1. The scariest part of his life and his family’s lives is the fact they seem to be incapable of cerebrating even remotely rationally. Poor gene pool.

  2. And how many good guys get shot and killed because they were mistakingly marked as a bad guy?

    As an officer, the LAST thing I want to deal with when going into an active “HOT” school is a bunch of people who I can’t tell from Adam carrying arms.

    1. That’s exactly the point. Unfortunately, you’re presenting rational, clear thought. For those who are paranoid, they’re incapable of anything except extreme fear and reaction. You’re thinking with your head. They’re reacting from their gut.

    2. @Ed Battle Actually I would. Id take my chances that I’D get killed. Rather than wait for the Murderer to keep Slaughtering Chikdren!!

    1. @Gerald That’s why gun rights activist like Colion Noir always encourage people to have basic training and ALWAYS adhere to the 4 Rules of Gun Safety.
      Here’s his latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR-a2k7fVBY
      Also making it harder to own a gun does not make it harder for criminals to buy guns from the streets.

    2. @Gerald I definitely doubt it.

      Everyone has a right to own a gun.
      You should never be so willing to give up ANY of your rights.

  3. She says she doesn’t see something the way he does and his response, “yes you do” 😂😂😂 what a clown.

    1. Apparently this reporter should read The Constitution. It explains quite clearly why . They must not teach it in school anymore? Or she didn’t go to school .

    2. @Sara Adams Are you trolling or being sarcastic? Are you actually suggesting that Biden secretly wants to ban all guns is in the constitution and that it should be taught in school??

    1. @unlisted junk remove the Charity status of American churches and fund Education. End this ignorance, gullibility, horror and hate.

    2. ZOLTORE. LOL! I don’t care if you’re safe or not! But I do care that my family is safe! Someone breaks into my house they’re gonna be taking the room temperature challenge!

  4. God did not give you the right to have a gun! That is the worst thing I’ve ever heard🫠🤔😱

    1. @ajs11201 owning a gun doesn’t promote none of those things. I have more of a right to own a gun, than you have to take it away from me.

  5. It’s so sad that these people fear for their lives so much and so badly they let their 9 year olds have guns in their bedrooms. It’s actually quite heartbreaking.
    I don’t think they are bad people, they are truly truly frightened people.
    Thank God I live in a country where nobody has guns and more importantly nobody feels the *need* to have one due to abject fear of their neighbours or community. That is true freedom, in my opinion.

    1. If you are an American Citizen and have committed NO crimes. You are a LEGAL GUN OWNER. Just look it up in your gun self protection OWNER MANUALS on page 2 of The Constitution.

    2. 100%! We are definitely lucky here in Aus. When Johnny banned semi and full auto weapons we only had to buy back 650,000 firearms. After 13 mass shootings in 18 years we have not had another since the ban and buyback in 26 years. It is certainly a different kind of freedom to feel safe on the streets and to not have to feel fear for your kids. think it is safe to say we also regard our access to universal healthcare as another freedom.

      I would not even pretend to know where to start in a nation of 400,000,000 firearms, nor would I pretend our solution in Australia might be applicable to the US.

      I do however shed tears when i see the latest mass shootings of children who should be safe at school. I have to admit i find it disheartening when i hear the solution proposed by some of America’s lawmakers to arm teachers, or turn schools into a fortress, or to arm children in their homes as per the gentlemen in this report. I don’t think this is quite what the US founding fathers envisaged when they created its constitution or the 2nd amendment.

    3. I won’t be the mom screaming standing outside the school telling someone to do something as kids are being shot up . what are you so scared of to not protect yourself and others ?

  6. Are these people really as fearful and cowardly as they appear? Or is it an exaggerated sense of self-importance that makes them imagine the entire world is a direct threat to them?

    1. I guess you never lived in Van Nuys a rough area. A lady in our office bldg was raped..we were held up at gun point one night. A store and a gas station down the street were both robbed. Circuit City across the street early morning thieves broke in and took several items.

  7. It makes no sense, of children having guns when they can’t drink or drive a car or smoke a cigarette this is madness of this man having guns in the hand of children? And the guy having a gun, then a bad one well it depends if the bad guy craze than the good guy taking a person or people’s lives? No good guy can defend someone against an evil person wearing body armor!

  8. Hunted as a youth and Dad insisted I took firearms safety training course in order to carry and get my hunting license. I did this at 10 years old. Respect the responsibility of a firearm doesn’t mean walk in and walk out with a semi-auto w a 30 round clip. Furthermore- where in the Bible does it say we should carry weapons of war? If that is true then I want an RPG, tank, ballistic missiles, and how about some bio warfare agents too? (Sarcasm- I just don’t get their argument and I am a gun owner). If this was a football game debate I’d simply say “scoreboard baby” and ask them to explain why the US ranks so high in firearm deaths.

  9. It’s 2022 and yet the excuses for guns continues. These restriction laws must be implemented… especially against the ease of purchasing assault rifles. The only country in the world with this problem is us smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ straight embarrassing

  10. I love how he says not to focus on the gun but the person and in the next breath he says he doesn’t know how to stop someone who is mentally ill!!! Maybe the gun is the problem!!! You can’t control people but you sure as hell can control guns!!!

    1. Exactly…. And by loosening any restriction on owning guns, he’s actually putting murderous weapons into the hands of those who are most likely to attempt mass murders.

  11. Parents who arm children are parents who should be held accountable for what they do with them. It’s irresponsible parenting. Weapons are not toys. People should not have access to them until they are twenty and should be required to take a safety course first. That’s just my opinion. It’s common sense.

  12. The absolute insane ease of getting weapons in the hands of pretty much anyone is not problem to people like this. LGBTQ and right to choose is the reason for shootings. What?

  13. Mark Twain: “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  14. According his logic there’s no way to stop the shootings, we have restrictions on minors driving, buying cigarettes, alcohol, renting cars, certain movies that’s admissible for them to watch, subjects that are taught in school, and the list goes on and on about restrictions and for adults as well and he bought up though topic about taking away weapons, but that’s not the intent. But when it comes to politicians they write these laws and if you don’t read these laws they lie and adding stuff that never pertains to gun ownership. Politicians are one of the major problems when it comes to gun ownership, because they’re in the pockets of gun manufacturers. But we are the only country that has mass shootings at this level all the other countries have less than 10 in total. When the Constitution was written, they use muskets these muskets were used for hunting and used in defense of their homes and property, there were rules, guidelines, discipline, and respect for each other, and I think this is the reason we have all these mass shootings, hate crimes, because class of people don’t respect another class of people

    1. So you admit that it’s a problem with society and not guns. Because when the 2nd amendment was written, the common citizen was just as well armed as the most elite military unit of the time.

  15. Was coming home to Canada from US and an American was trying to bring in 3 guns. The customs officer explained that he would have to leave them and pick them up on the way back. This guy asks “How am I going to defend myself?”
    The Canadians broke up laughing and were joking about how the ducks and swans in the ponds could get nasty, true enough.

    1. one of the ones that feel that their gun is their savior, only with it will they be ok, that gun allows them to feel a false sense of security and causes them to feel powerful, in control

      i can’t imagine living in his dreadful state of being


  16. Listen I’ve lived in the HOOD all of my childhood. The fear of threat that comes everyday because of your surroundings. Yet neither my family or community carried any guns as these people that promote gun rights. My state has never had any school, mall, movie, etc. mass shootings as long as I can remember. Yes, we have gang crimes, murders, crossfires, robberies, but that just comes with living in a specific environment. One thing we never had was mass shootings. The states that seem to have these issues are states that don’t have strict gun laws. At the end of the day accessibility to firearms is the issue. You don’t put an unstable person behind a gun, and expect nothing to happen after.

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