1. You’re right I’ve seen members of the public running around with nuclear war heads under their arm.
      It’s sickening

    2. I know right, I just picked up a couple of WMD’s at the local grocery store, I am ready to rock🤣.. sit down guy.. FJB

  1. I’m 14 yr old and I always feel scared going to school. I can see the fear in mom’s and dad’s eyes when they give me a hug.😢😔

    1. I’m in the UK…thanks for your post. I’m sorry your having to bear this underlying fear. Maybe your parents can vote to help legislate and regulate….if not doing so already. Thanks for your post.

    2. So, they teach you to lock the classroom door and shelter in place . When I was in school during the cold war, we were taught to get under the desk and kiss your @$$ goodbye.

  2. Difference is we have a second amendment that some are addicted to without understanding what it really means.

    1. So move to a country without a 2A
      It’s not January Johnson regulated
      No matter how much you cry online

    2. ​@Wrong think manifesto 📝
      Currently the US spends 577 Billion a year on the aftermath if gun violence. That’s $1,700 a tear extra in taxes each tax payer has to fork out to subsidize the hobby of gun enthusiasts.

      We should tax gun owners an additional $3,400 dollars and give everyone else a tax break.

  3. We are allowing murderers to infringe on the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of all the rest of us.

    1. We are not allowing anything that you were saying. We have laws, preventing murder, assault, and use of a weapon to commit a felony. We have laws. The problem is criminals do not obey the law.

    2. @T. R. Campbell That might be almost true, but everything up to pulling the trigger is done legally, and is being made easier by the day. And the weapons of war being sold in the US are getting more and more powerful.

    3. Wow freedom in USA is so easy just follow the law then if you suddenly have a different feeling, dump the law and you can have freedom to be criminal instead. No wonder US citizens fight fiercely for their feelings. Land of freedom indeed.

    1. How about the murderer who just killed 8 people with his car?
      Ban ‘assault’ cars!

  4. I am Canadian and I was last in the United States in 2005 to see a Blue Jays game in Seattle and I have no desire to return to the United States as it is a dangerous country where no one is safe from these mass shootings as they happen almost everyday and everywhere. For all United States politicians who keep saying guns aren’t the problem, they’re wrong,guns are the problem. There are too many of them and very lax laws when it comes to acquiring them.Over 200 mass shootings in the United States so far this year in just over 4 months which is insane.Americans better buy bullet proof vests if they want to go out anywhere, or force your politicians to actually impose more gun restrictions.

    1. “For all United States politicians who keep saying guns aren’t the problem, they’re wrong,guns are the problem.” Exactly! 👏👏

    2. I’m a Canadian as well that’s lived in both countries. There are a lot of things that Canadians take for granted that Americans don’t have which is why things are the way they are down here.

      It’s really not talked about on the news but for starters alot of public services are funded differently compared to Canada for example law enforcement, education.

      So the level of service you get heavily depends on where you live and how affluent the neighborhood is. For example if you live in a poor area response times for law enforcement could be longer because there’s higher crime and they have less money to fund law enforcement. The quality of education also falls under the same funding formula same goes for hospitals in the area. For example in NYC all of the good private hospitals are in Manhattan because that’s where the money is.

      So I short things are different down here. People have guns to defend themselves in the event that law enforcement can’t get to you in time.

      At the same time unfortunately while most gun owners are responsible a small handful of gun owners ruin things for the rest.

      Also keep in mind that Canada doesn’t have the drug problem and illegal immigration problem that the US has. The week before there was a shooting I. Texas by a guy that had been deported 4 times prior to the shooting. There was another incident a while back where an immigrant has stabbed 11 people in Las Vegas.

  5. Americans don’t care. It’s all Thoughts and Prayers. There’s zero chance of any action.

    1. Thoughts and Prayers won’t do squat because “God help those who help themselves!” and the American don’t help themselves, NOT in the slightest. 🤦‍♂

    2. It’s the question that people see as “awkward”…What’s easier, rounding up all the guns? or rounding up all the nuts?

    3. Americans really don’t care at the end of the day. We are all for ourselves we just THINK if we ban things it’ll stop but America is a culture of freedom and with that freedom comes the idea you literally can do anything even crime.

    4. I agree. Many Americans look the other way because their gun hobby is more important especially among men

    5. Zero action can be taken without violating the Constitution.

      AWB violates both Heller and Bruin decisions. Several law suits are currently making their way to the Supreme court.

      Federal universal background checks requires a registration of all firearms and that once again violate Heller ruling.

  6. 5:44 After the first five minutes and 44 seconds it’s hard to come to that conclusion.

  7. If you want to bear it, you need to earn it – and keep earning it every few months.

    1. If you want to speak you have to earn it and keep earning it every few months.
      If you want to be free from unreasonable search and seizure you have to earn it and keep earning it every few months.
      If you want a public trial without unnecessary delay you have to earn it.

      It doesn’t fly with any other right and it won’t fly for the second ammendment

  8. Ban the sale of assault rifles and provide for unlimited personal liability for current assault rifle owners, if their gun is used in a crime. I expect that would reduce the inventory in public hands in short order, or at least ensure they were stored safely.

    1. Wait what about the car that ran over a group of people & killed 8 PEOPLE???

      Ban assault vehicles!!! 🤔


  9. Europe have much stricter gun laws but you can still own a gun. Europe has 447.7 million inhabitants. It is 45 countries in Europe today Us has approximately 332.18 million inhabitants. So to compere US to Europe is not unfair. Now look at mass shootings in Europa vs the US. Yes it is mass shootings in the Europe also But the number is much less pr capita. The Ulvalde mass shooting, took more life than all the mass shootings in Europe for the whole 2022. It is a reason for this go figure

  10. Shocking, imagine losing your whole family in a matter of minutes. Someone’s got to stop the Republicans from making these child-killing devices available to anyone with a couple of hundred bucks

    1. Who in their right mind kills a child? No one! The act of doing so makes that person a child killing machine void of feelings!

  11. In Texas, with a private gun sale, not only do you not have to do a background check, but you do not even have to show a valid ID nor proof of citizenship.

    1. I used to sell guns.. a backgound check in any form will not detect a non-adjudicated nut job after he or she gets creative on the 4473…That’s why a lot of times you hear “He bought the gun legally”….

    2. ​@Peter Colp The people who commit mass shootings are usually not criminals beforehand. They are suicidal and homicidal. Would you sell a gun to someone who is suicidal?! You are complicit if you do…

    1. .. and some of us have really good ideas for sensible meaningful & productive gun control legislation.

  12. We went through our own, albeit shorter version of this ongoing American nightmare in 1996 here in Australia with the sad Port Arthur massacre.
    Due to poor, or non-existent regulations, almost every idiot and/or redneck here could purchase self loading rifles. Not for genuine hunting purposes, but just to satisfy the (mostly male) desire of some people to feel defended and invincible.
    Immediately, and not welcomed by the aforementioned demographic, auto firearms were banned, and a “buy back” scheme was introduced.
    We’ve had no “mass shooting” since.
    Remove the self loading guns, you remove the risk, it would seem.

    1. We’re working towards that goal, even if it has to be state by state. Currently, 10 states ban assault-style weapons such as the AR-15 and AK-47.  Unfortunately, the federal ban that worked well from 1994 to 2004 was never reinstated after it expired, and has been fought by Republicans because they’re basically bought off by the gun industry and NRA.

  13. As an outsider, I’ve been watching news coverage on mass shootings for 40 years. And it’s appalling that as a society you don’t do anything about it. For 40 years there has absolutely been zero new information on the topic all the facts have been established, all evidence is clear there is no doubt in anyone’s mind About what needs to be done. In a sick way you seem to enjoy all the drama and all the unspeakable tragedy like in a never ending horror show with hundreds of hours of news coverage thousands of jobs and billions of dollars . It’s the news entertainment industry, stupid, Not just the nra lobby!

    1. Well when we see crazy people doing crazy things our first impulse isn’t to give up our means of self defense in order to make ourselves easier targets

    2. @Chris Bammer The England Journal of Medicine conducted a statistic which found that in a household with weapons in possession is 43 times more likely that a family member, friend or acquaintances are going to be shot, 22 times more likely that the person in possession would shoot himself than to kill an intruder.
      So, statistically speaking, your spouse is in greater risk to be shot by you than by anybody else.

  14. In Texas there is no background check if you buy a firearm through a private seller.

    That’s not going to turn out bad.

  15. The one thing that makes America different from other countries, is that guns in America are literal idols. Objects of worship. Not just tools. You would defend _its rights_ to exist as an extension of yourself and your identity, even at the cost of the lives of your fellow men.

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