1. Negotiating with Russia is just giving up your country one piece at a time. Yesterday Crimea, today Donbas, tomorrow something else. Anyone that even considers conceding territory to Russia should give there house to charity.

    1. The Russian forces in Ukraine have been mainly drawn from the Russian hinterland and disproportionately from ethnic minorities within their borders while excluding urban European Russians. They have been excluding troops from its urban centers to hide their losses from the public because trains full of caskets in Moscow and St. Petersburg would be bad PR for the regime. This policy was also used during the Soviet-Afghan War to lessen the impact of that war on the urbanized proletariat and by extension the government and party members. If Russia chooses to fully mobilize for war there’s no reason to believe that the majority of those conscripted into service wouldn’t also be ethnic minorities so they can protect their core of urban European Russians. If they draw conscripts from their hinterland it’s unlikely these sparsely populated areas would be able to find the numbers necessary to organize anti-war protests. Putin knows that too many of his troops are surrendering so he’s calculated that if he attacks civilians he will scare his troops into believing that the Ukrainians won’t take prisoners. Russia is also sending mobile cremation units to Ukraine so they can hide their losses. Because sending home trainloads of caskets is bad PR for Putin. If Putin has the bodies cremated in the field he can skip registering the dead and list them as missing or captured instead. Since no family wants to believe their sons have been KIA Putin gets to conceal his losses and hold on to his justification for the war in the short term and potentially threaten the families of the dead with reprisal if he lists them as captured. This is why the State Department is warning about concentration camps, mobile cremation units, genocide, biological warfare, and chemical warfare. So there’s currently an opportunity for the frozen conflicts in the former Soviet Republics to reignite with the Russian military tied down in Ukraine. So far the former Soviet Republics have been playing a waiting game and anxiously watching the war in Ukraine hoping to exploit a Russian defeat. However, if they wait too long they risk a full Russian mobilization and the Russian military being able to redeploy its forces from that front to reopen these frozen conflicts. They may not have as good an opportunity as they have now.

    2. You are ignoring the international right to secure borders, which NATO has spent 8 years violating in Ukraine.

  2. What Russian forces have done to the citizens of Ukraine are unforgivable! Russian forces should be tried for what they’ve done and sent away to prison for their actions!

  3. What people in the West don’t understand is that the word “nazi” carries a different meaning in Russia. The word “nationalist” is equated with word “nazi” in Russian language, while the actual political ideology of national-socialism is called “fascism”.
    In Soviet Union communist ideology merged with Russian pseudonationalism and language became a divider between being “internationalist” = Russian speaker or “nationalist” = Estonian, Belarusian, Ukrainian etc. speaker. Therefore, in Russia word “Nazi” is used to describe rebellious ethnic groups that do not submit to Russian political and cultural hegemony.

    When Putin says denazification it is obvious that he means removal of Ukrainian national identity.

    1. Hence genocide. Janis, thank you but I think your observation is tail chasing or if you like splitting hairs

  4. War Crimes have been documented in Ukraine , how and when to bring Putin and Russian troops to justice is a good question.

  5. Accusing is pretty unnecessary at this point, because its pretty clear they did it. They wont take responsibility anyways, because its russia, why would they?

    1. I don’t see US to take responsibility for all the wars and atrocities that they have committed and still do so. Just look in this conflict and you understand.

  6. Hopefully, this conclusion will shut politicians up who contemplate Ukraine ceding land for peace, and take away any reservations they still have about supplying the Ukrainians with whatever they need.

  7. Following findings like this and a stern warning, any nation on the security council that continues with their crimes should be kicked off the security council. Russia no longer has any place in councils of civilized nations – certainly not under Putin.

  8. And yet they still have a seat on the UN security council. It’s effing outrageous, either expell them from the security council or shut it down as at this point its just pointless !

    1. Ignorance is frightening especially when you take in the account that they Us is still part of international organizations when it is the only country which repeatedly has violate all rules and law and still does. All these so call international organizations are pointless from the moment Us is still part of them.

  9. I request all those who read this message appreciate,bless and pray for these two boys 🙋💁 who are writing letters to MPs of UK, USA and Australia to help UKRAIN children by adopting them ,,👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
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  10. The 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances was originally signed by three nuclear powers: the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, the United States prohibiting these countries from threatening or using military force or economic coercion against Ukraine, except in self-defence. Before 1994 Ukraine had the world’s third largest nuclear weapon stockpile. Since 1992 the RF was interested in getting all the Ukraine nuclear weapons, but Ukraine did not want to give it away. Only when Clinton told then Ukraine president Kravchuk that if Ukraine did not give all the nuclear weapon stockpile to the RF, it would damage USA-Ukraine relations. And the US, UK and RF agreed to provide security assurances to Ukraine. So, knowing how aggressive Russia was, USA was interested in making Ukraine vulnerable to Russian aggression. Since 2021 CIA knew that Putin and his propagandists incited hatred for Ukraine and its people. USA believed that Russia would conquered Ukraine by the end of February 2022. The fact that some countries by their actions are trying not to anger Putin is preposterous… And what about the 1994 memorandum security assurances for Ukraine???

    1. As George Bush junior has said in Vovan and Lexus prank video : “Times have changed.”

  11. What can be done to prevent Russia from further acts of genocide? Send Ukraine all the heavy artillery, long range multiple rocket launchers, cruise missiles, tanks, fighter jets, and ammo they need!!!!!! Слава Україні!

  12. Moscow has committed genocide or worse for a very, very long time. The ongoing Ukrainian genocide, countless pogroms against Jews, the Circassian Genocide of 1864, countless death purges during the era of Joseph Stalin, and others are among the atrocities the Russian state has committed during its tenure. It only ends with Putin ousted from power forever, Russian soldiers/officials/collaborators arrested, tried, and punished accordingly, the Russian state punished by being broken up into multiple independent states, stripped of all nukes, kicked out of the UN and its Security Council as well as being outright stripped of any veto powers it may wield, and much to follow.

    1. It sounds like a script written by a NATO general in brussellls than an innocent comment..indeed ignorance is a bliss

    2. @nintendokings Not for long. Once Finland and Sweden join NATO and the Baltic Sea becomes a ‘NATO lake’, Kaliningrad would most likely end up in either Polish or Lithuanian hands. Russia should give Europe concessions, not the other way around.

  13. I guess no one is paying attention to what this women said in the video at 3:24. She said Russian soldiers are holding groups of Ukrainian women and children hostage and repeatedly raping them. You cannot image what the Russian soldiers are doing to these women and children. If these women and children survive, some of them will likely need reconstructive surgery of their genitals. They will need mental health service for a long time if not for life. They will be on suicide watch. Their bones being broken from these rapes, it’s unimaginable. Russia will have to pay the price of ground war fair in their country. This is a huge issue. Russian soldiers did the same thing to women in Germany during WW2. The russian soldiers even raped female Holocaust survivors. This is what the Russian military does. This is the Russian culture. These are the FACTS

  14. It’s heartbreaking that they took almost half a million civilians away already. All women, children, and the elderly.

  15. This is the second genocide. The first genocide against Ukrainians was committed by the Russian Nazis in 1933.

  16. But saying “Serious risk of Genocide” allows Russia to say …see its a risk it has not been done ….Quit with the word salad and call Genocide Genocide

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