Lev Parnas On Maddow: ‘Everybody Was In The Loop’ – Day That Was | MSNBC

Indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas was interviewed by Rachel Maddow Wednesday. During the interview, Parnas describes his relationship with Rudy Giuliani, White House officials, and other individuals tied to the Ukraine scheme. "President Trump knew exactly what was going on," he said. MSNBC hosts and contributors take a look at what is credible about Parnas’ testimony and how it might affect the impeachment trial. Aired on 1/15/2020.
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Lev Parnas On Maddow: ‘Everybody Was In The Loop’ – Day That Was | MSNBC


  1. I’m sure Parnas gave this interview because he is afraid that what happened to Epstein also would happen to him.

    1. @Justyn Brodsky Yes, of course, because Clinton is president and there’s so many pictures of Clinton standing at a party with Epstein looking at young women like they are a bag of chicken McNuggets?

  2. So a shadow branch of our own government was surveilling one of our own government employees. This is quite damning.

    1. Moto Dork ;It wasn’t a branch at all, just a collection of imbeciles working on another imbecile’s orders.

    1. The question is: what does Trump have on Barr? Or what more has he promised him? Barr already got several perks.

    1. Only mob bosses say these things. It’s like a mob boss saying “have something unfortunate happen to her, make it look like an accident”

    1. @mextorez O really is that why the democrats are fighting so hard for the evidence and documents and witnesses to come out in the impeachment trial, it’s more like the republicans are trying to hide everything try to use some common sense there mex.🤔

    2. @mextorez Please remind me again, how many of tRumps* inner circle and repugs are in jail/prison??? I’ve lost count.

    3. @Semper verum EXACTLY!! 👏 Drumpf 😈 starts the FIRE then puts it out!! 😱 He and ALL The GOP 😈 are DEMONS 😈 Only DEMONS would do the HORRIBLE EVIL things they do! They ALL belong in front of a FIRING SQUAD for TREASON!!

    1. Collins is a lie..She always gets our hope up like Romney then they fall in line..but there are others that will gwt curious

    2. It’s no wonder the senators are falling in line with Trump. Every time a rock is turned over we find another republican knee deep in corruption. Trump may not be a good POTUS but he is extremely smart. He involves the House and Senate GOP into his wrong doings and then he has leverage in the event they want to side against him. When it comes to mob bosses, Trump makes Al Capone look like an alter boy.

    1. Yes the dam is breaking. These Republican senators that want to just rush through this impeachment so they can continue to praise Trump better stop to think of their future. The truth is coming out and will continue to come out.

    2. Printagic Online wait until the real detailed report comes out … they will need ambulances for every republican

  3. LOL. Fair trial in the Senate?
    Wonder how much old Moscow Mitch and Lindsay Graham are getting paid to make this a “Fair Trial in the Senate?” Sounds like it’s time to start the investigation into their finances.

  4. Trump is getting his Ukraine Corruption investigation. They are investigating his criminal conspiracy. Be careful what you ask for!

    1. My question is, why now. Why did he not come out during the kangaroo court to make it in to a proper congressional inquiry?
      This is how much I believe anything Rachel has to say. 🤏

    2. be careful exposing democrats corruption in ukraine when the corruption runs through Ukraine and our fbi……

    3. REALLY..?

  5. And the U.S is still supposed to be the ”leader of the free world”,and example of a functioning democracy? I think that statement has to be reconsidered!

    1. @junk can Indeed, how well that worked out…
      CIA forward planning; 5 months.
      KGB/FSB forward planning; 25 years.

    1. @Inde nmc the part I don’t understand is where you think you have proof. “Trump would have held out” is speculation. I know a future where thought crime is an actual crime is the Dems dream but we’re not there yet. Sorry to say we’re still innocent until proven guilty. Dems might be willing to crap all over the Constitution but some of us still have respect and integrity

    2. You know why. All Trump’s believers watch only Fox. Would not be surprised if some money swapped
      hands to keep it off air. It will eventually have to get there but Trump is trying to buy time.

    1. Looks like her department is on the ball, they pulled her in time and are probably aware
      of the threat she is under.
      Hyde remarked in Ukrain”that she is well protected”, another sign of something sinister going on.

    2. Yeah, they are still trying to out the whistleblower too. The only reason for that is revenge. Everyone who is involved may be in danger.

    3. @Mat Pit seems like we are no longer in a safe democratic country, rather
      an authoritarian and dangerous place

  6. Who else is utterly annoyed by the stupid background music? It’s almost impossible for me to concentrate on what people are saying.

  7. Pence has wet-dreams about being President; but he’s too weak and too much of a sycophant to not let himself be involved in everything Trump does.

    1. Someone recently described Pence as “oleaginous”. I believe it’s a perfect description: “exaggeratedly and distastefully complimentary; obsequious. marked by an offensively ingratiating manner or quality. oily.”
      ps, I wonder what sort of people elect things like Pence. Kevin McCarthy is another, there’s no shortage of them, it seems the US is infested with them.

  8. The Trump comment, “She’s going to go through some things!” sounds threatening to me. It shows Trump’s shady side. Does anyone else see it that way?

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