Lawyer for Michael Cohen makes his prediction about Trump charges

Lanny Davis, the attorney representing Michael Cohen, urged people watching the case to remember that former President Donald Trump is innocent until proven guilty in the hush money case he's facing in Manhattan. However, Davis believes the case against Trump is strong. #CNN #News


  1. Hillary is laughing harder than anyone in the universe..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£

    1. ​@dave doogan and a PAB fact’s πŸ‘πŸ’― 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  2. Ironically, the Stormy Daniels accusation probably would’ve helped Trump’s campaign if she had made it public, based on what we now know about his base.

    1. @Dany We’ll find out the charges when he finds out, at his arraignment. That will apparently happen on Tuesday.

  3. “I’ve never done anything wrong. Nobody can prove that I ever did anything wrong. It’s pretty tough when a citizen with an unblemished record must be hounded from his home. I am feeling very bad – very bad. How would you feel if the police, paid to protect you, acted towards you like they acted towards me?” AL CAPONE, DECEMBER 1927

  4. Mr. Davis was fantastic …just the way he carried himself during this interview. Right to the point , and truthful. He is a lawyer who works with facts…wow.

    1. He doesn’t even understand the law he claims was violated, because it wasn’t. He is either a fraud or incompetent.

  5. This lawyer makes me feel better about this situation. He’s very forthcoming and takes the presumption of innocence first, but there is a lot of information to come. Class act

    1. ​@Bruce Kliewer someone already did time for this, and that someone wasn’t the person who benefited from this crime. If they will imprison someone who didn’t benefit for the crime, it’s not a stretch to believe that the evidence exists to convict Individual 1.

    2. ​@Bruce Kliewer your mom can’t even pay your rent during a campaign without it being considered a campaign contribution.

    1. @dave mitchell Why wouldn’t he hire a lawyer, to ensure everything is above board? It’s not like he can’t afford one

  6. I’m excited about the implications that there might be more than one charge. Mark Pomerantz covered many violations investigated in the past, and it was my hope after reading his book that there could be even more concrete, less salacious crimes than the Daniels campaign finance mess

    1. @Cam Davis Just seen that on The Breakdown. However, a charge is given for every time something chargeable is done and doesn’t mean that they’re all different. i.e. if you use a stolen credit card 10 times then there would be 10 charges. Personally, I think there’s much more that we don’t know yet.

  7. It’s not part of our system to presume innocence, except among the rich. A poor person who is indicted has a 99% chance of never going to trial because the prosecutors hold so much power that they jail the person until they are dirt poor and have to take a forced “plea” deal, that is no “deal”, and go to prison for years, since poor males in the US are presumed guilty.

    1. I had a corrupt case built against me, not even a violation of state law but the judge ruled the administration regulation was valid despite a 1976 supreme court case saying administrative regulations could not be crimes but only civil penalties. I had a 4 day trial on 21 charges. Mainly due to civil rights lawsuits, retaliation. I totally had to prove my innocence to the jury. Took the stand all day. Had a very good committed attentive jury.

    2. WA WA WA WA WA – please, go do something about it in a positive sense because in this context you are just carrying water for Puta and I’m so sick of witless Russian assets

  8. I appreciate Mr. Davis’ reasoned response, and his encouragement of everyone to withhold judgment and keep an open mind. πŸ‘

    1. ​@V Mtz it’s funny how only democrats come after him and I’m an independent who usually leans to the left but they are after him extra hard for some reason, I support him

    2. Campaign finance violations, conflation of his assests, missappropriation of campaign funds at his bidding

  9. Wow, Attorney Lanny Davis gives me great hope that this is a very substantial indictment. Multiple Felonies. Excellent!

    1. @Nancy Lee So tell us what the crime is? Do you even know yourself, or do you just blindly believe whatever you are told by a partisan activist lawyer?

    2. Had to do with campaign finance violation, conflation of his assets, missappropriation of campaign funds

  10. Mr. Davis – thank you for your calm focus on facts. It was a privilege to be able to get a bit acquainted with you.

    1. Me too. I hope his bail conditions prevent him from using social media for reasons related to public safety.

  11. Lanny Davis has, in several past interviews, said that the case against Trump is stronger than most people/pendants think

  12. Lanny Davis is like a breath of fresh air listening to him speak with such confidence about. I was tired of the rhetoric spoken by Trump and others that represented Trump. The games, name calling, lie’s, and his undermining behavior was getting tiring. So childish. So glad this day has come.

  13. Finally a brief, concise interview of a good lawyer. He speaks as he should.Only to the known facts and a sealed indictment, not yet revealed.

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