Pelosi says this is the real reason GOP members heckled Biden

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reacts to some GOP members heckling Biden during his State of the Union address, calling it "showbiz" to cover putting Medicare and Social Security "on the table."
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  1. From now on, names need to be named so that the entire country can find out & deal with them at the ballot box.

    1. @Anita Golke 
      yes, you are right, they do have his laptop. Sound like they are investigating, I say good. If Biden is involved in any crimes, I hope he shares a cell with Trump.

    2. @Anita Golke 
      there are many articles with different options. I will read some later when I’m relaxing around the pool. I off to take care of a few things.

  2. My favorite part of the whole SOTU was when President Biden said “I guess we’re all In agreement Social Security and Medicare is off the table” and only one side got up and clapped. That speaks volumes. Republicans have many budget proposals that include cutting back social services.

    1. @Optimus Princeps I rarely watch any news channels, I do all my research my reading credible sources but then again anything credible is “fake news” huh.

    1. @My Guitar Detective  “baggage fee is bad enough” haha this clown is worried about baggage fee. Then he wants to keep gas for another decade? Lmao this fool is a puppet written by blue hair radical left queers

    2. @thorrrr196 You racists hate that Biden gave another great speech and owned your insurrectionist clown car. Cry us a river racist.

  3. At that point I thought that I was watching children at a concert and then I noticed that they were sitting in politician’s seats in front of the president of the United States and Televised…it’s funny how people try to make others look and feel belittled and awkward just makes the aggressor look immature and unhinged

    1. @Eddie Boggs he wasn’t saying to find votes though. He was saying to take out the invalid and illegal votes.

    2. @Laura Mann
      You daydream a lot? Couldn’t be any plainer what he says. He lost anyway. The most fair election too.

    3. @Eddie Boggs Biden and his administration has spent the last 2 years taking steps to get us off of oil, while we’re not ready, wrecking our economy, begging other countries for it and now he says we’ll need to depend on oil for at least the next decade!?

      He lied about republicans getting rid of social security and Medicare. How many jobs he’s created, gas prices going down, the medicare negotiations for prescriptions doesn’t go into effect until 2026, the decrease in the federal deficit was because pandemic spending ended, not because of anything he did. He lied about Trump adding 25% of the national debt during his presidency. Most of that were policies that were made before Trump took office.

    4. @Eddie Boggs that’s not what he meant though and you know it. And that’s why he lost! They allowed illegal and invalid ballots to be counted!

    5. @Laura Mann  sorry but it was Trump that responsible for many of the deaths of the victims of the covid virus, no warnings were given, and instead hid it from the people by saying it was a hoax

  4. They rage about being called “deplorables” then give a textbook example of exactly what deplorable looks and sounds like. This is how you appear when your only motivations are hate and grievance.

    1. @Pam Jones Heckling is unusual but what caused it was the unusual and super partisan campaign style lines from Biden (where he names a political party. Bush used to say “some members of Congress” . So Biden dragged his speech down that path. This is not DNC. He did the same last year. After the Ukraine portion of the speech, he praised a law that was passed then compared it to the tax reforms of 2017, while bashing the latter!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️ Sadly, he can’t make his point across without firing these lines.

    2. @X – Force Heckling is unusual but what caused it was the unusual and super partisan campaign style lines from Biden (where he names a political party. Bush used to say “some members of Congress” . So Biden dragged his speech down that path. This is not DNC. He did the same last year. After the Ukraine portion of the speech, he praised a law that was passed then compared it to the tax reforms of 2017, while bashing the latter!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️ Sadly, he can’t make his point across without firing these lines.

    3. @atletico ATM That sounds like a well-reasoned and fair-minded assessment .. until one realizes it’s just excuses for the absolutely disgraceful behavior of the “hecklers” .. and conflating a whole bunch of “Well so and so did this .. and nyah nyah They started it!” deflective childish whataboutism nonsense.

      Then again, I see you copy / pasted this exactly reply *FIVE TIMES* just in this thread alone, so the feigned guise of actual dialog is wholly unsurprising.

    4. @Pam Jones

      “Nobody heckled Trump”

      Erm, are you deaf or something, or did you never actually watch any of his SOTU speeches 😒

    1. @James Johnson that’s a stupid way to think there surely is it might be rare but you won’t get anywhere thinking like that

    1. @jtm0071 trump made one fourth of our current debt…. Fact check it. Inflation is global. No president can do anything about gas…. Get educated

    2. @Norman Hopkins you should be embarrassed, most of the news surrounds republicans inability to to stick to facts and truth!!!!! Good night….

    3. @Norman Hopkins wow… republicans got cigar smoking in capital back….. I’m so relieved 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Joe was slick with the whole SS & medicare issue. Bring it up, they protest, and he gets them to agree to not include cuts to SS and MC in front of cameras and everyone watching!! Greatest move Joe!! Loved it!!

    1. AS a BRit and natural suppoieter of BIden I hope my judgement is not biased.

      I think it was a fine speech, well writtten fulll of humour nice humann moments., persuasii/ve, Right up there. But the delivery, forgive me, was weak

      Stumbles fumbles backtracking – unimpressive The arguments ere fine, Bbut with Joe aying them. it’s no sale.

      He evn flubbed hid last line “”” .. . protect our trooops and May God Bless America

      Time to go joe. ASnd many hank folr all your years of srvice prior to White House activity.

  6. They called Social Security and “entitlement” and felt the American people didn’t deserve it. Now that he called them out on it they can’t go after it because they literally called him a liar for saying that. That was well played honestly.

    1. @AJ it’s more than one person. He’s just the loudest. A few others are Mike Pence and Mike Lee off the top of my head. And it wasn’t years ago….and he’s doubled down SINCE the SOTU the other night!!

      You are simply too wrapped in a bubble to see reality. That’s the truth. You genuinely have been bamboozled, friend.

      The dems do so much wrong, but the GOP are a dead party. Your entire reality is made up.

    2. @Steven Meadows my eye will be blackened because of your manhood being embarrassed by a woman?

      Sorry I exposed your ignorance, Steve. That’s what happens when you try to argue with people smarter than you. It’s a learning experience.

    3. @Steven Meadows I’ve been married for many years, honey.

      Wrong again. Does that get old? Or do you enjoy being willfully ignorant, miserable and an easy clown?

  7. There was a really awkward moment when MTG yelled “LIAR!” and Santos turned his head but realized she wasn’t talking to him.

    1. @JJfoff I don’t know anything about Santo but Dems sure do nothing but talk about him. Maga? Republicans reacted because he has been saying that Republicans are taking away SS and Medicare when 1 person years ago proposed sunsetting them. Do you understand what that means? It means SS and Medicare would have to be brought to the floor and voted on every 5 years or 10 years not taking it away. Just like the Military budget has to be voted on every single year. I would love to see a real audit on people that are perfectly able bodied sitting on their rear ends at home collecting a check over crap like ” Anxiety” and bs like that wouldn’t you? but that is not SS and Medicare that is SS disability, it is completely different.

    2. This entire administration lies all day long. Biden’s biggest lie was that Republicans want to get rid of SS. Total lie…The other big lie is unemployment. Check your states Health & Human services, & see how much of an increase in claims after the COVID unemployment was stopped. They went on welfare, & no longer show up in the stats. My state usually has the lowest unemployment in the country. I can go anywhere, & everywhere you look, Help Wanted. Jobs paying over $100,000 per yr jobs as well as manufacturing, fast food. You’re being lied to.

    3. Biden is a liar and MTG is correct. What about when Biden said he gave his uncle frank the Medal of Honor while VP. However uncle frank died years before Biden was VP. So this is a flat out lie. Biden also said he was arrested while meeting with Nelson Mandela years ago. This too was a lie. There is many more lies told by Biden…

  8. Biden: I’d like to work with you Kevin. But I don’t want to ruin your reputation. Lmao. Classic moment that one.

    1. Loved the way McCarthy laughed at that old fool. “Name one world leader that changed places with Xi Jinping?” 🤣 dude is clown shoes

    2. @moonchildspirit  then vote for him,I’ll vote for common sense regardless if their republican or democrat

  9. I’ve been watching the state of the union address since I was a kid I don’t remember heckling ever happening before the Republican party really has no line they won’t cross.

    1. @Lana Leigh Wow, clever. Is that your argument…just repeating the same sub-sentence reply….with sunglasses?

      Man, arguing with a MAGAt is like playing chess with pigeons: they just knock over all the pieces, then strut around like they’ve won.

      Thanks for proving the SCIENCE correct.

      I have NEVER encountered an intelligent Trump supporter, lol.

  10. Their heckling only made Biden look better because of the way he handled it and was actually able to make his point. This also gave normal people who don’t have time to watch all the news clips, the independents, etc., a great view of who they really are.

    1. Look better? What, by fooling people with all these scaremongering myths about medicare and social security?? Any “normal” person will just see through this for the bullshit that it is 😒😴

    2. @NunyVanstta135 I do my paycheck went up bought my second whip and about to buy a house

    1. @Steven Meadows
      You a spelling Nazi?
      A grammar queen?
      Can you SAVE me?
      SAVE my soul?
      Can you personally forgive ME?
      How can I achieve redemption?
      Should I contact Jared Kushner and ask for a pardon?

    2. @Steven Meadows he was allowed to walk behind Hillary Clinton on the national stage as she was giving her speech as why she should be president.

  11. Missed her speeches so much. Always interesting to hear her talking on different topics. Ms. Speaker you are remarkable, we love you so so much.

    1. I like it when she is talking about her stock trades – now that’s a topic that puts money in your bank account.


    1. @Adam No it’s democrats. Remember 2016? You guys didn’t respect my vote and rioted my store so I have to pay back what you guys did to us. Accept hard

    2. Sure that can happen. However we the people would have to vote for people who refuse to be fluffers for mege corporations and the wealthy elite.

    3. It was out of hand but the Dems do it to but do it in smarter way to the country is definitely compromised by our politicians

    4. I will give you a copy of classified Top Secret document if you come to my office (basement) Pelosi is still very very very upset and badly wounded not able to sit behind joe.
      90% of demcrats want to see joe run and what they meant is run away and out having him will bring down the party. Only pelosi see joe have vision, knowledge, judgement and strategi
      thinking rather good joke and fun how she descript joe as her hero.

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