1. How can bonnie henry and adrian dix be punished because they are using their authority to address another authorities issue? Covid-19 is a border security issue.

  2. Just trying to take credit, where none is due. Now try and tell that to the very many English speaking Canadians driving through Quebec and being refuse service at some restaurants because they don’t speak french. It may be time to bust this bubble, once and for all.

    1. Try eating restaurants in Québec, ask for directions, if you don’t speak French, you won’t be served nor given an answer. Actually their French is a slang French. I studied French language from a Parisian professor. I noticed a big difference from Quebec French to France language.

    2. My cousin and her husband took a trip to Quebec just before COVID, said they won’t be back ever. They said Montreal was a fun, multicultural/lingual city for the most part, but anywhere even semi-rural and the unbridled rudeness descends upon you. Ignored/refused service in restaurants, hotel staff treating you badly, etc. And both my cousin and her husband speak passable French, just not perfect Quebecois French.

      It saddens me, because I’d like to visit due to it’s history and culture, but it seems pretty clear they don’t want Anglophones existing in the province at all, at least quite a few of them.

  3. When Legault says it, he makes it sound like a threat, like he’ll take away more rights if we don’t say thank you for not taking it all away.

  4. So what other countries on this planet speak that sad french Canadian slang ?What a clown show .Should have let that stain of a province separate.

  5. I remind Legault that Montreal was an English speaking city before it was a french speaking one, english is spoken by about 90 percent of Canadians and 85 percent of Canadians fluently. Quebecers/french speakers also have an unfair advantage for anything related to the government and get equalization payments

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