Liberal candidate Raj Saini ends re-election campaign amid allegations 1

Liberal candidate Raj Saini ends re-election campaign amid allegations


Liberal candidate Raj Saini has ended his re-election campaign citing allegations of inappropriate behaviour. Glen McGregor reports.

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    1. I doubt there was new info. Very likely it was turning into an embarrassment the longer they kept dragging it out.

    1. @Adam The Confused that’s why we have PPC now, they will not win in this election but one day they will… vote PPC.

    2. @Adam The Confused
      Yes, the Conservatives ARE better, but the PPC is best. They get my vote, even knowing that they might never win. I don’t care. A seat that has a PPC politician in it is a seat that represents me better than a seat with a Conservative Party politician, but I’ll take either of them over a Liberal Party or NDP or Green any day of the week. Even if the Conservatives are quite centrist.

    3. @Stephane H My PPC candidate is Marc Emory….and sorry,but I wouldn’t vote for that single issue donkey ever. The PPC needs a lot of work.

  1. Do one on Anita Vandenbeld (Lib-MP) and her husband Don Dransfield… and how she got caught by the ethics commissioner for trying to influence her husband’s run as an Ottawa city counselor..

    That story never gets old…

    1. The “Ethics Commissioner” is a sad excuse for governmental oversight. While it sounds great on paper, the past two Ethics Commissioners, Kim Dawson and Mario Dion, have both explicitly stated in their respective rulings in the SNV Lavalin Scandal and WE Sandal that the Ethics Commissioner really doesn’t have the authority hand out actual penalties aside from a “Hey don’t do that”. Their only job is to really identify whether a criminal act has taken place and it ends there with zero repercussions for the guilty party.

      Just look at how Bill Morneau was punished for being found guilty of breaking three separate ethics laws in the WE Scandal. Trudeau and the government paid to endorse him to represent Canada in a lucrative financial appointment to the OECD, an international financial body…. as punishment…after Morneau was found guilty of corruption.

  2. trudeau defends this guy but tries to ruin a young kids hockey career just because he was an easy mark… disappointed in trudeau, deeply

    1. @Celtic One K … I have time … its all about numbers … The Government computer program incorrectly uses Rate of change in “case ,” instead of relationship to total population …even CDC last week only talks cases of hospitalisations …Furthermore the computer program did not calculate double vax asymptomatic mutations , negative feed back , Extreme child depression , suicides up , drug abuse up , domestic violence…Simply put bad numbers bad science

    1. @Saul Teanuts
      I’m voting Conservative not Liberal because the Liberal Government has to many cases against them.

  3. From a party that supposed to hold these values yet they themselves are steeped in allegations of inappropriate behaviour?

  4. I am not surprised that Trudeau defended the guy and never removed him. Trudeau himself got away with sexual assault before, so to him its normal.

  5. Give him a few years……. just like cockroaches, he will be back – Can’t vaccinate against these types of politicians

    1. They did not investigate the woman making allegations so that is stupid Hes guilty and should be gone And trudea the feminist is always defending him wtf All crooked and all women experience it differantly

  6. only because the pile of crap he was trying to dig his way out of got too deep, not because it was morally the right thing to do.

  7. Funny, Trudeau interfered with Justice Minister Jody and fired her because she wouldn’t listen to Trudeau and drop the charges against SNC Lavelin, a huge campaign contributor to his campaign. So this is a minor item.

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