1. I’m so proud of Liz, she did everything right by our Constitution and Democracy…… Keep the fight gong Liz, She the epitome of backbone….. Wish the same was said for the rest of this Great Oppressive Party…… They have a meltdown over Cancel Culture but don’t seem to mind canceling their own who speak out against a reality joke who lives in his Fakeality….. GOP is a walking embarrassment…..

  2. Rep. Liz Cheney, you will be remembered in history as one of the bravest and principled members of Congress, and you would be a welcomed addition to the Democratic Caucus. Please ponder that proposition! May God bless you and keep you safe from all your enemies!

  3. This is the start of the downward trend of the Republican’s moral compass. To believe the former president who lived in falsehood and lies. A former president who is not only a bigot but an ignorant person tells you the character of those who follow him. As former president Barack Obama described him as an anomaly in politics.

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