1. I wonder how the Q crowd feels about Epstein and Cosby lawyers representing their beloved cult leader.

    1. @R Torres I am not holding my breath either way but I am praying he is convicted ONLY because it shows any other president they are not above the law. If ANYONE ELSE would have incited violence and overthrow of the government WE would never see the light of day again. I just want everyone to be clear here…the PRESIDENT puts his pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else does. He can’t go around saying violent causing rhetoric just about every day for his 4 year term and then say duh I didn’t cause that. HE DID and EVEN after being taken off social media he is still doing it. EVEN IF he is convicted or not we still have criminals in the white house and they should ALL be taken out of office or we aren’t going to get anywhere.

  2. Remember that Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone and Bin Laden wasn’t even in America and didn’t know how to fly and look what happened to them 😂😭

    1. @Juergen Bauer I know right the guy is clueless to realize what Trump’s 1st impeachment trail was and put Biden’s name when it was clearly Trump. They even had Trump’s recorded phone call with Ukraine President that he was going bribe them option to fight Russia and fact is it was Trump giving Russia the green light to invade Ukraine

    2. @Leroy Masten im Quit buy meth from Mike Lindell. It make sound like don’t have brain what you talking about

    3. @Leroy Masten How many were killed by the terrorists in Benghazi? The administration condemned the violence against the USA. Trump presidency over 450,000 people are dead, over 26million are infected by the Democrat hoax and many more are dying. How many people died during his incitement of insurrection in 1/6/2021? He is on video cheering and encouraging domestic terrorists to destroy the Capitol building. What leader does that against the government? He is been crying fraud with no evidence whatsoever. If you have evidence of fraud please send it to the supreme court.

    4. Now you understand how Adolf Hitler and Osama bin laden brainwashed, manipulated, indoctrinated and hypnotized his followers. It’s so sad and scary that 74 million Americans are Hitler’s followers .🙄🙄🙄

    1. @J T
      But I’m amused about the
      dislikes of JO BI in CNN”s videos.
      Shows how many voters he really had. I think they all together go down in disgrace now.

    2. @J T America already runs on socialism, and Fox, Newsmax, and others like them showed who they wanted for president, you make NO point there. There has been no truth replaced with lies.

  3. It is “plausible deniability” to be sure. But when adding up all the lying & propaganda he’s put out up to that moment, nope.

    1. I just wish we had a media that we could trust for the truth that wasn’t biase. What makes me suspicious about CNN and MSNBC is that they are clearly biased so how can we trust everything they say.

    2. @J T
      Compare the slant of any given story with that of other news sources. When theirs is consistent with the entire rest of the world & only contradicted by Fox, Newsmax or their ilk. You can probably believe them.

  4. Nixon’s Watergate was a 3rd rate burglary yet the GOP scared Nixon into resigning before he was even impeached amazing how much they have lost their moral compass in the last 50 yrs

    1. trump has contaminated this country enough. He doesn’t care about people’s safety or health. He doesn’t seem to realize that the only people who support him are those who are being brainwashed into believing that he is going to save America. Well, guess what. Nobody likes trump. We’re all happy that trump is finally out of the White House.

    2. @Cony Budding Lmfao, Hmu when you Bots get a Life

      Trump’s busy, while you kids cry about him
      Even after he’s gone

      The real question is, Can you get any more pathetic?

    3. @Cony Budding Trump was just a symptom of the problems this country has been breeding for decades. Him and people like him are what we can continue to expect as long as we allow people to freely spread disinformation.

  5. Conspiracy nuts’ favourite insult is “sheeple” yet they are literally the sheep of the sheep themselves.

    1. @Leonie Romanes I wouldn’t be surprised if they think Trump is gonna arrest the Democrats after he’s no longer alive honestly. If they believe that Hugo Chavez interfered in the 2020 election, they will believe any Qoolaid Q feeds them

    2. If you live in Russia, everyone would tell you that Russia did not need to create a Russia collusion story, your media like CNN and MSNBC did it for them. They believe this was the start of an insurrection to remove a president.

    3. I do find it quite hilariously ironic that the people calling everyone else “sheep”, literally all sound exactly the same…they spew the same exact bullshit, over and over, and never with any supporting evidence, and they just expect everyone to fall in line and believe it like they do. World’s worst gaslighters.

  6. This is the moment in history that will be the tipping point of whether we say there is no justice or we prove there is.

    1. @Lady Bugg Lady Bug! you are way too serious. and you have enough traitors in your party, that one would think you would actually know what treason is… Too dumb perhaps?

    2. Justice? In the USA? Are you kidding? There’s no justice in the USA. No democracy, either! And no journalism!

    3. @J T At least BLM and Antifa were fighting for a real, valid cause! There is injustice against blacks in your country and somebody has to fight against the fascists because fascists are immoral and disgusting supporters of genocide.

    4. @Lady Bugg Yes, you are the laughing stock because of him. That so many of you voted for him is beyond belief – I am still trying to credit it.

  7. _”Not meant to be taken _*_literally.”_*

    When you’re the president, *everything* is taken literally. Even though Ttump is a bad joke, he’s not a stand-up comedian.

    1. Aren’t u more concerned about this “pandemic” that creepy joe and the fake news had u all freaking out over, rather then impeaching someone who’s not president any more (btw its unconstitutional, so try and fail the impeachment a third time 😭)

    1. Money…you can do anything if you have enough money…apparently in the US, the law stops applying to you once you hit a certain income/asset threshold.

  8. Why didn’t trump intervene as he watched the attack being televised? Pence tweeted stop the capitol violence at 1:35. Trump tweeted Pence was a coward at 2:24.

    1. @andrea Perry Yes he knew.And He knew he was safe. Because any other serious incident at the Capitol the first one to go to the bunker, is the President, for safety reason. He just planted is bigly *ss in front of a tv, and Enjoyed the show, he created.

    2. The timeline is absolutely lined up in this digital world. The amount of evidence is staggering. Any sane jury would convict.

    3. Pence was expected to hear the evidence of fraud not just give in.. So yes in the sense Trump meant it Pence was a coward.. Also How was Trump watching on TV when the speech ran an hour and a half late and the riot started before he even finished his speech..

    4. @Carolyn M. 60 + court cases!!. There was zero election fraud. Even Fox News and Newsmax admit this truth for fear of a massive lawsuit. Try reality, it’s cleansing.

    1. Do u think there’s a greater threat to us, in general, than the CCP? Do u realize which party owns the mainstream narrative AND insists that gov’t controls life(medicine, taxes, industry), liberty(guns, free speech), spiritual pursuits(church of woke)? Were you being ironic?

  9. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask that you think back one month ago to when the defendant sent a mob to kill you in this very building.”

  10. Video as witness can be incredibly powerful. The 52 minute film shown at the Nuremburg trials was devastating.

    1. “He says what he means, and he means what he says.” “Oh no he didn’t mean it that way. He was being sarcastic.” I hear this from Trump supporters all the time when I criticize things he’s said. Pathetic

  11. “You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart with spies and treason, right?” Demagogue Don, 2019

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