PNP Press Gov't for Crime Plan | Gov't Doctors Contract Dispute | TVJ Midday News - June 28 2021 1

PNP Press Gov’t for Crime Plan | Gov’t Doctors Contract Dispute | TVJ Midday News – June 28 2021


Officials from the Ministry of Health are scheduled to meet with representatives of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association JMDA, over a contract dispute tomorrow. 143 medical doctors are in limbo as their contracts expire on July 1.

Introduction – 0:00
Jamaica Receives Additional Doses of AstraZeneca – 2:05
Gunmen Injure Several in John's Hall, Montego Bay – 6:40

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    1. You need updated modern hospitals to be the right kind of destinatiob for the world. As it is now tourists should know how poor medical care is. So sad

    1. @Ras Michael Peter Phillips attended a Don’s funeral in the early 2000s. He has no credibility with me.

      Nigel Clarke is probably the most intelligent person to ever hold the position of finance minister and he has performed well. Faced with COVID, any of our previous finance ministers would have racked up heavy debts and gone begging to the IMF or whoever else they could beg from by now.

      As for corruption, it’s not just a high level government issue. Like crime, it has been baked into our culture for generations. Until driver examiners stop buying licenses and police stop trying to extract cash from people for traffic infractions, I won’t see any difference between either party on corruption.

      I’m not 100% sure of who started the initiatives you mentioned -but the good ones were probably started by the IMF- but what matters is execution; not ideas. If I share a good business idea with you and you take it and work to build a successful business with it while I do nothing, who gets the financial rewards?

      When the current administration took over, the unemployment rate was 13.7%. Today, even with the COVID pandemic, it never went above 9%. Getting everyone employed to the point where they can at least put food on the table should have been the government’s first priority after independence. You have to walk before you can run but with high unemployment, high debt, high crime and high corruption, our nation hasn’t done anything but crawl since independence.

    2. @Creative Pragmatic talk intelligent is nothing he has to prove himself and so far he proves nothing but talk and roll his tongue, peter prove himself not only in finance. He save us from devastation.. at the end of 2019 after the construction of constant spring and mandella ended unemployment rises, nothing sustainable, peter is the most credible minister ever walk Jamaica, how can u be pm or finance minister and every ministry is riddled with corruption and all sort of pr stunt and trickery, using big words and rolling your tongue, that is nothing. The proof is in the pudding, still waiting

    3. @Ras Michael Dr. Clarke is articulate but that’s not what impresses me. When I look at Dr. Phillips’ profile on Wikipedia, I don’t see anything that I or anyone else could not have accomplished. He was an academic with no known accomplishments in the private sector. You claim that he saved us from devastation but I think it was actually the IMF that did that.

      Dr. Clarke’s professional profile is far more impressive with advanced degrees in a rigorous subject (math) from Oxford, academic awards, scholarships (including a Rhodes scholarship), Goldman Sachs, top-level executive positions, directorships, chairmanships and lots of other substantial private sector career accomplishments. Public finance is a mentally demanding portfolio that requires a deep-thinking minister. To be able to think at the level he does is beyond the capability of most people and even most of the world’s finance ministers. Nigel Clarke probably has one of the highest IQ scores of anyone ever to sit in Jamaica House; if not the highest.

      That said, uncommonly intelligent people do make big mistakes sometimes but there are no signs of instability in his background to suggest Nigel Clarke will. It has only been 3 years but he has reduced our tax burden a bit and hasn’t been anywhere near any corruption scandals.

      As I mentioned before, Dr. Phillips attended a gang leaders funeral as MP. As minister, he and his Poor Nation Party raised taxes nearly every year to the point where we Jamaicans pay higher taxes than most developed countries for worse services even though we are generally a poorer people.

    4. @Creative Pragmatic how can u compare a man that is in politics for over 40 years to 3 years, how can u compare a man that get his phd when it wasn’t fashionable ( few in numbers) how can you compare a man the go down into the depth of Jamaica lowest ranked to man don’t even know down town, how can compare a man with so much achievement in other ministries, how can u compare a man that is highly recognized on the world stage,if u think degree and talk sweet is it let us wait and see, if a man is in politics for more than 40 years and is only 1 thing u can find my God what kind of person are you? The main objective of any government is to keep their people safe and give them a better life, clarke and holness is no where near,him has to prove himself, too much financial corruption in the ministries, nothing is implemented to assist the poor,he is not receptive for conversation or discussion he tries at all times to impose his qualifications on persons,even in his speech to parliament, even before the pandemic i don’t hear of him leading any delegation to overseas meetings for investment purposes, never heard his name on the world stage, brethren i am not frighten for bright people,you have to work and prove yourself

  1. I am tired of the two parties. I want to see some new competent people running Jamaica. No PNP, No JLP, they have failed us for over 40 years now. They play too much games with the people and it’s just about the hustle and keeping the people uneducated to fool them.


  2. I can not believe I am hearing right, Peter bunting) Peter bunting) who cry in parliament, about the same crime problem, how fast ( he forgets) my God these politicians. I can remember they spent the most time as prime minister 18 years, they could not stop it, but suddenly they believe the JLP can do it. Stop cut again each other for you are both the same

    1. We all know crime is a problem but this pm promises if you vote for the jlp u can sleep with u door open

    2. Peter peter the one who said only JESUS can help the crime. PNP was government for 18 years an they could not stop the crime

    3. @Bridgett Downer what was the crime figures when the pnp leave office in their last tenure? Check all the legislation that was implemented and even going back to the 18 years, if bunting cried or call on God at least he showed some care or concerned but this man chang he neither tried or show any care, his leader promise if u vote jlp u could sleep with door open

    1. We all know bunting tried but chang don’t have a clue what’s going on at least u never hear no one in the pnp defending criminal publicly like what led up to the tivoli incursion

  3. You the opposition were in power for so many years and did nothing to control the crime wave, why didn’t you do so then?.

  4. More traffic stop and search can help tackle crime but criminals are moving around the country by cars and motorcycles not being caught the only way you get stop by police these days is to get a speed ticket

  5. Why the pnp and the jlp don’t sit down together and try to work out a solution to the crime in Jamaica

  6. People let’s pack up and run away from this place, it only going to get worst with the type of leaders we have

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