Lawyer breaks down latest developments in Meng Wanzhou saga 1

Lawyer breaks down latest developments in Meng Wanzhou saga


Lawyer Lisa Jean Helps breaks down what to know about the Meng Wanzhou case and deferred prosecution agreements.

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  1. What I get from all of this is that Canadians are going to be a lot less willing to stick their necks out for the United States’ affairs, especially when it is Canadians who pay for it with their lives to the sound of DC’s laughter.

    1. This was never Canada’s fight- It was TRUMP- this should NEVER EVER have taken so long- Much damage to Canada and no benefit

    2. There goes Canada’s pretention of “rule of law”.
      Both superpowers make Canada a laughing stock for the world to see.

  2. We as a sovereign nation should maintain close relations with the South, as they are a neighbor and an ally, but not necessarily to the point where we just “take orders” from them bIindly. We should see things as it is, and try to not let our biases towards certain countries or parties overwhelm our ability to critically think and see the real facts. There is ZERO evidence of any wrong doing from either Meng or Huawei. In fact, you guys can search up that German intelligence found no evidence of Huawei wrong doing over the years, but has found many backdoors in products, such as ClSCO. The irony!

    1. Haha, It was never about that. It was TOSHIBA and ALSTOM all over again. It is about wanting 5G and 6G and use them to control, not for anything else.

    2. @Xerxes2005 Honestly, if you believe this was 100% pure rule of law, and no politics involved, even after donald admitting, and after shes released after declaring NOT guilty, ur naive. I suggest you look up Alstom and Toshiba too. Nuff said.

  3. So.. typical case of kidnapping. Not guilty but ransom is paid to boss of kidnapping ring. Sounds typically American to this Canadian.

    1. She was guilty , Democrats let her go, payback probably for helping in the elections with the BLM (marxist) support and riots.

    1. Classic joke after 100years

      A: Don’t run your business too well, otherwise your family will be kidnapped by America.

      B:Oh,that’s no joke! But, what is America?

    2. You nail it. No way can catch up with Huawei for 5G, what to do? just kidnapping Huawei founder daughter. It is a shame in history.

  4. And it’s interesting how my hostage takers take words within DPAs and make it their own process ,need continuous u nified wording of DPA ,my hostage makers had fun with DPA

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