Lemon reacts to 14 Republicans voting against Juneteenth holiday

CNN's Don Lemon discusses the House decision to overwhelmingly pass a bill that would establish June 19 as Juneteenth National Independence Day, a US federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.

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  1. Happy Juneteenth in advance, our fellow Black American people.

    1. @Christopher Roberts Yep, the new all lives matter…you had a 400 year headstart….also, black people were far from independent on July 4th….wipe

  2. I think National Emancipation Day fits better to be honest. But imagine being so racist you don’t even want to give yourself a holiday.

    1. @Donato Davis The Wallace was MLK compared to Trump and you should consider that I’m right about this too after I completely owned you on your other points.

    2. @Donato Davis You calling me names doesn’t change that you got humiliated with your historical ignorance. Lying about me defending Wallace isn’t changing that either.

    3. @Michael Morningstar you’re literally in here saying that George Wallace, the man who literally said “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” is not a bad person and literally try to ignore the atrocities of the racist south while calling MLK name and forgetting he was advocating again the Jim Crow south. You’re probably just another southern civil war cry baby whose still upset that the north won

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    2. @rolback
      All those Dixiecrats became Republicans. Don’t try to gaslight us; we know better. It’s no coincidence that 14 Republican white men voted against this.

    3. @Yolanda Ellis To anyone lacking actual intelligence, I’m sure it did sound that way. Because it’ll go right over head.

    1. @Kermit T. Frog 😃😆😅 I guess you didn’t realize that voter rolls have increased the most for black and brown people the last two election cycles showing there’s no disenfranchisement but quite the opposite, more inclusion.
      Facts, gets some.

    1. @John Doe of course you would say that telling kids Columbus discovered America when what he did was accidentally find it, then kill the people there. But yeah, that’s fine.

      Furthermore, I’m not like you. I don’t support a political party. You political fanatics are flat out idiots.

    2. @John Doe Columbus was the founding father of the Atlantic slave trade. LOL. Did you drop out of first grade?

    3. @DarthSailorMoon lol WHAT??? The Atlantic slave trade was created by Africa and Muslim countries…. In fact slavery till this day still exists in those same countries. Columbus did not enslave anybody

  3. Chip Roy is one of those Republicans who isn’t ashamed of putting his white superiority on full display everyday!

    1. The problem isn’t white superiority- the problem is they used that superiority sometimes for wicked endeavours eg Slavery.

  4. *_Here is a chance to prove you aren’t racist._*

    Republicans : “We don’t do that here.”

    1. @David WileyMonths ago? The audit isn’t even complete. Go on believing a dementia addled lame that couldn’t draw ten people to a rally is the most popular president in US history, even beating the first African-American president in history in votes.

    2. @Mag Launcher when and where did he apologize? I really doubt he did considering he doesn’t know what day it is or where he is. Also I guess that makes being racist ok if you just say sorry at the end of the day. He also attented a prior KKK clan members funeral. Thats ok though keep pretending he isn’t racist.

    1. I work in healthcare. I have not been able to attend every other holiday holidays or vote in person for 15 years. Instead, bot for HB 1.

    2. Why? That’s dumb. You take a holiday to reflect on important events of the past, and make yourself a better person. You don’t need the entire day off to vote. That’s just *ing lazy.

  5. Let’s be honest, who here is surprised it was ONLY 14 Republicans who voted against this? 🤚🙋‍♂️

    1. How many more of these foolish government paid holidays do we have to endorse.
      For heavens sake the past is over.
      Quit beating a dead horse

    2. @Belly Dancer Em yes what did you expect from Republicans so that’s why I was not suprise at all, we were still bless the rest of Republicans voted on it.

    3. @Michael Morningstar maybe you didn’t hear. It has been a holiday in TEXAS for 40 years. A REPUBLICAN STATE.

    1. @Marijuanifornia You’re literally an idiot. Europeans fought wars to end slavery world wide. They evolved. Muslims didn’t – how are you this stupid?

  6. Why is this a surprise since there are many Reps in office today who voted against MLK Jr day….8 still in office today including Steve Scalise who also spoke at an event organized by David Duke.

    1. these idiots dont have common sense …they live to take advantage of our economy where as THEY PROFIT FROM KNOW THE COURSE OF OUR ECONOMY….

  7. “I can’t vote for this bill because it doesn’t mention the freeing of our blue brethren who were never slaves.” —Senator Homer Sheetferbrains.

    1. @Mush Shrap They don’t. Go and read the response and reasons of those that voted that way. Then come back and we’ll discuss them. Accusing somebody of being racist when they’re not is a really, really immoral thing to do. Do you not understand that?

    2. Also see this is the problem, we shouldn’t be taking up arms on things like this against eachother. We should be supporting eachother. Juneteenth deserves to be a holiday and There definitely needs to be a holiday for indigenous Americans.

    3. @Herb Superb Chip Roy voted against it because of the bill’s name. That’s a pretty sad excuse and not nearly a good enough reason to vote against it.

    4. @Green party of Wakanda it’s almost pretty much that way now. Other Cultures celebrate “White Holidays” with no issue, yet some of them don’t want to have anything to do with any other Culture’s Holidays, save for Cinco De Mayo (seems like everyone enjoys that one). What would be so wrong with separate Holidays for the different Cultures? Who is that going to hurt? People only want to be included in the things that they either WANT to be included in, or feel like they are entitled to be included in. Not saying that I’m right, I just don’t see why it should be an issue, if this place is what they CLAIM it to be.

  8. It’s by time this became a holiday, long over looked, need to be taught in school, and not hidden. Just part of history of the USA.

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