Legal analyst slams Cosby prosecutors: He has not been exonerated 1

Legal analyst slams Cosby prosecutors: He has not been exonerated


CNN's Elie Honig, Laura Coates and Brynn Gingras discuss the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision to vacate Bill Cosby's sexual assault conviction. Honig says it's important to remember that Cosby has not been exonerated of his crimes and is only free because of mistakes made by prosecutors.

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  1. It was obvious they broke the rule of law trying to get him reconvicted. They had unsealed evidence that was already litigated ten years prior.

    1. @Amy E Like I said before….I could give a damn about spelling or language mistakes from most people….BUT if a person is going to put themselves out there by insulting someone else and calling them slow then they better make sure their own house is in order. Don’t you think it’s a little embarassing?

    2. @bngr bngr 5th amendment is not about compelling to testify in civil or criminal court, it is about self incrimination. Technically, you are compelled to give evidence regardless of whether it be a Civil Court or Criminal Court (and if you do not do so will result in a contempt charge). However, 5th amendment states that nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.

      Which mean if the matter is or can be criminal, you are not compelled to incriminate yourself and you can plead the fifth, and the matter in that civil court case is the civil liberty damage for alleged sexual assault, it can lead to a criminal case.

    1. @JasonDrvmz Yeah… You calling it “logic” doesn’t magically make it that. The refusal to pay any attention to the shear number of identical stories, in order to keep believing what you want, isn’t logic. Its emotion…. As for men… only the really insecure once consider the ability to practice empathy as a weakness. We have that for a reason. It’s called just being a human being. You should try that some day… because you’re no good at this… Your silly posturing is way more transparent than you think.

    2. @bngr bngr. . My earlier comment was wrong. There was some deal made that his comments from a deposition during a lawsuit can’t be used to convict him. You could be right.

    3. @JasonDrvmz and… More silly childish posturing. Shocker. Guess that really is all you are.

  2. *”When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind…”*
    “Um… I’m struggling with the word “got”…”
    (somebody will get my bad joke)

    1. You kids are so sexed up it’s hard to understand you.

    1. @Vickie Frisbie Every case is different, but I’m stating out the hypocrisy in society because it seems that we like to throw handcuffs at men, but when women commit crimes like Cardi B, she gets a pass because she’s a famous woman. I’m not comparing their crimes. I’m comparing the different treatment society places because of gender.

    2. @Vickie Frisbie Not comparable at all, Cardi B is worse, she’s openly admitted it and joked about it but she’s got female privilege.

    3. @Eagle Woman Well yesterday the Japanese Supreme Court upheld the death sentence on a 74 year old woman for murdering three men she met through a dating service for their money. She poisoned them and claimed their savings and life insurance. She is suffering from dementia more than likely, but she’s still gonna hang. Is that the kind of justice you’d like to see?

    4. @Kieron Johnson So what are you saying? She shouldn’t be charged ? I don’t know anything about that case since it’s in Japan. Like I’ve said, every case is different and I’m not going to throw every crime in the same category. Men have gone to jail for this kind of stuff, and Cardi should be no different. It’s not okay to treat men like that because you’re a woman who was struggling. So many people love to jump down my throat and defend her or other women who’ve committed crimes when I discuss this topic, and a huge percentage of those who defend Cardi are women, and I find that ironic. I’m a true feminist and I think society is forgetting what that means. Real feminism is wanting equal respect, treatment and the same equality that men do. It’s NOT about letting abusive women step over men who can also be victims of abuse. There is a double standard in society, and I’m just trying to point that out. It’s totally fine if you don’t agree with me. Have a good day.

    1. You did not listen. The fucker admitted his guilt, he was not released because of any innocence.

  3. I need to here the entire deposition. Most people take party favors with the intent to use them. Liquor, weed,etc

    1. @Connie Rossiter no he didn’t he said it was all consensual. It doesn’t matter the DA and his accuser agreed to a settlement and he was given immunity for it. You can’t break the law to convict someone. The evidence they used was illegal. He admitted to nothing.

    2. @O boy He admitted the answer to the question “When you got the Quaalude in your pocket, is it your intention to use them on women” His answer was “yes” But yes what? Yes, I have Quaalude in my pocket? Or Yes, I intent to use them on women? He didn’t say it was consensual or otherwise, he just said yes.

      Also this is not an immunity, this is an agreement, the issue is not immunity, the issue is 5th amendment right, the PA Supreme Court say that he cannot be charged if the DA promise not to charge him if he gave evidence, he gave evidence (Which involve waiving his 5th amendment right), so the Prosecution should not charge him, just because of a new DA in office does not make this invalid, and if this indeed made invalid, then you also need to make Cosby statement invalid. Which very apparent will not be the case as statement never expired. Hence you cannot prosecute him once someone in the office said he won’t, no matter who took the office

  4. Well he was only sentenced for 3-10 years, and he served 3 years. I don’t know what the problem is.

    1. @David Stephen I don’t think bill clinton did what these women are accusing him . I think he was the plug , the women were consentualky taking drugs with bill

    2. @Jella Jolla He’s not innocent and that’s why he’s been released on this technicality. The admissions he made in the civil suits were after a deal with the DA, so the subsequent DA wasn’t allowed to rely on his admissions of guilt. He admitted himself to his sexually deviant, predatory assaults. How is that innocent, you fool?

    3. @JETPAC MOZi Not according to them they weren’t. You can excuse sexual assault if you want, but I don’t.

  5. 2 Timothy 2:15
    Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

  6. No wander why we cannot find aliens. They are looking at earthlings, while they eat alien popcorn all confused.

  7. “Justice” in that country is only a show, pure entertainment. Even after he admitted in 2005, the guy is not kept in jail because of a “deal”. Unbelievable. How does it feel to live in a country that spits to the face of victims?

    1. You mean like Tara Reade too? Yep, high powered animals get away with sexual attacks b/c they “Have Connections”!

  8. How do you try a case from 30 years ago when there’s no physical or chemical evidence? Honest question. In the court of public opinion he’s guilty but there’s a burden of proof that has to be met when the law is involved. Remember that.

    1. @Santo Rizzuto he admitted to it in a deposition plus SIXTY DIFFERENT WOMEN AREN’T LYING

    2. The victims waited decades to say something, they should blame themselves for not coming forward early and allowing him to get away and do it to other women.

    3. He admitted his guilt in the civil trial and paid a settlement to the victim. They used his testimony from that trial in in the criminal trial, that’s the technicality that got him released. He’s guilty af, but the civil case prosecutor made a sh*tty deal.

    4. @Rodney Smart no he didn’t he admitted to giving women drugs in exchange for sex. Not rape. Even the prosecutor admitted that yesterday.

    1. I am thinking that he may have an uphill battle on that, if he decides to at all. Remember he wasn’t found not guilty, just that the case shouldn’t have been tried. I doubt he wants to remind the world what kind of a scumbag he is. His best option imho, would be to write a book on the ordeal. That’d give some distance to the issue and by then, he may have less accusers.

  9. It’s time to put these DA on trial for abuse of authority and quit MSM from manipulating citizens if the world

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