Dozens Killed In Worst Israeli-Palestinian Violence In Years

Rockets, airstrikes, and street violence has left dozens dead, buildings leveled, and more, as tensions between Israelis and Palestinians continues to heat up leading to a growing concern that the region could see all-out war. NBC News Correspondent Molly Hunter shares the very latest on the conflict.
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  1. That is wrong Palestinians must have weapons that can defend themselves also. Oherwise the Arabs + Palestinian will be often targeting by Isreal which is a country controlled by the USA and their allies’ chain. We know the USA+Isreal are brothers so Palastians must look other ways differently if war is war must take just give modern weapon to Palestinian and you gonna see how all the side get respec each others

    1. @bryanatwku Keep in mind they are also human. anyone can call anyone terrorist or insurgent, Britain called America that when we tried to form America. In the end, were all humans though first.

    2. @bryanatwku Maybe they have like what trump is trying to do, where the people vote them out but they just ignore it and stay.

    3. @Richard You are right even i were that and i can keep – merci selon de ton m´reponse

  2. 83 Palestinians including 17 children vie precision guided missiles with large explosive payloads

    7 Israelis via unguided non bomb rockets

    Collective punishment????
    Is this even?
    Who was the aggressor?
    Who banned people from their own place of warship?

  3. “Israel has the right to defend itself” lol. As if they didn’t start it by stealing Palestinian houses in Sheikh Jarrah, attacking armless protesters and attacking Al Aqsa mosque and the worshippers inside it.

    1. @Ahmed Qaroot you know there never was a country called Palestine to begin with to steal.

    2. Free Palestine!

      The Irish republican community stand behind Palestine.


  4. When someone tries to take your home by force what do you do? i won’t say what i would do but. just know it would be a bloody mess.

  5. *people who don’t have souls* … don’t know right from wrong… people who have lost their souls… are the same way…

  6. Small hats tried so hard to provoke a civil war in the U.S. that they forgot to avoid one at home.

    1. One outrage leads to the next which leads to the one after that. Neither side is interested in negotiating in good faith and both sides claim that the blood on their hands is morally justified. A plague on both their houses.

  7. This was the BEST that Biden could say or it was just conveniently edited to look ”good” when it is just not right or enough?

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