Lawyer for accused Capitol rioter reacts to Trump team's statement 1

Lawyer for accused Capitol rioter reacts to Trump team’s statement


President Trump's legal team argued that the people who breached the Capitol did so on their own. Brent Mayr, a lawyer representing accused Capitol rioter Christopher Grider, calls that claim "absurd."

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    1. @Akon Fenty if you not paying rent you don’t have any legal standing to invade, assault, break in any place on America…your comment is nothing more than a bumper sticker slogan…the people pay for all those police cars, let’ see you use that same analogy to go to the nearest police station and take one of thier car’s for a ride..

    1. @Paulo M bryan is a sore loser. Dont have to argue with his cry baby attitude…he is a person that cant accept defeat.

    1. @Akon Fenty It belongs to me too, they can all get F**KED for breaking into MY CAPITOL! I look forward to paying for their long jail sentences.

    2. @8 Ball I guess I have to do your homework for you. Typical Dumocrat. Evidently Trump wanted them to proceed with voting fraud evidence and they disagreed. That doesn’t mean a thing. This case was over before it started. You can’t impeach a private citizen. Especially an innocent one. You still haven’t answered my previous questions. But whatever. I guess wasting money and time on a ex president’s impeachment is more important to the Dums than getting those stimulus checks out. Another Biden broken promise. Checks will go out the door IMMEDIATELY. Oh Dementia Joe forgot that promise. BTW It was $2,000 not $1,400.

    3. @It is what It is why is it a crime to be in that building? Been there on vacation, you walk in look around, see the sights take a tour..

    4. @David Deitering you ever been in there during a riot? Have you handed a person the tool to break a window which somebody got shot through? Shut up troll this guys going to federal prison

  1. He never imagined that he was going to murder his girlfriend that evening. He expected to watch tv that evening!

  2. My defense for my client is…”he’s an idiot can’t think on his own, doesn’t think critically, follows crowds,never yelled in the building”

    1. That’s the part I found funny too, “my client wasn’t screaming & yelling..” as if that’s a prerequisite for a crime to have occurred

    1. @Faith Worldleader We politely knocked on the door but nobody answered, so we went in to make sure they were alright.

    2. Walking through the door frame I would be thinking, this is not going to have a good outcome. I don’t need to be here. But with all the pushing and shoving….. who knows. HAHAHAHA!

  3. This makes me laugh. Did the rioter never have the mom talk that states: Use your head. If so-and-so told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?”

    1. Just calling people stupid doesn’t help either. You can be stupid and patriotic. “When political correctness is considered compassion it will be unsafe to think differently” -me


    3. @Travis Keena oh I dunno… a little public shaming about being stupid might not be the worst thing. If it compels even a few of them to step back from the unmitigated certainty they approach these positions with, devoid of all fact or logic, and actually invest in acquiring enough knowledge to actually know something, anything, isn’t that an acceptable outcome? Sometimes humility is given, not earned.

    4. @Travis Keena When political correctness is an argument for or against anything, you are losing your own strawman argument…

  4. “The President abandoned his people…”

    Oh, so he’s never done that before. Right? Who could have seen that coming?!?!?!

    1. @Matthew Clark also it was proven all the rioters and looters was not ANTIFA , BLM, or left wingers. The proud boys and white supremacist was there causing trouble as well


    3. @Phoenix the-writer hahaha but in this case I think side-hustle, emphasis on hustle, is a better contextual fit for the ex-perpetrator and chiefs practice.

  5. It sounds like the attorney is almost saying if the president didn’t start this insurrection my client wouldn’t be there.

    1. Those arrested in connection to the, overwhelmingly peaceful protests last year were not members of BLM nor Antifa, on average. They were, for the most part, opportunistic, politically unaffiliated rioters.

  6. Lawyer: “Yes he was there and yes he was involved and yes he admits it, so what I’m saying is that he’s innocent.”

    1. “Thatll be $15,000, we already have your card on file so don’t worry, we will just charge you for the service. Good luck!”

    2. I think he wants to plead not guilty to sedition, rebellion, entering the House chambers by force, and murder if those charges are made.

      Accepting responsibility for the unauthorized entry might not be a bad strategy. “I was very enthusiastic about my beliefs that day, we went too far, but I didn’t intend to cause or threaten death. It’s fair for me to serve 6-12 months, and I’ll never do anything like this again.”

    3. @Jordan Rodrigues even Alex Jones, when questioned under oath, admitted that conspiracy theories will cause people, including himself, to lose touch with reality…. chump’s cult members prove that daily…

  7. “There’s evidence to show he’s just as responsible.” You just admitted responsibility and shared blame. Grade A attorney right here.

    1. @Brett Kenschaft I’m not an expert, but isn’t it possible for a defense to admit facts or guilt? Pleading nolo or guilty, affirmative defenses, entering plea bargains, etc…

      I really wouldn’t be surprised if the lawyer isn’t able to fight the evidence that his client was there. But that still leaves issues like intent, attempting to deescalate, or diminished capacity.

  8. “I only lit the match, it’s the fire’s fault for burning down the building.”

    These people need to be made an example.

    1. and in the riots in NY, Portland and elsewhere… but the participants got let go with no charges. So why the difference?

    2. Isolated pre planned incident that Pelosi was well aware of. Daily BLM/antifa murder squads killed black children and burned down black owned businesses all summer long.

  9. So because he’s a FORMER military police officer trying to “help” we’re supposed to feel bad for him? He meant no harm and had NO intent. Girl bye.

  10. Ajax at the gate at Troy: “Come on, Hector, let us in. A lot of people are getting hurt out here, including some of your soldiers.”

    1. @James Grealy antifa and BLM are the problem of this country thinking they can do what ever they want just because they feel like everyone owes them something slavery is over and done with no matter how much you cry Marxism will never win in this great country founded on GOD AND COUNTRY .

  11. He should be prosecuted. How stupid does this attorney think people are? His client was on the front row, trying to get inside the Capital Bldg.

    1. Exactly. He was there all the way and his saying a few reasonable things while there doesn’t make him less culpable

    2. Trying to get into the building? They are several locked doors and floors up in the building. That’s like saying he accidently stabbed his victim 15 times with a knife he sharpened minutes before.

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