1. I live down the street from the Fair Grounds in Phoenix. These old Sun City, suburb dipsticks are funny. I think I’m gonna rent a Panda Bear outfit and walk around the public sidewalk.

    1. Pandas are an endangered species. Some gun loving psychopath would love to shoot a panda just to own the libs.

    2. Watch out for the nutbar with the 357 magnum. Jordan Klepper talked to the guy outside of the audit building. Dude ain’t all there.

    3. Maybe you could look around for those deleted election machine file directories for the 2021 election. Oh wait, they found them! Nevermind.

  2. As Michael Steele said “Donald Trump brought his golden toilet into the RNC, they all thinks it’s a pool and are diving in”

    1. @ORANGE GENERAL : In 5 years, when has trump NOT been opposed by a politician, law enforcement chief, government official, press organisation, scientific body, or human rights group, that was NOT part of a, “criminal conspiracy,” working for the, “deep state.” You’d think that at least SOME of the trump cult would have Occam’s Razored this down to, “Maybe it’s not the rest of the planet? Maybe it’s just the trumpists who ARE the Criminal Conspiracy?” . . . 🤦‍♂️

    2. @Insignificant360 : I dunno’? . . . It would be nice if ALL trump cultists were foreign, and couldn’t vote here? Instead of the 50% or so, who fake it? 😉👍

    3. @Dirk Diggler So telling the facts about Baby Cheesus is communism. You’re certainly good at projecting like him. 🤡

  3. The orange blight is the best thing to happen to the Democrat party in decades, _you can’t deny, he exposed the traitorous repugnicant cockroaches to the light of day for all to see_

  4. tRump said long before the election, that if he didn’t win ,the election was rigged! Now that he lost,he’s still saying that! When will he get a grip and give up?

    1. tRump spent 4 years brainwashing his supporters. So unfortunately they truly believe the election was rigged. If it doesn’t come out of tRumps mouth or Fox news then it’s fake news to them.

  5. Even if every vote had been witnessed by a priest and a rabbi, Trumpists would still have claimed that the election was rigged.

    1. @nigel Foggin a fear shortage not fuel shortage the ‘shortage’ was caused by hording. the pipe is already back up and running.

    2. @nigel Foggin how about the lie that killed over half a million american citizens? including some of my family who trusted him and went to a covid party dying words ‘ i should have taken this seriously’. or almost killed my husband causing 3 back to back massive heart attacks and kidney falure. Now for the rest of his shortened life he has to take 8 heart meds and 2 kidney meds.
      bengazi killed 4 people and there were investigations for 4 years that found NOTHING so using that scale well… lets hope you can do that math.

    3. Yea, it’s completely reasonable if you ran a legitimate election to break federal law by illegally deleting ALL the information off the machines! You people are the definition of a cult!
      BREAKING: Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database

    4. @nigel Foggin re Covid: The straw that broke the camel’s back didn’t do it alone either, but without it, that camel wouldn’t have a broken back.

  6. The real question here is — how are 74 million people so brainwashed as to vote for the man who has till date fired every critic of him in the admin. What sort of logic do these people have who voted for Rump? Why would you vote for a man who has paid only $750 in taxes in the last 2 decades? That’s the real question! What is wrong with these people?

    1. @Ace Brockton Joe Biden 🇺🇲 thank God for President Biden. WAR IS BACK ON THE MENU. And now that Hunter will be hanging around Crack and Young Girls are also back on the menu.

    2. @ed perkins what about Rudy’s laptop? What about Ivanka’s emails? What about Dopey don’s lies?

    3. @James Ram Instantly going to an insult just because someone else has a different opinion then you makes you look like the foolish one.

  7. If trump only received votes from other people named trump and not one additional vote, he’d still claim he won. He never intended to leave the white house because the presidency was his cash cow. He talked about extending his position only weeks after getting the job. Even before a single ballot was casted he claimed fraud and claimed he could only lose if he got cheated 🤔

    1. Trump tried to delegitimize Obama’s presidency with his Birther hustle. Now he’s trying to delegitimize Biden’s presidency with his voter fraud hustle. Trump’s a con man. The only genuine hustle was Trump’s presidency.

    2. And somehow he left office without stealing furniture and artwork like a certain other President. Weird, that. But totally, Orange Man Bad, ammarite?

    3. The presidency was his cash cow?
      The dude was making a lot more money before his run and he willingly chose to abandon that for a spot that significantly pays less.

      You could argue the opportunities arise more than before, but what’s it to a guy who’s already rich, whereas *cough working class Joe cough* somehow became super rich after his tenures in public office??

      W/e 10% for the big guy Joey and let’s leave it at that

    4. @Aura babyy you forgot the part where his Presidential salary was donated back to the American government, probably all $1.6 million, according to Forbes.

    5. @Demetria Karnavas biden does that himself he can barely speak, and jen has to lie to us everyday

  8. Expect Trump set the scene for this to happen in 2016..”This will be the biggest rigged election in the history blah blah”

    1. You would have thought that, as early as back then, reasonable people would have said, “Which is more likely? That Donny is the criminal, or every FBI agent, politician who opposes him, every human rights organisation, every DOJ employee and Law enforcement leader, every media organisation, and leaders of the free world are in a, “deep state,” who’s sole job is to ruin his plans? The guy who no one believed would even win the election anyway?!” I mean, come OOHHHN, America? Occam’s Razor???!!!

    2. @Chris Desjeunes : This is what I mean! In 5 years, when has trump not been opposed by a politician, law enforcement chief, government official, press organisation, scientific body, or human rights group, that was NOT part of a, “criminal conspiracy,” working for the, “deep state?” You’d think that at least SOME of the trump cult would have Occam’s Razored this down to, “Maybe it’s not the rest of the planet? Maybe it’s just the trumpists who ARE the Criminal Conspiracy?” . . . 🤦‍♂️ ✌️👍

    3. @Ash Roskell we’re watching from the other side of the world,ARIZONA AUDITORS FOUND DELETED FILES OF THE ELECTION

    4. Trump is too long in the tooth to be planning. It is. Written , one day at a time OR GOD WILLING.

    5. Yep you are spot on.. the best part is how Hillary underestimated her lack of appeal and didn’t cheat enough…… that’s why they couldn’t let it happen again and shut down the counting in 2020 to ensure the theft

  9. And that is why Cyber Ninjas are looking for 40,000 extra ballots that have Bamboo and watermarks on them in Phoenix, Arizona.

    1. @Iwahn Apon Really? I’d be opposed letting any one political ideology do this. I really don’t think they’re being transparent. Perhaps their report will be the epitome of transparency and I’ll eat my words, but I’ve watched the live feed and you can’t really see what people are doing.

      This should be a bipartisan effort with high levels of media access, there is limited media access and is not bipartisan.

      My concern is that they’ll tamper with the ballots and fabricate the results they want to see.

      Thanks for being the first person to actually answer the question.

    2. @Kimberly R. Have you ever considered the possibility that your media has lied to you? It’s smart business if a newsmedia organization can convince it’s viewers that everyone else is a liar.

      “Only my news is reliable, everyone else is a liar.”

    3. @Andy Lord The media is just rediculing the audit. How would that be benificial? They are also a distracting factor for the workers. When the final conclusions are presented the press will be able to ask questions and investigate the process. The processing is completely traceable with videos and registration of every detail of the audit. They are fully entitled to scrutinize the final results and findings. To say that the results could have been manipulate by this audit is farfetched in this setting. But I have heard this concern.

    4. @Iwahn Apon Ok, for the sake of argument let’s imagine they are crooked and are messing with the audit. We don’t know this to be true or false, but let’s imagine.

      When they release their faked audit, the Trump crowd is gonna go nuts. They’re already prepped to believe the mainstream media is all fake, so when the mainstream media picks is apart they’ll still believe the election was fake.

      If they release an audit (faked or otherwise) showing no fraud they’re unlikely to believe it and will just demand yet another audit.

      And if they do find fraud nobody on the other side of the aisle will believe them because their owner is a Q-loon.

      Had this been a bipartisan affair it’d’ve been fine, but it wasn’t so it won’t be fine.

  10. The irony is when Trump ran for president in 2015/2016. He proclaim that if you vote for him. He will be the most transparent leader. In other words. He would be honest with the American people. ” Yeah and orange pigs 🐖 can fly”.

  11. The problem is, the more you say they live in an alternate reality based on lies, the more they reply that we live in an alternative reality based on lies.
    That’s exactly what they do. Just look around on the YouTubes.

    1. @Tina Ferraro trollette..
      See what I did there folks?
      There are no versions of the truth you stupid little girl

    2. YES. there is GOD’S version the truth and then there’s satan’s verion lying. Some people are gullible and naive while others know the true but are willing to cash jn their soul and lay it at the altar of TRUMP, QANON CONSPIRACY THEORIST CHEETOS JESUS.

    1. Victor: The ‘BIG LIE’ is that Trump won 2020. The LIE is that Trump won! Doens’t take much genius to figure this out and everyone with a brain knows it’s a lie because all the votes were secured and EACH AND EVERY VOTE was counted for and was decided. Trump tried to sue 61 cases and lost every last one by not providing a STITCH of evidence of any fraud or irregularities and Trump’s OWN hand-picked election officials told TRUMP that the 2020 election was the safest and most secure election in US History.
      Trump lost and lied to say he won, tha’t the BIG LIE! So you see, it’s not that hard to figure out what the Big Lie is, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to educate you. you can thank me later.

  12. “Do you feel like you know what the cure is for this . . .?”

    *I do, but 2 things, it’s illegal & I hate confined spaces.”*

  13. I need a license to drive. Lawers need to pass a BAR exam before practicing. Doctors need a medical licence. I wonder if there should be something similar for politicians. When I was growing up I was told that anyone could grow up to be president. Now that I know it’s true I wonder if it should be.

    1. A background check would be nice. Presidential appointees are required to pass them, but the president does not. Where is the sense in that? Trump would never have passed one and therefore would never have become president if presidential candidates were investigated.

  14. The cockroaches are out in the middle of the floor , but nobody seems to be able to step on one. Wait , Oh no, RAID !?!! We need a can right now, where is it ??

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