Biden Flexes ‘Power Of The Purse’ In Ambitious New Cybersecurity Order

Chris Krebs, former director of CISA, talks with Rachel Maddow about President Joe Biden's new executive order on cybersecurity, coming in the wake of a hack that shut down the crucial Colonial Pipeline for several days.
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    1. @Rich Hopson More civilized actually……polite to their women…..warned all bounty hunters that they had no chance and only killed the ones who didn’t turn around………very selective on who they got……did not do a thing to people who didn’t have it coming because of something they did to them.

    2. @Rich Hopson See they done killed 4 of my relatives just because. They’re all gonna die man….you don’t have to but they do. So Bounce.

    3. @Rich Hopson Every single one of the primary culprits did die and he died free in the end. Locked up 3 times and broke out all 3 times. Died free. Some people are just free people you know. Just aint having it no matter what the cost.

    1. @William Kamahele Oh! My joke was not nice, I am sorry. I know, she is your dream woman, and your love is pure. I am sure, she read your comment and she looks to meet you for some rendezvous. Buy some roses to her.

    2. @TheBase1aransas Naah, that’s just your obsession with that male appendage, base. Keep up the good work highlighting your troglodyte nature 👍

  1. It’s about time, should’ve happened in the 1st 100 days of “the previous administration”. It’s great having a real President that gets 💩done & is helping the American people, not just in it for himself and golfing! 🖕🏻Trump

    1. @FACTS ONLY cyber attacks have been on the rise for the past forty years or so, sparky. Welcome to Earth.

    2. @Parris Price part of his plan to undermine his competent successor. Who didn’t see something like this coming when the solar winds hack was announced?

    3. @Robert Emery oh no doubt it was both payback to putin for helping dump in 2016,n 2020,plus it makes Biden look bad,a so called win win for the treasonous dump regime. As far as Biden being able to do anything to prevent it,1, hes trying to pass massive infrastructure bills,,that we all kno is long overdue,BUT, as usual moscow mitch has confirmed hes 100% behind denying President Biden ANYTHING,which is just more stagnation from republikkkans in order to try n make dems look bad,AT THE EXPENSE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. 2,im no computer expert,but if you give a massive government like RUSSIA,access to ALL your cyber infrastructure, FOR 6 MONTHS, well ,im not sure theres a helluva lot you can do….3, the colonial pipeline is owned n maintained by PRIVATE INDUSTRY. The government doesn’t own it ,or run it,4, its no secret dump kept Bidens administration from confirming cabinet members,or access to pertinent information, the government is huge,has many different arms,its certainly not Bidens fault,when hes only been in office a 100 days,and dump sabatoged the transition as much as possible. 5, there was a cyber bill last year,passed by the dems in the house,in which moscow mitch blocked… as per usual one party in our government is working hard to protect n help the American people (DEMOCRATS) . And the other party REPUBLIKKKANS lying about EVERYTHING, saddling up to russia for election help,spreading propaganda, covering up for dumps many crimes n treason,denying Americans a working government, in a pathetic attempt to get,or hold power. They have NO PLATFORM,unless you call fear,manipulation, propaganda a platform. This clarify things for ya?

  2. Dear People in the SE.
    Can we please learn not to repeat a gas panic like the toilet paper panic of last year?

    1. @Tom Batman well go ahead and panic, chicken little.
      We normal people,who know the 2020 election was the greatest victory for democracy since WWII, will be getting on with our vaxxed and relaxed lives.

    2. @Tom Batman “there is nothing else to do but panic”
      The mantra of q-balls and right-wingers everywhere.

  3. The best part of the Biden cyber security plan is that if they got some part of wrong or implemented it poorly, they will go back an fix their mistakes rather than doubling down on failure. That is the true strength of the Biden presidency: adherence to truth rather than adherence to ego.

    1. I voted for Bernie in the primary because I was not a fan of Biden’s, I didn’t think he would be up to the challenge of the presidency. I am so glad that I was wrong I still wish Bernie had won, but I would be a fool to say that Biden isn’t doing a good job.

    2. @Alex Pokrandt
      And lest we ALL forget, President Biden has placed Bernie in a powerful position AND listens to him AND has implemented many of Bernie’s ideas. Which in the end IS ALL THAT MATTERS as they repair and replace the mess the past administration caused. Win win for all.

  4. Well, _that_ was vague. I’ll just have to find and read those 18 pages for myself, then.

    1. That is actually the best thing everyone should always do. Read the bill/laws/ect yourself. 🙂 I never understood why people watch something and say “TRUTH” regardless of what side people are on. Read the bill yourself is the best way to inform yourself

  5. Sweeeet, we are fixing these things instead of hitting it with a hammer every time they stop working.

    1. @Jack Dorseys Mom Wake up.
      Krebs is describing how the Govt is investing in R&D.
      It’s like how the Moon shoot in the 70’s, paid for by the Govt, founded the technologies that allow you to engage in comments with educated people over the internet. Ahem.

    2. LOL yeah sure they are. *Dementia* joe will give his buddy Putin the new password too!

  6. So refreshing and encourging to hear Chris Krebs – a republican – support and encourage a Democratic effort to ensure cybersafe security – this is exactly how it should be – immaterial of which party does good – if something good or constructive is done – it should be supported and applauded – that shows maturity and true patriotism………cos in the end what matters is the good of the country and its citizens………thank you Mr Krebs

    1. It’s sad we have gotten to this point. The snake in moscow can shift worlds with a few hundred million dollars. It has to stop or we will lose the real cold war.

    2. Mr. Krebs, you are a great American. You support your country regardless of political party.. You have my deepest respect.

  7. Like Liz Cheney, these Leaders were/are removed for their professionalism and dedication to truth, honesty & law. What a concept.

  8. How about the US Government also save some money and rely more on open source software, where thousands of independent eyes can vet it for security flaws? There’s a reason why many Fortune 500 companies run Linux on their public-facing systems, and it’s not to save a few dollars.

    1. Tell me how that will work just in favor of good intentions people only using that to knock out flaws in the programming code? Seriously asking as I don’t know. Thank you 👍

    2. @Erik Bakstad Certainly bad actors can examine the code searching for vulnerabilities. They can decompile and reverse engineer closed source code today; it just them down a bit. But it being closed stops good actors who care about respecting copyrights dead in their tracks from examining it and hopefully finding and responsibly reporting those vulnerabilities first. It’s an arms race, and the source being closed hampers a large number of good guys.

    3. @Rich Marceau Got it. Question is if that weighs up against the pros really. And you need to remember that there are some really good programmers hired in these companies also. And then you have trade secrets among a lot of other things making it impossible to have it open source. So I guess it is just an arms race and constantly plugging holes in the code to be in control. Something like that..

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