Lev Parnas Tells Maddow That Trump ‘Lied’ About Not Knowing Him | Hardball | MSNBC 1

Lev Parnas Tells Maddow That Trump ‘Lied’ About Not Knowing Him | Hardball | MSNBC


Lev Parnas is breaking his silence in an exclusive interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. Parnas says President Trump lied when he said he didn't know Parnas and fellow Giuliani associate Igor Fruman. The full interview airs on The Rachel Maddow Show, 9 p.m. ET on MSNBC. Aired on 01/15/20.
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Lev Parnas Tells Maddow That Trump ‘Lied’ About Not Knowing Him | Hardball | MSNBC


  1. Michael Cohen & Les Parnas: We told you so numbnuts about the Don, the Head of of his Disorganized Crime Family. The orange Turd and his GOP Gang Of Crooks, we told you.Yeah! ..

    1. Hilary Clinton also told you all. Everyone. Live on TV during the final debate in 2016, and in reply he blurted out “No puppet! No puppet!” like a broken puppet. WE ALL KNEW THEN.

    2. @Bud Fudlacker shouldn’t you be practicing ya goose step for your dear leader & his parade of grossly overpriced inferior weapons!

  2. Barr will go from protecting his father to being part of Epstein coverup and murder if DOJ after Barr does it’s job.

  3. Lev Parnas always looks heartbroken when he’s reminded that Trump acted like he didn’t know who he was.

  4. International crimes ladies and gentleman he is an enemy of the civilized world.

    Many independents are with you, take him out of office.

    1. Raffi Basmajian well impeachment of the president is a political process, and as such it’s up to the elected officials to determine. And they have specific rules to govern much of the process. High crimes and misdemeanors covers pretty much everything, and my lord there is a whole lot of high crimes with the Trump camp. Seriously, get a grip. This is the Republic we are talking about. Trump is a criminal and his whole cadre are just slime balls. The list of Trump crimes is literally at least a few thousand entries long. You need to go do some research.

    2. @J F one sided impeachment is not legit. No crimes/ no case. it’s all a fake clown show by Pelosi/Dems to smear Trump and try to overthrow/frame him. It always backfires in their face. And Dems will pay the ultimate price for TREASON against the U.S.

  5. The Trump family is a crime syndicate. Trump is a traitor and a criminal he deserves a blindfold and a cigarette.

    1. The ones that say he lied are the ones he did not invite to his parties. Veterans Today is clinging to this like a cinder block as a flotation device. Something else is up. Still no crime. At all. I know he MUST have some parking tickets stuffed in his glove box and discarded tags he tore off new pillows newly purchased. Try that angle.Nailing the Iranian general sucks big time, in some ways. He did have 1,600 protesters murdered recently. Just before the Shah pulled out in 1977, his palace guard killed 10 times that many in front of the Teheran palace in one afternoon. The CIA and other western intelligence agencies had been fomenting revolt, with the government stuck in old school religion.

  6. Trump seems to keep forgetting that things like “cameras” and “recordings” even exists.
    And that what gets up on the internet, *stays* on the internet.

    And that’s despite spending the majority of his time there instead of doing his job.

  7. tRump is a Russian droid sent from the future to burn our brain cells and destroy our last nerves (new conspiracy theory)

    1. He said that months ago. This is why Parnas is speaking out now, because he was betrayed, and because he’s worried his life is in danger.

    1. you still believe the Russian fairytale? Only a zombie would fall for the hoax. The racists are Obama/Tlaib/Maxine/Holder/Al Sharpton/and MSM…and you?

  8. Drumpf LIED!! Everyone who has ever known about him knows he LIES!! His own mother said ” he started lying as soon as he could talk ” So there’s THAT!!

  9. I wonder what alternative facts stories that Mike Pence, Devin Nunes, Bill Barr and Kevin Kennedy are cooking up? It should be hilarious! William Barr should be immediately disbarred.

    1. Barr and Pompeo aren’t doing this for Trump, they’re doing it for god. The USA is seriously damaged goods.

    2. @judith coleman
      Not my god, but I see how you could read it that way. I mean Barr and Pompeo’s god, the same god that has caused so much of the damage the US is experiencing today. The white evangelicals are petrified of becoming a minority and they’ll stoop to any level to try and stop it happening.
      I think the USA is all but finished, the culture is too corrupt to survive except as a fascist state.

  10. There is a saying in Italian: “ if you are in a hole , stop digging “
    Trump may be the first person to see the center of the Earth..

    1. Wrong, Trump is watching MSM and Dems dig their own grave. Everything has backfired on the SWAMP… TRUMP comes out winning every time!

    2. @Josue Pocasangre he will be the president in 2020..its a fact because every member of the Democratic caucus cant even spit out a sentence that makes any kind of sense

  11. Are we wrong to think that Giuliani looks like the” penguin “from the movie Batman……………….?

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