1. When adults don’t respect each other — children don’t respect adults. What is going on in our country?

  2. let’s give public school teachers a raise, yes. Let’s also stop holding them captive in teacher contracts that prevent them from leaving jobs where they are abused and bullied by administrators who are only their for their own careers and self interests (personal experience folks). If we say we value educators, let’s take a look at the laws that allow these abuses in the field of education.

    1. @Piccalilli Pit you’re absolutely right. He got them right where he wanted them.
      Biden is a master in this game.

    2. @Eskil Tester *THE UNREASONABLE EFFECTIVENESS OF JOE BIDEN* ive said it a hundred times over the last 6 months – he SHOULD by all reasonable measure be taking loss after loss after loss – but he keeps posting the wins.

      Im not a fan, he is not progressive enough for me, way too corporate – but he IS effective. Say what you want – doddery old joe has been at this game a LONG time

  3. “Excuse me, Karen! The President is talking. It’s not some black kid you caught trying to use the pool. No you can’t have another skinny margarita, and if you don’t sit down, this flight is never getting to Orlando!” – Bill Maher

    1. @Jack L Try an APOLOGY to U.S. tRUMP left the economy WORST than he found it! As did the last TWO g.o.p. administration’s TOO! Plus tRUMP increased the national debt 25% in 4 years! Then there’s tRUMPs family separation plan! Ended up being tRUMPs KIDNAPPING CHILDREN plan! Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!!! And let U.S. not forget! tRUMP told Bob Woodward on tape covid is DEADLY! Then tRUMP turns around and tRUMP tells U.S. “covid was just a bad case of the flue”! + tRUMP literally hawked FAKE CURES for covid! Then 400,000 Americans DIED! A COUP! And heck Biden and Pence told U.S. and gave it back! tRUMP DENIED it and tried to HIDE it! Heard about the difference between Apples and Oranges. This is More like Apples and MORE of the BS! Sorry pal ALOT of SERIOUS stuff here! Just trying to help RAISE the old HUE AND CRY! After all I am a herold. Only a town cryer. But I’v heard of the herold angels. And I’m thinking their not too happy either.

    1. Democrats are delusional as usual. Biden is clearly lying and dividing like always. Worst President ever. Trump called it like it is and was right on every issue. Democrats have made everything worse by the numbers.

  4. You know something is important when Alan Greenspan is there for your speech in person, and he’s 96 years old.

    1. The man who oversaw the largest economic disaster in American history and causing the global financial crisis? Yeah I would wonder why he is there too.

  5. One of my favorite statements he made tonight was – “Capitalism without competition is not Capitalism, it’s extortion. It’s exploitation.” And, when corporations are subsidized, when profits are privatized while losses are publicized, and the only ones paying income tax are the poor, middle class, and small and medium businesses, that’s called Corporate-Welfare. Anybody who says any different is full of .

    1. @Richard Hall
      Sounds like
      Donald Trump,
      Jeff Epstein and Les Wexner in the 70s and 80s before they fell out over a real estate scam with
      Charlie Kushner in the 90s

    2. Donald Trump read his handler’s words from a teleprompter w艦en he speaks in public. Nancy Pelosi booed his state of the union teleprompter speech

    3. The problem is that all of Congress benefits from Corporate-welfare, they lobby Congress and given a pass.

    1. @Cuso Mano wrong again, sweetie. Once you Iearn how to fact-check, youll enjoy a whole new world. Well, after you seek intensive therapy to decondition your mind and address the -rot. Good luck!

    2. @Blue Calla Speaking of fact-checking, can you tell me how many genders exist, without causing a stir among those sensitive Biden supporters? It’s a basic concept, really. Yet, I understand that some folks like to get creative with their interpretations of reality. But let’s keep it grounded, shall we? The correct answer should be a matter of fact, not a matter of opinion. 不不

    3. @Cuso Mano honey, we went over this already. Work on that rot. You should never look to social media to find facts. Instead of being Iazy and asking randos for answers to questions youre not knowledgeable about, fact-check it for yourseIf. That means always going directly to the source then validating that source.

    4. I’m no democrat nor republican.
      I have studied the history of the ussr from the beginning of the revolutionary days till the present time and I know Putin would pursue an aggressive foreign policy in former Soviet Republics regardless of Western involvement.

  6. I know I sound like an old foggy when I say this, but I miss the old days when behavior like this would have been universally condemned by both parties. Its disgraceful.

  7. Truth is always bitter. I love this man. He knows how to expose wrong ideas planned behind closed doors.

    1. I agree, like when a certain someone tore up a speech behind the POTUS! Worst disrespect ever! Extremely childish!

    2. They just pretend to be enemies. After the cameras off theyre high-fiving and talking about whos going to host the barbecue

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