Liberal MPs being told not to travel internationally 'the very least we can do': Holland 1

Liberal MPs being told not to travel internationally ‘the very least we can do’: Holland


Government House Leader Mark Holland discusses the Liberal party's message to MPs to not travel internationally during the holidays.

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  1. Why does he not answer the question directly… annoying. My family cancelled an international trip today – there had better be no Alberta or Federal politicians leaving the country.

    1. They will still travel. Remember that great guy last year who pretended to be on lock down but was in St Barts. I lost track of how many got caught.

  2. “Politician always say do what I say but do not do what I do” and once they get stuck in foreign land they expect to be jetted back to Canada on our dime.

  3. The least we can do now that’s comedy they mandate the rules so there is no reason to tell them not to go on vacation the entire country is in misery so they don’t get one minute of fun

  4. “The very least [public officials could have done]” very early in the pandemic could have been to restore the numbers of hospital beds and staffing levels that have steadily undergone cuts for the past 20 years, irrespective of administration. Public health officials might have undertaken a barrage of Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaigns advising the public to assure/improve their fitness, nutrition and essential vitamin intake to enhance their body’s innate immunological defenses. Furthermore, public health officials might have produced informative PSAs with necessary mask-use/care instructions to avoid the deleterious affects of mask contamination.
    The VERY LEAST our elected officials might have done, would have been to administer a public health crisis rather than contributing to a social and economic catastrophe that, quite frankly, has not only worsened the public health crisis but opened markets for crisis profiteers and enriched monopoly industries.
    It is inevitable that public-private partnership – concerning governance – will be dominated by the profit-motivated private partner in this feudal business relationship.

  5. Umm like the time JT said he was out speaking to survivors on Truth & Reconciliation Day, but was actually in BC holidaying.

  6. There is no justifiable reason under a free and democratic society to restrict a citizens ability to leave the country. (Section 1 and 6 of the charter)

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