Legal expert on what immunity deals for ‘fake electors’ could mean for Donald Trump

At least eight of the Republican "fake electors" in Georgia have accepted immunity deals in an ongoing criminal investigation into efforts by former President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 election there, according to a new court filing. CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig and CNN political correspondent Sara Murray weigh in. #CNN #News


    1. @Cinty Cute Collapsing? Unemployment is very low. Demands for goods and services is sky high. Excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs.

    1. @Cinty Cute peek a boo…Isn’t that what he calls Fanni Willis. I call her Fanni Will-Prosecute-Them! Lol

  1. A crook, a conman and a traitor walk into a Courtroom. The Judge asks “How do you plead Mr Trump?”

    1. Not guilty, sir. I am a victim. It’s a whitch hunt. Please, Sir. As I am innocent, overturn this trial.

  2. Seriously, America – why have you not put this serial criminal in jail yet? πŸ€·β€β™‚

    1. Trump trump trump πŸ™„ What about BIDEN? I don’t hear about Our current president on CNN and MSNBC. Trump Trump Trump 24/7 even America is collapsing under this current PRESIDENT. GOD HELP US.

    1. Trump trump trump πŸ™„ What about BIDEN? I don’t hear about Our current president on CNN and MSNBC. Trump Trump Trump 24/7 even America is collapsing under this current PRESIDENT. GOD HELP US.

    2. @Cinty Cute Biden may have his flaws, but he’s not a criminal as Trump is. If Biden had anything against him, I’m sure Trump would have found it during HIS presidency.

    3. @Cinty Cute: Both channels have dozens of videos on President Biden – perhaps you just don’t have the skills to find them?

    4. @Cinty Cute Because you’re watching the wrong political news. MeidasTouch (free Utube) Factual presentation

    1. Does that include me? No! The statute of limitations is up. I was under 18. I didn’t mean it. Rudy said it was ok. Ted Cruz said it was the right thing to do. Hawley shook his fist at me in solidarity. Bannon told me I was getting screwed. Nixon said I was no crook. Wilbur Ross said it was a nice part time gig and that it would restore my youth…(continued on page 43)

  3. They can have immunity in this case, but none of them should be allowed ANYWHERE near public service ever again.

    1. There’s literally no other reason to offer them immunity…
      This is gonna get interesting.

    1. @Cinty Cute blahhhhhhh blahhhhhh blahhhhhhh. LISTEN to what Trump says, look at what he does.

  4. Trump-“Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me.”
    Fani Willis-“Just give me a Grand Jury and leave the rest to me.”

    1. They’re not trustworthy enough for a public office but we will take their word in court and on the? Make it, sheep! 1:11

  5. Call me crazy but I thinks it’s weird to report how a guy tried to end democracy then host that same guy for a town hall.

    1. Depends on the questions he gets asked.🀷 if he gets flustered and defensive, it will be the greatest boon for democracy since the war of independence

    2. It’s also weird how the American public gets divided and conquered repeatedly since 1776.

  6. I think it’s wrong to give those traitors any immunity, get them a lesser punishment, like only 20 years in jail, but not a free vacation in Hawaii. Those are as conspirators as Trump and his boyfriend Lindsey

  7. How Lindsey Graham was involved will be an interesting revelation .. we know he had to testify

  8. This is exactly how a RICO case progresses. Fish flip sideways, not up the ladder. It’s horizontal – they cover their own asses and you can bet if JACK doesn’t already have the goods on the kingpin, he is doing the same thing.
    She grinds slow, but she grinds fine.
    Thank you, Merrick Garland!

    1. πŸ˜‚they’re all walking into their own cases Jack Smith is like oh yeah this is easy they start turning on each other πŸ˜‚…. He did it… No she did it… No Trump did it… Finally it was Jack Smith he framed us all.

  9. I’m not satisfied until they all pay for the damages they’ve done to this country.

  10. Curious if the convictions for treason of the proud boys. And their soon to be convicted political associates who had a War Room at the Willard Hotel that week. Had any influence on these admitting guilt ahead of trial?

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