Lazy Chow Chow in New York City’s Central Park stands its ground | USA TODAY

Lazy Chow Chow in New York City's Central Park stands its ground | USA TODAY 1


  1. These humans don’t understand how hot this fur coat gets in a 100 degree weather. I told them I was good in the house 🏠 😌 but they like doing things their way. Now my legs no longer work 😩 😫

  2. He/she’s hot… you can tell by noticing how the legs are stretched out & their belly’s fully exposed to the ground as a attempt to cool off their core…buttttt still an ADORABLE & funny video 🥰🤣

  3. When he’s done, he’s done. Lol… He’s probably thinking – I told ya I’d only put in 1 mile; THIS is one mile. This is YOU’RE fault!”

  4. I Hope Today clear Exit Bangladesh my life Partner and me Eight frot bangladesh army police Sir Bill Gates details

  5. That was adorable. Now get that poor pooch some water and shade. Hi heat or cold requires extra care.

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