Liz Cheney Vows To Stop Trump From Retaking Presidency | The 11th Hour

After officially being voted out of the GOP House leadership by her colleagues for speaking out about Trump, Rep. Liz Cheney blasted his 'dangerous lies' and vowed to do ensure Trump never again is voted into the Oval Office. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Eugene Robinson and Michael Steele.
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  1. Putting all their eggs in a 75 year old basket(case). What’s the GOP gonna do when trump croaks on them?

    1. @Matthew Norton I agree with that too. These guys will both be 80ish in 2024, and so many idiots want them both to be elected again.
      Side note: If there is going to be no age limit, at least make the age minimum 18 when we are all supposedly legal ‘adults’.

    2. They have others in the wings!, that’s the trouble, just like that horrible evil little corporal even after he is gone their are cretins queuing up to take the microphone. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be Gaetz though, one down thousands of nutters to go.

    3. @Jav C Im right with you there brother, and there will be street parties here in the UK {Im not joking, we HATED to see what fools he made of Americans for 4 years

    4. @SeedlingNL He MUST go to jail, we are all expecting nothing less. I dare say there are hundreds of thousands he has put out of business because he just didnt pay his bills or cheated money from that will want to see that too.

    1. @Liberals are a Failed experiment!
      Cool! A fake troll account created two weeks ago chimes in!
      Where are you writing from?

    2. @J C ….Republicans are trying to sweep everything under the rug. They are still pushing Trump’s lie. How can Republicans do both?Republicans are telling their supporters what they want to hear. Republicans are trying to make this about something else. Anything to make Trump and his followers happy.

    3. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! …So everyone who doesn’t praise Trump is CCP.? This is what Red Hatters think. You really think you are a patriot. You are nothing more than a follower of your false lord god Trump. You and the rest of the Red Hatters idolizing of Trump is destroying America.

  2. great leaders sometimes are not afraid to swim against the flow of the river even if it’s hard. Those afraid of Trump belittle themselves by going with the flow because it’s easy.

    1. @Sean Patrick The Ring had to be brought back to Mount Doom to be undone.. so maybe these two can throw the Donald into an active vulcano as well and undo the spell of corruption?

    2. They were here when republicans would fold like a wwe chair to every liberal demand. God bless Donald Trump.

  3. I live down the street from the Fair Grounds in Phoenix. These old Sun City, suburb dipsticks are funny. I think I’m gonna rent a Panda Bear outfit and walk around the public sidewalk.

  4. Wow! The potion didn’t work to her. They should had given her more powerful potion than the other cult members took.

    1. @Christine Welford well I’m sry ur history education has failed u. I also pray that ur are not the sole breadwinner

    2. They only reason she don’t like Trump i see cuz he criticized her war monging corrupt war criminal dad

      Other than that, she is a nother selfish ght wing nut

      Enjoy the show, folks, bring in the popcorn. Great time to be a dem.

    3. @Victor Bergman Pelosi and Schumer have their souls, they are not lying to the American people to support a dangerous orange creature with no moral compass who is out of control

    4. @Christine Welford They are better Christine, FAR better there is no comparison that can be made for what these republican cowards are doing, anyone who ever supports the big lie should never be allowed to ever take another oath!, they SWORE to tell the truth and work for the American people, not a mentally ill orange liar

  5. Cheney’s politics are odious—but she’s got spine, unlike the submissive politicians and base. They wouldn’t even allow their votes to be known—it was a voice vote.

  6. Rule 1 of battle. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. I think they may have unleashed a person who will make there life very difficult.

    1. @Prof_Kaos I hope you’re right and Trump runs in 2024. He’ll make the primaries and get trounced in the general election. Run, Forest, run.

    2. I sure hope so. Break up the repuklicon party so they can’t win elections and tRump won’t get re-elected for the remainder of his days. tRump seems to have early dementia signs and he may only have a possible run in 2024 left in his horrible. LYING self.

    3. @Boofer T. Washington NOOOOOOOO, I cared when tRump was running for office. you get the F out of here.

    1. I never thought I’d see the day where leftists are defending the daughter of the man who brought us into the Iraq war. Strange times.

    2. She didn’t condemn her father when his actions cause the deaths of thousands of American and Iraqi lives.

    3. @Taspion Very true, I hated her Dad but she is at least being brave and honest!, two things we used to take for granted for BOTH parties

    1. Yes mine also, even CNN and MSNBC reporters are saying it. I hated her Dad but she is standing up and that is to be respected

  7. She helped create this monster and it has now thrown her down a well. The irony is that they’re following Trump off a cliff; He is dramatically unpopular and cost them both chambers and the White House because they embraced his do-nothing extremism.

    1. He is a spineless cowards who folds to every Democrat demand. Trump won because he laid down the law. Plain and simple.

    1. @Captain America Your not giving us anything.
      We already have her,
      any day of the week man
      Taking the other players pieces is a win all day long.

    1. Yeah he is a spineless coward who folds to every demand from the left. He is the reason why trump won in 2016.

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