1. Constant supply of money for big pharma…give them the dose when they are born…or even before…and they will be your ticket to riches…

    2. @Hannibal B Telling someone the risks of something and not selling them anything is shilling? I think you need to look up the definition of that word.

    1. They know it will be approved. This is why they ordered it beforehand. It’s all calculated design and they’re just rolling it out, play by play.

    2. He signed a deal with phizer month ago was like 500m or something like that they always planned for the kids and boosters

    1. I guess he’s still the prime minister because more Canadians preferred him than they did the leaders of the other parties.

    1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL wow the true tin foil hat flat earthers aren’t you. Go throw some tires on your roofs you clowns

    2. @Charles B You calling them tin foil hatters, while AZ was haulted due to exactly what the OP stated is hilarious. Denial.

  1. The acting in this scene is remarkable, that’s the least you can say even if you hate the guy . He’s a master swindler . You listen to this guy you lose braincells, the words he’s saying don’t even matter as long as he keeps the pace he speaks in and stays animate to appeal to the listener and watchers emotions . His body language , his eye movement . All so precisely carried through.

  2. Let me tell you if I win the lottery I’m taking every Canadian on buses to come to get you and Mr Doug ford out of office. You better hope I don’t win. Because we will be coming.

    1. It looks like they are contingent on Health Canada approval. So if they don’t get approved, they don’t get sent.

    2. That’s what happened with the vaccines for adults. They were preordered waiting approval. If they wait to place an order until they are approved that will set the whole process back the time the approval process takes, weeks, months whatever. That doesn’t make sense.

    1. @Shammy M if you are a functioning member of society, its forced, its an ultimatum, do as they say or lose everything.

    2. So all the vaccines you let them give your child or kids since birth is ok but, this is were you draw the line? Maybe the best thing is talk with your kid or kids, let`s hear what they have to say. You can love your kid or kids but, make a poor decision.

    3. @Gary Gagnon yeah that’s a great idea…let the kids decide….maybe I’ll let them choose if they want to start drinking or smoking too🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  3. Glad that they will be sure of the long term impact for young children after only a month or less. Go science!!

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