SE Cupp: Joe Biden failed to meet this moment

CNN's SE Cupp discusses former presidents' treatment of the media and the consequences of disrespecting reporters after President Joe Biden had tense moments with the press at a summit in Geneva with Russian President Vladmir Putin. #CNN #News


    1. Biden was supposed to be the professional, responsible, adult that was always respectful and cordial. That was a bit of Trump that flashed across his demeanor in that press conference. Being President is very stressful, he better get used to it fast.

    2. C’mon man, he’s not a new hire, he has been doing this for almost 5 decades and still his handlers tell him what or not to do and who or not to answer questions from. And thinking that he is bright just because he is not Trump is just bizarre, this guy is as bright as rusty penny.

    3. @Isaac Burabari Had she followed the questions she would have realized that question had just been answered.

  1. Cupp!!! I challenge you to go through the marathon and still keep your composure in front of a ravenous media!!! Get a clue, Biden is human, too.

    1. Joe checked out years ago. It’s so sad to see him being out out there. I’ve delt with many people dementia and Joe shows most of the signs. So sad

  2. Better than his immediate predecessor is a very low bar indeed. And some press are total a-holes. Dooceys, both of them, for example. Even a saint would eventually lose it with some of those clowns.

  3. Collin’s question was rhetorical and stupid. And I think the job isn’t to needlessly ask tough or nice questions: it’s to investigate and provide info about the government. Her question wasn’t meant to accomplish that. No.

    1. Cnn is becoming more woke
      Every single second in America a minute passes

    1. He did one time during the Presidential Debates back in 2016 or so, to Hillary.

  4. No SC CUPP. Biden had every right to snap. So dont tell me after all your colleague was inappropriate in my opinion

    1. @John B what does “working around people with dementia” mean? No it doesn’t give you that ability at all, and no healthcare provider speaks like this. Are you a neurologist? Are you Biden’s neurologist? That’s pretty much the only way you could diagnose or even suggest such a thing. Yes, I work in healthcare and have tangible clinical experience in the TA in which dementia is indicated. You don’t.

    2. @duprattcarol no, a left wing one. Doesn’t sound to far fetched after the complete disaster we just saw in Geneva. Not that Kamala em would be any better

    3. @John B Biden did nothing but show how weak he is at that summit. Really disappointing.
      [A focus on weakness…in character?]

      When Trump was there he was out leading the pack. Joe? He was last in line following along with that blank smile on his face.
      [Another pass at perception of strength, but seemingly from an angle of superficial machismo and dominance, rather than observing what he was attempting to accomplish with our allies.]

      I thought maybe someone had him in one of those leashes parents use in kids to keep them from wandering away
      [A juvenile character attack]

      Well I thank you for being honest, but where I must divide myself from this is the hyper-focus on perception of power. He wasn’t there to look like a strong-man, he was there to deal with diplomatic matters and trying to reforge damaged international relationships. Wandering around puffing your chest like a bloated pigeon and swaggering in front of crowds like you’re all that matters doesn’t make a great leader for all people, only those who find oppressive force charismatic. I get why you would…it’s the same reason people rally around a strong personality that might be pushing around a weaker one.
      But character attacks isn’t gonna solve anything except getting people riled up.
      It seems you didn’t even bother to address the subject at hand here, rather you just have this uniform focus on him being ‘weak’ in appearance and demeanor, saying to me there’s really not alot he can do to measure up to your expectations, regardless of what he might accomplish, since it’s only superficial things you care about.
      Feel free to disagree, but that is what I find disappointing.

    4. @OceanFragments he hasn’t accomplished anything but the worst immigration problem in 20 years. When Trump left we had the least amount of illegals in 45 years. Fast forward 6 months and Biden has it at a 20 year high. Quite a distance. Now we have a VP who’s terrified to go down there because she’ll have cameras in her face and she’ll have to do something she’s never had to do before I’m her career and that’s answer tough questions. It’s ok, Trumps already accepted an offer to gin down there. He was never scared

    5. @OceanFragments Im not attacking Biden’s character. I don’t blame him at all for being the way he is. When you’ve had multiple brain surgeries from multiple aneurysms, it’s unavoidable there’s gonna be some damage to the brain around the area. Joe’s no spring chicken and I think that it’s catching up with him. Go look at video of him when he was VP and now and tell me he hasn’t lost more than a few steps. This is the man 82 million people put in charge of the nuclear football. Think about that.

  5. I listened to that entire q/a session, and you left out the part that her question was at least the third question about Biden’s confidence in Putin. Biden had just finished explaining in detail, more than once, that he was not confident, that he does not trust Putin, that this is not about trust but about studying what Putin does in the next few months and responding accordingly. Biden may not have the grace of Jen P, but his irritation was not unwarranted. As I recall, he began to answer her question about confidence, saying this is not about trust, when she again asked him why he was so confident in Putin. By this time I was seriously exasperated with her myself. Why was this concept so difficult for her to understand? I expect that it was not. Perhaps she thought that if she could keep saying “why do you have confidence in Putin” some people would believe Biden is that stupid.

    1. I agree with Nina. This doesn’t show a pattern of hostility… yet. But Cupp has some points too. It is fair for the media to press for these answers. I’m giving a pass for all sides, as there were no real consequences of this exchange, other than our entertainment / entry into the blooper reels of history.

  6. I’m pretty certain Biden spoke about the need for a free press across the world in his summit with Putin. The press were aggressive with Biden after conducting the most sophisticated foreign policy summit in the last 5 years. He handled the tough questions with a reciprocated tone. And handled the tough meeting like a true leader.

  7. So the writer of “No need to repent for support of Iraq war” and “Yes, I miss George W Bush” comes on TV with a shirt in support of gay rights saying Biden should apologize for being mean? You suck SE.

  8. Too often these days, journalists ask questions that are intended to create sensationalism rather than get at facts. Sensationalism and contoversy generate clicks and views. Facts, not so much. It’s not hard to understand why public figures get testy with some of the questions journalists (feeling compelled by comercial imperatives of their bosses) ask.
    In the case of Trump though, there was a LOT of corruption and incompetence in his administration which was fair game, always.

  9. The premise to Collins’ question ws purposefully misconstrued and twisted to make it appear she was asking a “tough” question. After four years of a lying president, are we are back to the era of lying reporters, who misinterpret everythnig they read at will?

  10. I do not believe you listened at all, but rather cherry picked what you wanted to complain about.

  11. I am glad the Biden does apologize when he is wrong. That would have never entered the consciousness of Trump. I still like Biden and. Voted for him. I just hope he keeps his cool next time lol 😂

  12. When somebody wears a shirt that says “not a thief” I hide my China. Who am I kidding I don’t have any China

  13. Honestly SE, give him a break. To keep asking the same question is perturbing at the best of times.
    Stop already with the victim attitude – a female reporter. If you want to play with the big boys, you have to be able to roll with the punches.

  14. I just think it’s a mute squabble. Everyone has their moments, including the Press. Perhaps Bidens Staff is overly protective due to our Presidents obvious speech impediment.

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