Local Gov't Minister Defends Jamaica's Building Codes | TVJ News - June 26 2021 1

Local Gov’t Minister Defends Jamaica’s Building Codes | TVJ News – June 26 2021


Local Government Minister of Jamaica, Desmond McKenzie, is this evening defending the country's building codes. His comments come in the aftermath of the partial collapse of a 12-story building in Miami Florida this week.

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  1. Thank God for you all best building code…..just pray over your building people because natural disasters coming you way. It’s not going to be easy.

  2. I don’t know what’s the purpose of this stupid piece the Jamaica building code better than American building codes I don’t think so I’m not saying everything in the US is the best of course certainly not these new houses made out of play but just the building codes in general are way Superior by far with your international standards are sometime exceed international standards take for instance the way they build houses in Jamaica need to be updated need to be using different methods and different materials too expensive to-time consuming I just like they’re building a fortress or a castle too much cement and steel you can get hurricane protection even without doing all of that concrete is not even mixed to any standard most of the time after one year start cracking peeling or chipping

    1. Concrete always crack, especially with the climate of Jamaica and round/chamfer sharp edges to prevent chipping
      About the mix composition, government should ensure cement manufactures include up to 3000psi mix instructions on cement being sold in the country…..

  3. Stop the boasting Mr. Mckenzie and start to make sure that all the builders are following the codes.

  4. U know is the IBC 2009 Jamaica uses….. 82 pages in the Jamaica building code, if u don’t have the IBC, , dog nyam uh suppa…..the JBC is empty….

  5. Good that building codes are reportedly sound; however our zoning laws/bylaws need attention. Onward and upward!

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