Potential Trump Indictment Moves Closer With McGahn’s Testimony

Rachel Maddow explains how Robert Mueller laid out the ways in which Donald Trump potentially committed obstruction of justice (even though Mueller would not prosecute Trump as president) and notes that Don McGahn's testimony was key to putting that together. McGahn is now due to speak to Congress about what he told Mueller and Trump is no longer president.
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  1. Bill Barr should also be subpoenaed because he knew all along that he was unleashing the Kraken.

    1. I read that wrong and thought u said “Karen” calling the 2 time impeached one term president “Karen” 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Why that Russia agent 👿Trump👿 is not in jail
      💀Putin mafia💀 give 👿Trump👿 400 000 000$ in Deutshe Bank🙊🙉🙈

  2. I hope Judge Berman has really good security. Its not the first time she has upset the nutters

    1. @Mr. Llama lol Democrats lost seats in 2020, the only reason they got a 50/50 split in the Senate is because they cheated in the Georgia run offs. They lost house seats, and it’ll be coming out of Arizona soon that Biden is not a legitimate leader. The Democrats have committed treason and are now at war with the US. They should be put down. 6 feet down

    2. @Dixie Normis no thats not facts thats just more whining and crying fro Trumps cult. Those senate races were lost because lsoer Trump backed them and they were both idiots. Just because you don’t like reality doesn’t change it. 5 straight presidential elections the america people voted against GOP

    1. @Debra Johnson
      No one was allowed to prosecute Don the Con while he was in the WH.
      His GOP sycophants refused to remove him.
      There’s plenty of time left to prosecute your little lord, so don’t you fret.

  3. There never has been a DoJ policy prohibiting the prosecution of a sitting president it’s just a Nixon-era legal memo.

    1. @Olive Eisner you may not have witnessed it but Nixon RESIGNED. and that “deep state” was the REPUBLICAN leadership and virtually all GOP members of congress who delivered the message to him. (Resign or be impeached) and Ford PARDONED Nixon, not because ANYONE thought he was innocent, but to save face for the Republican party. Unless you were there too. STFU

    2. @Olive Eisner No he wasn’t. He’d been caught out on committing illegal stuff as president, it was a bad decision by Ford to pardon him as it set a bad precedent.

    3. @TheWolfdoctor Mueller in the end was a coward he should’ve recommended that Trump be indicted.

  4. Barr obviously swept the whole Mueller report under the rug while the whole world was watching him do it.

    1. @Just Me I’m not lying. I truly believe it. Oh we can watch and read and be manipulated by media but that is the purpose of media. To influence and force feed stuff. Not to inform. They can’t do that. Their MIC masters won’t alliow it. It’s not even entertaining because they’re such smarmy liars. ✌🏻

  5. I spent too many days in a courtroom for too many different reasons Lie To the judge at your own peril he’ll have no fury like a judge lied to nothing can save you in there that is their Kingdom

    1. @Olive Eisner yes, I’m sure you’re used to that if you’re spouting that stupid deep state bs. Loon

    2. @Shawn Murray lol. Well the State Dept alone has over 100,000 employees. The Department of Homeland Security has 230,000. That’s just 2! All unelected beaurocrats. What else would you call it?

  6. When it was stated that the DOJ can press charges against these criminals….. if they want to…I would not have thought they would have an option some serious crimes have been committed the law ” must ” be applied or the whole thing becomes a sad joke and would further make the USA a laughing stock in the eyes of the world !!

    1. @Kathleen Dunlap we elected cheeto Hitler… He then incited an insurrection. We are definitely now a joke.

    1. @deb didn’t you watch the video? You know, the video you submitted a comment on? The video is very clear what charges.

      There are other possible charges (fraud) related to what Trumps attorney confessed/spent time in prison for, but this video is about obstruction of justice.

  7. Liar Lawyer dictionary: “Disingenuous”=lie; “Walk back” change story after being caught in a lie.

    1. I’m always disappointed by the comments section. A bunch of dolts thinking their ignorant opinions are important and useful.

    2. @Andrew Pierce unlike your modest self … just sayin’ in a doltish way with hopes you will not stop commenting.

  8. What the DOJ should do is release the report unredacted.. so we the people can see exactly what’s in it 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. @JPN5683 A Very Rude Awakening, in that your very head is going to EXPLODE, when the Truth is finally revealed about all the LIES from Barr & trump, the TRAITOR!

    2. as WE the People paid for that report it should be PUBLIC for all to READ…how Trump got away with this crime and stayed in office to corrupt the GQP and cause Jan6/2021 to happen, a coup attempt on Democracy… what a conman this ex president was and is!!!

    3. @JPN5683 Wow — you live on Delusion Hill in your own little *Rump Reality bubble. What a shame.

    1. @Scott McDaniel Nothing will happen can guarantee it, just like how those two sham impeachments failed.. what a waste of taxpayer money.

    2. @S. F. only this time we’ll be counting on a real justice department and not on a bunch of morons

    3. @S. F. Republicans covered their ears and eyes and pouted like a bunch of children during both impeachments. The impeachments were a sham because of the Republicans. Trump should be going to prison but I doubt it will happen. He has more blood on his hands than any american president in history. He is a failure at everything hes ever done except taking his fathers money

  9. We saw it as it was happening. He bragged about doing it. Now we’re just waiting to see if justice would actually be served this time around. Doubtful.

    1. Same goes for January 6 2021, now the GOP literally describes it as a love in of patriots . Those that believe that after watching it going on in front of their eyes are the feckless Republican members of Congress .

    2. @Hazel Jones why would anyone trust what their eyes supposedly see on a new “program”? Or believe what the IC corporate media prints? Remember weapons of mass destruction?
      Yeah, same lying people.

  10. Rachel looked so excited at the thought of Donald duck being indicted, that she was practically jumping up from her seat. Too early to celebrate, Rachel, but the time will, hopefully, come when the long arm of the law reaches out and taps Donnie and his greasy looking sons, on the shoulder and says: “You have the right to remain silent………”

    1. that will never happen to many crooks in high places will have their “shot” first as justice is the saint of slow

    2. Well, I shared Rachel’s excitement and I know we’re not “there” yet. Let’s hear what McGhan has to say. (5/13/21)

    3. It is easier to have evidence to minority groups than even corrupt politicians. You know why! Because they would collapse like dominoes, the conservative party, they all hide something.

    4. @orchidorio I hope he can still “recall” after all this time! I also think we should have listened to donnie, who, on hearing about the investigation, uttered something along the lines of “I’m f**cked” – he knew what he’d done.

  11. That information should be made public and after they do subpoena Barr and make him answer to those charges.

    1. @Jelly Bean2021 then they should shove all the documentation, emails or any other information that shows he had full knowledge and had made these statements which they do have and make him explain why he says he can’t recall when the proof was in his face.


  13. Well when you figure out you can get away with anything…..
    You don’t worry about getting caught.

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