Liz Cheney takes aim at Trump campaign with new ad

Former GOP Rep. Liz Cheney’s PAC launched a new TV ad in New Hampshire ahead of CNN’s scheduled town hall with former President Donald Trump arguing he is “unfit for office” and is “a risk America can never take again.” #CNN #News


  1. It’s amazing that we’ve been living with Donald Trump since 2016… The United States is filled with so many brilliant dynamic people and this is the best we can do?

    1. Does not say much for intelligence of GOP to back Trumpsho admired Putin and Chinese

  2. This would be fun to watch if the US were just some random country that doesn’t affect the rest of the world. Seeing this once shining, examplary democracy heading south with each passing day is just sad… 😢 Trump surging in polls, George Santos still being a member of Congress, and the Democrats being unable to see past an elderly Biden – it’s just mind-boggling.

    1. All democracies are under threat but America is the most powerful ~ I hope they unite

  3. I really like her now. I think she’s an honest broker. If she ran I would vote in the primary for her.

    1. I disagree with ALOT of her policies. But, her ability to set ego aside & caring about our Democracy is what makes her a great candidate. I think there are excellent (the bar is low) candidates. Who has the strength to fight through the muck that will be thrown at them. They know T*ump will send threats & his mob after them & their families for MONTHS.

  4. I pray she receives the strength, to “shake this tree, to the very end”

    1. She should run with Kinzinger and just split the vote. I’m not that enamored with BIden (although I think he’s underrated), but just keep making him lose.

  5. Why are we allowing a criminal to even run again? God I pray Jack gets him locked up before this goes any further.

  6. “You’re the Commander in Chief. You’ve got an assault going on on the Capitol of the United States of America and there’s nothing? No call? Nothing? Zero?”
    — General Mark Milley, Trump Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, January 6, 2021.

  7. “Our own President set us up. The President should be doing everything possible to help us and he didn’t do it. He wanted to lead the mob and wanted to lead the crowd himself … he wanted to be a tyrant.”
    — U.S. Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, June 28, 2022, who underwent surgery on his foot and shoulder after Trump organized insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021

  8. Thank you Miss Cheney, please continue to tell the truth, this man is dangerous and the people that back him are as dangerous. Thank you thank you. Mike from Gatineau Quebec Canada, i wish you all the Best

  9. Even though her father played a major role in the death of a dear friend who bought into Cheneys false claim of weapons of mass destruction. I would vote for Liz for president

    1. I hope she is over her hurt from failing and being fired, not even liz, as irrelevant as she is, deserves that kind of luxury…

  10. Liz and Adam are the only ones who spoke up. I respect them both.😤💪💪💪😤.

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