1. What a time to be alive to see the first black president and the greatest basketball scorer in nba history

    1. He scored most of his points by bulldozing into the lane at full speed while throwing elbows and traveling. It’s a garbage style of basketball, but that’s lebron for you

  2. Just to confirm, even though the title says “LeBron James breaks NBA’s all-time scoring record”…..it’s really the regular season scoring record. Adding the playoffs scoring together, LeBron had already passed Kareem a long time ago.

  3. This is why I love Basketball. Basketball knows how to appreciate its athletes and gives them the recognition they deserve. What LeBron James is equivalent to what Cristiano Ronaldo has done in soccer by being the All Time Goalscorer. But in soccer there’s so much hatred and jealousy that don’t praise Ronaldo like they did LeBron.

    1. MJ lost 4 years essentially with baseball and the early retirement so he probably would have broken Kareem’s record if he’d played those seasons. The gap is getting narrower every day but I think most people would still pick Jordan.

  4. Congratulations LB love the fact Kareem was there to Congratulation you. I’m waiting on MJ to Congratulation you.

    1. It’ll suck if there’s no playoffs the next five years. It’ll just be more stars padding by LeBron

  5. I love Kareem, and he was one of the first to congratulate LeBron. LeBron surpassed Kareem’s scoring title, but Kareem also played college ball and LeBron did not. LeBron also hit more 3 pointers in a quarter last night than Kareem did in his career. If we add Kareem’s points from college, I wonder if LeBron will surpass that before retiring? I do appreciate the parallels between the two. Kareem has been a great champion of civil rights over the years and LeBron has followed in his foot steps in that way as well.

    1. Add Kareem’s college points to his NBA points? What a silly idea…lol
      Always trying to change the rules when they don’t like things.

    2. @tom11zz884 I’m not changing any rules. It was a hypothetical question, like if it was apples to apples? Can you compare the scoring totals when LeBron got a head start by NOT going to college and got a bunch of points off three pointers, which weren’t part of the game until Kareem was into his 30’s.

    3. FYI: Kareem scored 2,325 points in his 88 games at UCLA between high school and the NBA for a total of 40,712 points

  6. 38 years, 38 points, 38th day of the year, to break the 38+ record 🏆👑👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🐐

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