Liz Cheney Is Playing A ‘Very Smart Long Game,’ Says GOP Strategist | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Republican strategist Susan Del Percio writes in a new NBC Think column that 'The Republicans in Washington know Cheney is right. They simply do not care.' Del Percio joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Liz Cheney Is Playing A 'Very Smart Long Game,' Says GOP Strategist | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @sealyoness Yep….Shouldn’t have cheated on the election and Trump would have it all figured out by now.

    2. @watchin’ it and Matty Gaetz still got in bed with tRump and tRump is over 14… Very uncharacteristic of Matty…

    3. @David Allison he’s been great at sucking up to Donald along with the other traitors to the USA… Does that count as an accomplishment?

  1. Liz Cheney is making a good bet that DJT has and will knock himself off of the throne.

    1. @Join The Progress, that’s why he’s in the White House.
      American people are…………

    2. @FDM 215 That’s the best you can do? Call out a fraction of 1% of the population? Go look for Whoopie Goldberg talking to Proud Boys near her studio outside; you’ll get to see just how shockingly, terrifyingly dangerous they are (not). Seriously, where do you get your information. 99% of Trump supporters have absolutely nothing to do with extremist groups, but your talking heads have convinced you otherwise.

      Use your fahq-eng brain for just half a minute each day, it needs the exercise.

    3. @Join The Progress It ain’t less than 1% of the population. Why do you think the GOP is so afraid to denouce White supremacists? Makes up the bulk of their base. Not everybody is a card carrying Klan member, sure. But there are PLENTY who support them and espouse their views. Y’all really do crack me up!

    4. @FDM 215 Yup. There ARE white supremacists. Just as there are self-evident, violent, child-killing (Atlanta, Summer 2020) blm and antifa extremists, and in clearly much, much larger numbers than the tiny minority of white supremacists.

      How do we know? Try to find them. I know tons of Trump supporters/rightys. Not even one extremist. Yet we all watch the news, as blm and antifa destroy cities, businesses, armed take over of government buildings (federal court houses on west coast, and insurrection by definition) and the support of marxist ideals, (which they conveniently removed from their site last year, but can be seen on archives).

      You are truly delusional. Using an excuse of the two backward brothers on a tiny farm down in the middle of Texas with the Klan hoods that they hide in when they dare venture into public in their town of 28.

      Seriously: WHERE ARE THEY. Hint: In your imagination. lol 🙂

    5. Maybe she is just being honest, and not calculating anything. After all, she is taking a dangerous stance. Best of luck to her.

  2. I’m baffled as to why women are standing on the side lines and watching these hard leg devils treat another woman like this…

    1. @Michele Z -Trump has already endorsed the woman he wants- so yeah they will bow and scrape to his choice- so SAD for Democracy

    2. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Lauren Boebert are perfectly happy seeing another woman, Liz Cheney, being treated like dirt. Greene and Boebert worship the ground Donald Trump walks on — it is not politics, but a raw power grab based on a personality cult.

    3. In the case of the GOP,there are few women to stand up.Hopefully Liz and Mitt Romney will start up their own party.The old white fart brigade especially McConnell need to be put out to pasture.A revolution is due.

    1. no the truth doesn’t always win. Look at Trump. He’s still floating around causing more damage. It’s going away for a very long time.

    2. @Nadia Silvershine all truth passes through 3 phases. First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third it is being self-evident

    3. @digiboi wan just because it doesn’t happen when you want it to doesn’t mean it will not happen!!

    4. @Nadia Silvershine one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, knick knack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone, two thousand, zero, zero, party, oops! Out of time, my bacon smellin’ fine. -ashtrays cellmate

  3. They see it – they just don’t care – they are so corrupt and so desirouse of that power to keep the taxpayers’ purse strings to give to the wealthiest (like themselves) and keep their government checks and pensions and benefits coming (as they rail against “big” government instead of focusing on GOOD government.

    1. We are still paying 100s of thousands of dollars in Secret Service protection for the Trump kids, even now!

  4. It just goes to show the depths to which the GOP has devolved. Never thought I’d ever support Liz Cheney on anything, but I have to give her credit for standing up to the whack extremists in her party.

  5. Liz has her dad’s advice on playing “the long game”… she has a “hot rock” in her pocket… she has quiet money behind her, for sures…🇺🇸🤘

  6. WATCHING KIDS ON A SEESAW of 5 to five when one of the five said he didn’t like the child sitting behind him and she should get off, go
    away, scram.  She did. She went and sat with the 5. @rychybiz

    1. @mike briganti really matters not what you think, it matter what the majority thinks. and you would say the trump is a great one lol.

  7. Maybe Kevin McCarthy is trying to silence Cheyney because she is on the jan 6th review? Maybe he has something to worry about, personally, from the outcome of that review?

  8. Mccarthy has publicly shown his weakness , cowardice & all 3 sides of his face . Don’t think looking like a fool is a major concern at this point .

    1. McCarthy is signing their death certificates. He doesn’t care. He loves Trump more than he loves his own children. Cults are like that.

      Disband the cult and don’t even try to reeducate them. You can reason folks out of positions they didn’t reason themselves into.

      We now know who are traitors are. They may be family. But the true American chooses their republic over their terrorist families.

      The GOP are ISIS.

  9. his facial jowels are in a constant downward mold, they’ve formed skin sags like molten sour milk lava, orange stains sagging, dragging ever down down down.. like his soul,
    like rudy’s sideburns but orange and milky…

    1. @superdivemaster If you find an attack on Cheney grotesque, you are probably too much of a wuss to cope with what is being said about Mc Con all. There there, it’s only words.

    2. @Les Sure … I am a wuss … do you think I care what you say about me ??? Nope !!!

  10. And she will be one of the only republicans to have stood up to him. Her strength is heroic. She is representing women in a way that makes me want to sing and dance. Thank you, Liz!! “God Bless Wyoming and keep it wild.” – Helen Mettler, age 15, 1925

    1. Glad to see the Dems embrace a Cheaney as some kind of hero. It goes to show you both parties are off the rails

  11. “Kevin McCarthy is going to look like a fool”? He has been looking like a fool for some time now.

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