Marjorie Taylor Greene interrupts Biden during State of the Union address

President Joe Biden attacked the GOP over the debt ceiling standoff before singling out some unnamed Republicans, contending they are looking to slash and sunset Medicare and Social Security. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene jumped to her feet and yelled back “Liar!” #shorts #CNN #News


    1. Exactly! I use this strategy at work all the time. Ask a question just to get them to verbalize what you want. You can actually see their brains contorting in real time as they realize they just backed themselves into a corner. 😂

    2. Those of us that don’t have our heads up our asses know the repukian agenda is to destroy social security, social security disability insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, and they have the gall to set there and call the president a liar on television in a nationwide broadcast. The repukians are liars. If anybody doubts their intentions, do like the president said, contact the office of the president and request a copy of the repukians list of demands.

  1. This State of the Union speech is easily the best speech I have ever heard from Joe Biden… When Marjorie Taylor Greene stood up and yelled at him, he took her on, unrattled and strong… Biden completely shot down the argument that he is too old…

    1. @Ellen Grace that he is too less on youtube comment section lol I just added a word you should have been able to come up with yourself but seems like you are way to less on the internet to have learned extended online reading comprehension

    2. @Atillatzke Oh, so you just need to insult people. What a great way to go through life. By the way, it’s too, not to.

    1. They learnt their lesson well from Speaker Pelosi! But then I understand it’s only the Democrats that can get away with acting childish!

  2. People elect people like this. I don’t care who you vote for. I do, however, suggest you stop voting for Crazy People.

    1. @ASCENDED JOE BIDEN Still waiting to hear what policies of pe#o jo’s that you love the most there bid#phile

    2. Logic, statistics and critical thinking should be required curriculum in high schools and college. Additionally the history of America (not taught by social media and conspiracy theories) should be a requirement to vote!

    1. ​​@Pacmanfling dude stfu. Play along with domestic terrorists? F* those fascists and f* you if you want to play along.

      Signed a proud American who fought for this country.

    2. ​@Pacmanfling I assume you don’t want the rich that are hiding their wealth in off shore bank accounts paying their fair share of taxes. I’m talking about billions and billions and more billions of untaxed wealth.

    3. ​@Pacmanflingmaybe because the other side are hell bent on destroying the middle class, the poor and the elderly to sate their big corporations and billionaire overlords!!! LOL just butt hurt that he showed everybody what they are all about.

    1. @David is it really starting an argument if he was just being transparent with the fact that there‘s a group of people in the government that are literally just voting against any Democrat-backed proposal or bill for the sake of “owning the libs” and being sore losers, instead of caring about the country they supposedly want to serve as they took oath?

      it shouldn’t be an argument unless they’re insecure about what Biden’s saying

  3. It’s a disgrace MTG and many of her terrible friends who all helped conspire to overthrow the government on January 6 are even still allowed to be on the floor of the place they tried to destroy. People like her have no shame and literally act like real life is an episode of WWE where u can just shout and scream utter nonsense all day and talk badly and threaten other people in office with no consequences 🙄

  4. The republican’s lack of respect for decorum in the House only goes to show how unfit they are to serve in the House.

    1. @rolback give an example. With republicans it’s every time they open their mouths and everyday something to cause chaos. Republicans speak in the tongue of hypocrisy.

    2. Absolutely correct and what is wrong with America! Giving our enemies more reason to divide America is a tragedy to our Democracy and a danger to all of our futures!

    3. Wait didn’t Nancy rip up a president speech?? Want to taps about respect..
      Just like always one sided bull—-t

  5. That was SO great!! He brought their “plan” to light on National TV. Awesome – way to go Joe!!!👍🏻🥰🤣

  6. Most capable politicians on both sides are talking about inflation, infrastructure , immigration important issues. She’s talking about men who like to wear dresses. The Republicans should be embarrassed by her classless behavior .

    1. All of them out of touch that countries like China consider us as weak. Trust me, I have been there with them they cross the proverbial floor when this state if the nation ended. It’s not just about ” fiscal responsibility ” and the plight of our country & the people. It’s about their political standing and the future of their PARTY. We need an administration of young people & a THIRD party. Our Congress is old , rigid, and out of touch with the world!

  7. She has singlehandedly destroyed the reputation of Georgia and Hershel Walker proved that electing her wasn’t a fluke.

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