Liberals and Tories in dead heat going into election: poll


    1. @conjureup I am in Ontario, I do not want to be called ‘Canadian’ anymore. I will start walking right now… ‘Alberta /Saskatchewan’ that name does not really roll off the tongue does it?

    2. Nolan − Of course not, silly, but I have an idea. In 1904, prior to joining Confederation, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Assiniboia and Athabasca − were to come together as one province named ʺBuffaloʺ. (Manitoba was to join Ontario.) Then Ottawa decided that if they were one province that they would have ʹtoo much powerʹ against the East. Ironic, huh?

      From Wikipedia ։ ʺAt the dawn of the 20th Century, Alberta was simply a district of the North-West Territories. Local leaders lobbied hard for provincial status. The Premier of the territories, Sir Frederick Haultain, was one the the most persistent and vocal supporters of provincehood for the west. However, his plan for provincial status in the west was not a plan for the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan which was eventually adopted; rather he favored the creation of one very large province called Buffalo. Other proposals called for three provinces, or two provinces with a border running east-west instead of north-south.  *The Prime Minister of the day, Sir Wilfred Laurier, did not want to concentrate too much power in one province, which might grow to rival Quebec and Ontario,* but neither did he think three provinces were viable, and so opted for the two province plan. Alberta become a province along with her sister Saskatchewan on September 5, 1905.ʺ

      Could we become Buffalo?

    3. Tried to include a link to a map showing Alberta, Saskatchewan, Assiniboia and Athabasca from 1898, but YT blocked my comment when I did. Sorry!

    4. @conjureup My comments on YouTube are constantly shadow banned, mainly on Canadian channels. Canadians are being targeted disproportionately as of recent. This is Trudeau censorship in effect. Complete censorship of all truth speaking.

    5. LonePaladin − For crying out loud. As if to prove your point, I responded to your comment 10 minutes ago, and after checking by opening an incognito window, it still has not posted (if it ever does, that is). I′m going to take a screenshot right now… OK, try this ։ remove the spaces from this link ⇢ i . snag . gy/mCtRY2 . jpg

    1. Dude 420 most pot heads went for People’s Party. You clearly must have missed that smoking crack.

  1. Give me strength. These polls are hugely flawed obviously. If they are dead even in polls, I honestly don’t want to live in Canada anymore. There’s far too many people that are completely living in a dream world filled with rainbows and lollipops.

    1. If the liberals win this election there will never be a conservative government in the future. If you have the wherewithal to get out then go for it.

    1. @Travis Cutler did you say the same of Trudeau as worst against Harper back in 2015 or did you vote Trudeau in and now duped?

  2. The Liberals censor FB and Twitter from advertising during the election, I think we should stop all polls as they can’t be trusted and are used to persuade the people.

  3. What does $600 million buy? The Liberals act like Canadian’s money is their money to spend as if they won the lottery.

  4. What a bunch of bs. I don’t believe that for a second. Unreal how the these people and lie with a straight face. Highly unlikely, but hey, we saw this time and time again.

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